Latest Valorant Patch Notes 2023: Elite Updates

Who hasn’t fallen in love with Valorant, since its release in 2020, the game has only stepped up in its popularity. The first-person shooter was developed by Riot Games and has become a major player in the competitive ESports scene. While the game is already outstanding, Valorant Patch Notes is one of the most important aspects of keeping the game fresh and exciting. 

These Valorant Patch notes roll out new updates to the game, bug fixes and other patches from time to time. While these patches bring a variety of changes to the game, in this blog, we will discuss some of the basics of Valorant Patch Notes, as well as bring to you the latest patch notes that have come. 

Valorant Patch Notes

Basics of Valorant Patch Notes

Putting in simple words, Valorant Patch notes are a concise list of all the changes that have been made to Valorant in any update. These updates can be found on Riot’s official website. But if you try, you might feel these details to be complex, which is why today we have simplified everything for you. This section will tell you what all info comes in Valorant Patch Notes. 

Bug Fixes

No one can escape the use of softwares and applications in this digital era which is why everyone understands how critical bug fixes are. These Valorant patch notes bring to us information about fixes to any bugs or glitches that players have reported. Bux fixes can vary largely including the likes of gameplay mechanics, graphics, and other technical issues.

Balancing The Gameplay

These are certain changes in the game that the developers introduce to make particular characters or weapons more or less powerful. These changes are important from time to time as they can have a significant impact on the game’s meta.

New Features

While there was a time when DLCs (Downloadable Content) were extremely popular and to some extent it still is, developers now choose to add new features or content using the latest patches to the game. These additions can include new game modes, maps, guns, ammunition and even new characters. These are critical in keeping the feeling of the game fresh, lively and exciting. 

Quality of Life Improvements 

Valorant patch notes about Quality of Life Improvements are information about the changes to the game’s UI, sound effects, visual effects and other minor and major elements that make the overall game more enjoyable to play.

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Valorant Patch Notes 6.05 for Update on 14th March 2023

In Valorant update today, after introducing Gekko in the last update, the developers of the game at Riot Games included several major and minor changes to the new character which was the highlight of this update. Let us take you through them. 

Valorant Patch Notes 6.05 on Gekko

  • Wingman’s (Q) Plant and Defuse targeting is now a little more forgiving when targeting a site.
  • The developers also included several minor audio improvements to the character along with added audio variations for Mosh Pit’s (C) explosions.
  • VFX Improvements- Added VFX to when Gekko is reclaiming an orb, as well as when the globule reclaim is complete. The developers have also improved visuals for enemy creature globules and performance in Agent Select.

Valorant Patch Notes 6.05 on Performance Updates

  • Now the game will show the “CPU Wait GPU Time” metric to performance settings which will help Valorant players in tracking when their machines are Render Thread bound. 

Valorant Patch Notes 6.05 on Bug Fixes

  • Developers have fixed the bug where Wingman wasn’t taking melee damage.
  • Fixed a bug where ally Gekko orbs were showing up as white outside of custom Replication.
  • Fixed multiple animation issues across all abilities.
  • Fixed UI on Gekko’s ultimate staying on screen if the round ended while you’re possessing Thrash.
  • Fixed a bug where Wingman wasn’t able to defuse the Spike after using the Swap Team command in a Custom game.
  • Fixed a bug where Wingman Spike plant casting allowed him to run too far of a distance if cast in midair.
  • Fixed a bug where damage from Mosh Pit was avoidable while crouched jumping in the pit.
  • Fixed bug where Wingman’s torso wouldn’t trigger Cypher’s Trapwire (C).
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong animation played while casting Wingman.
  • Fixed a bug where Gekko wasn’t able to plant in Spike Rush if Wingman was stopped from planting.
  • Fixed display name of “Mosh Pit” showing up as “Mosh’s Pit”.

Valorant Patch Notes 6.05 on Gameplay Settings

  • One of the most annoying issues has now been fixed- the Crosshair issue where the Import button is greyed out if you have 10 or more saved crosshair profiles.
  • Damage-over-time area abilities where players could crouch jump to avoid damage are now also fixed. 

Valorant Patch Notes 6.05 on Performance

  • Unlike before, the used memory performance metric will not update when the total memory performance metric is disabled.

Valorant Patch Notes 6.05 on Social Updates

  • Developers have fixed a bug where in cases of poor platform disconnection, players would appear more than once in the friend list.
  • Also, while voice tooltips were sometimes incorrectly rendered earlier when turning Party/Team voice chat on and off will now be working correctly. 
  • The Invite menu will now not flicker.
  • Fixed a bug where unfriending an online player wouldn’t update the count of online friends.
  • When a player enables Auto-Reject friend requests, any pending friend requests will not appear. Pending friend requests will now be auto-rejected when this setting is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the system notification confirming a sent friend request would sometimes show whitespace.
  • Now that developers have also fixed a bug to add a message notifying players that they will also be banned from playing competitive queue if they currently have a comms ban.

Valorant Patch Notes 6.04 for Update on 7th March 2023

From this Valorant Patch Notes, we finally got the introduction of a much-awaited character and with several critical performance updates, players were very happy. 

Valorant Patch Notes 6.04 Performance Updates

  • Now the game will feature updated thread synchronization to reduce input latency while the Input latency has been improved by ~1 frame for players who do not have NVIDIA Reflex/AMD Anti-Lag available/enabled, who have multithreaded rendering enabled and those who use VSYNC.

Valorant Patch Notes 6.04 on Bug Fixes

  • Sage’s Barrier Orb will now not be damaged while fortifying. Also, it would automatically fortify to full health instead of going to max health minus the damage that was dealt during fortification. 

Valorant Patch Notes 6.04 on Gameplay Fixes

  • Developers have successfully fixed a bug where abilities, like Sova Drone that are pushed by the Lotus doors into other players, could continue to push players even after the door stops or the players exited the area of the door.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently does Riot Games release Valorant Patch Notes? 

Valorant patch notes are released along with the patches to the game. These patches are usually released every few weeks depending on the scope of work required or an upcoming holiday season. Stay updated with the latest Valorant Patch Notes here.

Can I still play the game if I don’t download the latest patch?

Well, the answer is yes and no. While you might still be able to play Valorant without updating the latest patch, you might not be allowed to access certain features or play the game with your friends who are now on the latest Valorant patch update.

Can I give feedback on the changes in the Valorant Patch Notes?

Absolutely Yes. In fact, developers of most applications ask their users to give feedback on the changes. These feedbacks help the developers to integrate the updates in the best way possible in the future.

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