How to Find Deleted Messages on iPhone Without iCloud: 3 Best Recovery Tools!

The situation is a common one: you find yourself in a state of panic after realizing that you’ve accidentally deleted important text messages from your iPhone. This feeling of panic is natural and expected, especially when you’re unsure about how to retrieve those deleted messages on your iPhone without iCloud. Whether you have a backup or not, this comprehensive guide will help you find the best method to recover your accidentally deleted text messages on your iPhone.

How to Find Deleted Messages on iPhone Without iCloud

Can Deleted Text Messages From an iPhone Be Recovered?

Before you attempt to recover iPhone deleted text messages, you should be aware that removing a message from your phone does not actually delete it. Because the system officially flags the deleted messages for deletion and hides them so that we can no longer see them. So long as you can locate those marked and hidden message files, erased texts are still stored on your iPhone somewhere. Because of this, you can retrieve deleted text messages from your iPhone.

How to Find Deleted Messages on iPhone Without iCloud

Actually, there are three ways to get back deleted or lost iPhone messages. You can recover your iPhone text messages from backup if you have an earlier copy stored in your iCloud or iTunes library. 

If you are on this blog, we know that you don’t have an iCloud backup in place. Don’t worry, you will need to utilize SMS recovery software or third-party iPhone data recovery software to retrieve the lost message from your iPhone and transfer it to your computer. “How to find deleted messages on iPhone without iCloud”, the answer to this question lies with apps like mSpy and Eyezy. To find out more about each approach, keep reading.


mSpy is a comprehensive monitoring and data recovery software that offers advanced features, including the ability to recover deleted messages from iPhones. In this section, we will guide you through the process of using mSpy to recover deleted iPhone messages effectively.

To begin using mSpy, simply follow the steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Sign up for mSpy at the official mSpy website and complete the registration process which requires basic information. 

Step 2: You will have to open a web browser and visit the download link provided by mSpy to you. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the mSpy app on the device. Do not worry if the mSpy icon has disappeared from the device’s app drawer, it is simply done so that it can operate in stealth mode.

Although we are talking about iPhones at the moment, let us tell you that the mSpy application is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

Step 3: Once the installation has been completed, you have to activate mSpy using the provided activation code or credentials.

Step 4: Post installation, log on to your mSpy account on a different system and access the control panel and put in the credentials that you used in the target phone to connect to your mSpy account.

Step 5: If you have multiple devices linked to your mSpy account, choose the iPhone you want to recover messages from and then find and click on the “Messages” or “Text Messages” tab.

Step 6: mSpy system will ask you to specify the date range within which you want the messages to be recovered and then click on the “Start” button. mSpy will begin to scan the target device and retrieve deleted messages.

Step 7: Once mSpy has recovered the deleted messages, you can preview them and then click on the “Export” button to save them on your computer. 

To know more about mSpy, click here.


Eyezy is a comprehensive data recovery tool designed to help users retrieve lost or deleted data from iOS devices. Its intuitive interface and powerful algorithms have made it a trusted software solution among professionals. In this section, we will guide you through the process of using Eyezy to effectively recover deleted iPhone messages.

Follow the steps mentioned below to know How To Find Deleted Messages on iPhone Without iCloud. 

Step 1: The first and foremost step is to visit the official Eyezy website to download the software to your computer. Eyezy is compatible with both Windows and macOS.

Step 2: Once you have it on your computer, you will connect your phone using a USB cable to the computer to connect it with Eyezy. In case, you get a prompt, tap on “Trust this Computer” 

Step 3: In the Eyezy Control Panel, go to the recovery mode and then choose the “Recover from iOS Device” mode.

Step 4: From the tons of recovery options, you will have to select the “Messages” option and then click on the “Scan” button. 

Step 5: Give your system some time, and once it has previewed the recovered messages, click on the “Recover” button. Eyezy will prompt you to choose a location on your computer to save the recovered messages and voila you now know How to Find Deleted Messages on iPhone Without iCloud!

Click here to Start your data recovery process with Eyezy!


FoneLab can be your go-to method if you want to know How to Find Deleted Messages on iPhone Without iCloud!

Step 1: On your Mac or Windows, download FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery.

Step 2: Launch FoneLab iPhone Recovery after using a USB cord to connect your iPhone to your Mac or Windows computer. Selecting this iPhone data recovery’s “Recover from iOS Device” option will allow it to identify your iPhone. Following detection, the software’s user interface will show the name of the currently used device, its model, and its iOS version.

Step 3: Select “Start Scan” from the menu if you want to know How to Recover Permanently Deleted Text Messages on iPhone. As of this point, FoneLab iPhone Recovery begins to scan all of your iPhone’s files. You can view all extracted files after scanning. Then select “Messages” to examine all messages that were discovered.

Step 4: Pick the messages you want to recover after previewing the messages. With a single click, all messages can be selected. After that, click “Recover” and a little window with a selection of the output file type will appear. In addition, the formats HTML, Excel, Word, Numbers, and Pages are supported. Finally, select “Save” to preserve the texts from your recovered iPhone.


