3 Best Android Keylogger That Run in Stealth Mode!

No one can deny the fact that in the last couple of years, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. They have become much more than a medium of communication as they are a source of sensitive information which has given birth to the need for monitoring and tracking activities on Android devices, which brings us to today’s topic- Android Keylogger. 

Keylogger for Android is a powerful tool that can be used to track and record sensitive information remotely. Well, before we start, let us tell you that you should not misuse these tools and should only be used for ethical purposes. Let us discuss it in detail along with the best Android Keylogger in the market.

Android Keylogger

What Does a Keylogger Do

So, before going into the details, let us first tell you what a keylogger for Android does. So, as the name suggests, Android Keylogger is a tool that allows users to log keystrokes Android made on Android devices. 

A keylogger for Android can be used in multiple cases, be it a parent wanting to make sure that his kids are not going on the wrong path, or an employer monitoring their employee’s devices to make sure that they are not misusing their official devices. One should keep in mind that while these tools have legitimate use cases, it can also be used for unethical purposes such as retrieving confidential and sensitive information like user IDs and passwords. 

Ethics and Legal Considerations 

The most important discussion in this blog is the ethical and legal considerations of Keylogger for Android. We are stressing the fact that installing any keylogger without the target device owner’s consent is a clear violation of the individual’s private space and can lead to legal consequences. 

While we are giving mentioning keyloggers, it is the user’s responsibility to use these tools responsibly and only with proper authorization and for ethical purposes only. 

Best Android Keylogger Tools


The first name that comes to our mind when talking about monitoring tools on Android is Eyezy.com as it is a comprehensive monitoring solution that allows you to log keystrokes. 

Eyezy.com’s monitoring tool will allow users to remotely monitor keystrokes that are typed on the system keyboard, providing insights into the user’s messaging, social media, and browsing activities. 

The best thing about Eyezy is its easy, user-friendly interface that not only allows you to log keystrokes on Android, but also provides features that can capture screenshots, track browsing history, and much more. Click here to know more about Eyezy.

How To Install Eyezy Keylogger for Android

Step 1: Go to Eyezy.com and sign up with a new account.

Step 2: Eyezy will ask what kind of device you want to monitor. Eyezy allows you to log keystrokes on Android as well as iOS devices. 

Step 3: This step is crucial as you will have to install Eyezy on the target phone. The instruction in your email will make it easier for you to complete this process of installing the tool on the target device. 

To Access Android Keylogger Data from Eyezy

Go to the Eyezy website, log in and go to your Control panel where you will find the Keylogger tab to view every keystroke made in texts or searches.


mSpy is another name that has made its mark in the monitoring tools market. This software allows people to do in-depth monitoring without having to go through much hassle as this single app can do all sorts of tracking. 

mSpy’s Android Keylogger feature allows the user to log keystrokes on Android while running in stealth mode so that it remains discreet and doesn’t make the target aware of its functioning. While it is active, mSpy is able to provide detailed logs and reports which makes it a great choice for people who want a keylogger for Android. 

Apart from acting as an Android Keylogger, mSpy also allows users to track activities like text messages, call logs, and even device locations. To know more features of mSpy, click here.

How to Use mSpy as Android Keylogger

Step 1: Sign up for mSpy at the official mSpy website and complete the registration process which requires basic information

Step 2: The next step is to install the mSpy application on the target device. To install it, you will have to enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

On the target device, open a web browser and visit the download link provided by mSpy. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the mSpy app on the device. Do not worry if the mSpy icon has disappeared from the device’s app drawer, it is simply done so that it can operate in stealth mode.

Step 4: On the mSpy app on the target Android device, enter your mSpy account details and once prompted for access permissions, grant them to the mSpy application. 

Step 5: Now, you can enable the Android Keylogger feature within the mSpy app by going to the feature section and toggling the keylogger option. Now, mSpy will log keystrokes. 

To Access Android Keylogger Data from mSpy

Log in to your mSpy account and from the control panel, navigate to the keylogger section to view the recorded keystrokes. From this data, you can figure out any data that was typed on the target device including passwords, messages, and other text input.

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Hoverwatch is another feature-rich Android Keylogger that gives its users a number of monitoring tools, all packed into one application. To get the most out of Hoverwatch, you will have to choose one of the many subscription plans it has to offer. The plans include different price ranges, making it suitable for both, personal and professional use. Apart from offering its services to log keystrokes on Android, Hoverwatch has more to it and provides features like Call recording, screenshot capturing and precise location tracking.

Key Features to Look for in an Android Keylogger

Although we have named the top Android Keylogger available in the market, you might still want to go and look out for one yourself. Well, if you are considering it, below are some factors that are a must-have when it comes to an Android Keylogger. 

