Counterstrike patch notes

CS GO Patch Notes 2023: Easy Read

The ever-popular and probably the most loved game across the globe, Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS GO) is a popular FPS (First-Person Shooter) game. The predecessor of the game was first developed by Valve Corporation in 2000. With an already huge yet ever-growing gamer base. CS GO is frequently updated. Hence this blog on the latest CS … Read more

lost ark pirate coins exchange

How To Get Pirate Coins Lost Ark: 4 Easy Tricks

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you must know that Lost Ark is one of the most popular MMORPG games. With around one million active players in the game, it has taken the gaming world by storm and looks like it is going to keep doing it. This is why the number of searches … Read more

windows 11 small taskbar

Windows 11 Taskbar Size: Is It The Best Update?

Windows 11 is the latest operating system from Microsoft which was released in October 2021. The operating software like most of Microsoft’s new releases has brought many changes to the way users are going to their computers. If you have even spent half an hour with Windows 11, you must have noticed that one of the … Read more

how to enable secure boot

How To Enable Secure Boot Windows 11

With the global increase in the use of computer systems and the dependency on digital systems, one thing that has increased exponentially is cybercrime and this is why we want you to enable Secure Boot Windows 11 This is where secure boot comes into play. Secure Boot is a security feature which is designed by Microsoft … Read more

how to uninstall wsl

Best Way To Uninstall WSL in 5 Minutes!

If you are someone who is an avid Windows user but at the same time is extremely keen about the world of Linux, chances are high that you must have heard of the famous Windows Subsystem for Linux more commonly knowns as WSL. While this blog focuses on how to uninstall WSL for Linux, we have … Read more

codes for project new world

Best Project New World Codes 2023

The popular Roblox game Project New World was created by Project Anime World and if you have played the game, we are sure that you are here for Project New World Codes 2023! The One Piece anime served as inspiration for the designers of this planet. Here, your goal is to level up your character and … Read more

ror 2 items

Best Risk Of Rain 2 Items: Everything You Need To Know

This list of Risk of Rain 2 items will allow players to add new party members, unlock new pets, get specialised weaponry, and more by gathering these things. The full list of products you can buy at stores or use to receive a drop from other sources, together with information on their price and efficacy, is … Read more

genshin impact redeem code

Best Genshin Impact Codes For March 2023

With three new characters arriving in version 3.1, Genshin Impact codes are one of the few ways to earn Primogems for doing very little work. You can use these codes to buy Fates to use when wishing on banners. You’ll need to store up quite a few Fates if you’re a no-spend player trying to get … Read more

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Blox Fruits Codes- Devil Fruits and 10 Best Blox Fruits

Mygame43, also known as the maker of Gamer Robot and Elemental Battlegrounds, released Blox Fruits in January 2019. This popular One Piece franchise-inspired pirate adventure game leverages the idea of Devil Fruits to energize its numerous players, just like many other Roblox games and that is why this blog on Blox Fruits Codes! In eclipse’s Blox … Read more