Stealth Mode

An Android Keylogger is as good as nothing if it does not have an in-built stealth mode in it so that the keylogger can operate invisibly in the background without the target getting suspicious. 

Remote Monitoring

A Keylogger for Android should also give you remote access to the logged data as you might not have physical access to the target device at all times and so that you can monitor data from any place at any given time. 

Additional Features

Just like how mSpy and Eyezy do more than just log keystrokes on Android, you should look for tools that can do more than keylogging. Features like call tracking, location tracking, social media monitoring and SMS tracking can prove effective when monitoring someone. 

User-Friendly Interface

Every spy movie that we have seen to date has shown that monitoring apps are complicated and hard to use. Contrary to it, a good Android Keylogger should have a well-designed and intuitive interface that can simplify the monitoring process, so that you can navigate and monitor things easily. 

How to Detect Android Keyloggers on Your Phone

Now that we have told you about how an Android Keylogger is used and what is used for, you might be fearing that someone is doing the same to you without your consent. Making sure that there is no Android Keylogger on your device is critical in maintaining your privacy and securing your sensitive information.

In this section, we have mentioned some tips that can help you figure out if there is an active Android Keylogger on your device. 

Install a Reliable Antivirus App

There was a time that none of us would use our PCs without antivirus software, with time it is as equally important to keep an antivirus on your phone. An Android Keylogger is designed to run in stealth mode. Antiviruses for phones can not only detect and remove malware but also Android keyloggers, protecting you from any unwanted risk. 

Make sure to keep your antivirus application up to date and perform regular full system scans with your antivirus app to check for any signs of keyloggers or dangerous elements on your device.

Monitor Battery Usage

If your device has suddenly started to consume a lot of battery, it can be an indicator of a hidden keylogger running in the background as an Android Keylogger that is constantly running in stealth mode will consume a lot of resources. If this is the case, you should look deeper into your application settings to see if there is an Android Keylogger installed on your device. 

Increased Data Usage

Because this type of tool log keystrokes on Android and constantly send the data to the remote servers, a keylogger for Android will start consuming significant amounts of data. If you see a spike in data consumption, it could be a sign that a keylogger is active on your device. 

Review App Permissions

One should regularly review the permissions granted to applications installed on their smartphones. Check for apps that have unnecessary permissions, this can be anything, from accessing file access to location. If you feel that an application does not actually require this permission, immediately restrict the permission or if possible remove the application altogether. 

Analyze Device Performance

As we mentioned earlier, an active Android Keylogger will consume a lot of resources because of which your device might start lagging. If you see a drop in your device’s performance, you should do a deep scan and look out for any Android Keylogger running in stealth mode. 

How To Secure Your Phone From Android Keylogger

Phew! Now that you know that there is no active Android Keylogger on your device, you will still have to work in order to secure your phone so that no one can install it on your phone. Below, we have mentioned some simple bits of advice to make sure that your personal and confidential data remains safe. 

Download Apps Only from Trusted Sources

You should always download applications on your device only from official app stores like Google Play Store or reputable third-party stores. 

We say this only because these platforms have security measures in place to identify and remove malicious apps like unethical Android Keyloggers. You should never download applications from unfamiliar sources, as they might contain hidden keyloggers or even other malware.

Read App Permissions Carefully

Whenever you install a new app on your device, before accepting the requested permissions, make sure to carefully review them. Be sceptical of apps that are requesting unnecessary permissions unrelated to their functionality.

Keep Your Phone and Apps Updated 

Technology is updating every day and this is happening for both, positive as well as negative elements which is why you should always update your Android operating system and all installed apps regularly. 

These updates not only include user interface and features, but also security patches that are important to stop any Android keyloggers unwantedly running in the background. 

Be Wary of Suspicious Links and Emails

This is no new news that Android Keyloggers are often distributed through phishing emails or malicious links from random SMSs. You should always give it a second thought before clicking on these links and most importantly when these links come from suspicious addresses or websites.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi networks are often used for DDOS attacks and even help hackers in installing Keylogger for Android so that they can not be traced back. Public Wi-fi networks are often used to hack into smartphones to get sensitive information like banking passwords and other confidential details. 

In case you find yourself in a situation where you have to use a public network, always make sure to use a VPN to add an additional layer of security. 

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Android Keylogger is a powerful tool that can log keystrokes on Android devices giving us the ability to monitor and track activities on devices. While there might be many benefits and positive use cases of an Android Keylogger, it is the user’s responsibility to use it ethically and within legal boundaries. 

We have mentioned the best keylogger for Android in this blog. Eyezy.com and mSpy, both offer a tremendous number of features and functionality, making them popular choices in the market. 

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