PhoneRescue is another reputable software solution in our blog on “How to Find Deleted Messages on iPhone without iCloud” that can help you in recovering data from iOS devices, including iPhones. It offers various features and capabilities to help users retrieve lost or deleted data, including messages.

But let us tell you how to use PhoneRescue for recovering deleted iPhone messages. Please make sure that you are following all of the steps that are mentioned below. 

Step 1: First of all, go to the official website of PhoneRescue and download the software and install it on your computer to start to know How to Find Deleted Messages on iPhone Without iCloud!

Step 2: Once you have the app on your computer, launch it and connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. 

Step 3: PhoneRescue offers several recovery modes out of which, today we will have to select “Messages” or “Text Messages” as we are looking for answers to “How to Find Deleted Messages on iPhone Without iCloud”.

Step 4: Everything is set, now all you have to do is click on the “Scan” button to initiate the scanning process. Once you do it, PhoneRescue will start to analyze your iPhone’s storage and search for deleted messages.

Step 5: Once done, you will be given the list of recovered messages and now you can preview them to ensure they are the ones you need. Select the desired messages and click on the “Recover” button to save them to your computer.

Now that you know your answers to “How to Find Deleted Messages on iPhone Without iCloud”, you should also read our blog on How to Recover Deleted Messages on Snapchat!

Safe Practices on How to Recover Permanently Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

Recovering deleted iPhone messages is an extremely important task. While utilizing data recovery tools like mSpy and Eyezy can help you retrieve these messages, one should remember the tips mentioned below to ensure a smooth and secure recovery process. 

Stop Using the Device Immediately

Once you know that your iPhone messages are deleted, you should immediately stop using your iPhone to prevent any new data from overwriting the deleted messages. You should also stop sending or receiving new messages, installing apps, or making any changes to the device until the recovery process is complete.

Choose Reputable Data Recovery Tools

You should only use reputed data recovery tools, even if you come across an online tool that is offering you guaranteed recovery. 

The answer to “How to Find Deleted Messages on iPhone Without iCloud” becomes much safer if you make sure to select a data recovery tool that has a reputation. You should always research and read reviews to ensure that the tool you choose is reliable, secure, and has a good track record of successful recoveries. To use reliable tools like mSpy and Eyezy, click here. 

Ensure Privacy

No matter what data recovery tool you are using, make sure that you are protecting your privacy and data. You should always check for the encryption protocols that the app is using and confirm that the software does not store or misuse your recovered data. 

Keep Your iOS Updated

Although you have already lost your messages, and are now looking for an answer to How to Recover Permanently Deleted Text Messages on iPhone, you should know that keeping your iPhone iOS updated is extremely critical as system updates often include bug fixes and security patches that will prevent accidents like these from happening. 

Bonus Content: How to Recover Permanently Deleted Text Messages on iPhone Using iCloud

In case you have your messages backed up by your iCloud, let us tell you how to get them back. 

Does iCloud backup text messages before delivering them to your iPhone? In a word, yes! As everyone is aware, iCloud can back up files on an iPhone or iPad, including: 

  • App information
  • Backups for Apple Watch
  • History of calls
  • Equipment settings
  • Health information
  • Configuration of HomeKit
  • App and home screen organisation
  • Text (SMS), iMessage, and MMS communications (needs the SIM card in use at the time of the backup)

Another consideration is that not everyone will have access to this option. Some mobile service providers have restricted access to this feature, and not all nations support iCloud SMS backup. 

The techniques listed below can be used to retrieve lost or deleted iPhone texts from iCloud if you have backed up your messages to the service.

Step 1: Use your Apple ID and password to sign in to

Step 2: To access this option, select Text Messages (if messages are not visible, it means that your messages have not been backed up; in that case, you must use mSpy or Eyezy).

Step 3: Find the necessary messages if they are present. Go to Settings on your iPhone and then tap “iCloud” to continue. You’ll notice a pop-up when Text Messages is turned off. Choose “Keep on My iPhone”.

Step 4: Restart the text message feature now. Wait while you tap “Merge”. The deleted text messages should reappear on your iPhone a short while later.

How to Find Deleted Messages on iPhone Without iCloud Using iTunes Backup

This option only functions if you have previously created an iTunes backup that is accessible. You cannot read the content of Official iTunes, so unless you restore it, you won’t know if it has the messages you require.

Now that you can see an iTunes backup to see if the necessary messages are present, iMyFone D-Back totally eliminates this issue. How? Read on.

Step 1: Click “Start” after selecting “Recover from iTunes backup”. You will then be able to see every iTunes backup on your computer. Click “Next” after selecting one from the list.

Step 2: Choose “Message” as the type of data to recover in Step 2. To enable the programme to scan the backup file you’ve chosen, click “Scan”.

Step 3: All messages will be displayed after the scan is finished. Choose the ones you wish to save and press “Recover” to do so.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone: Video Tutorial


Losing crucial text messages can be demoralizing, but with the appropriate techniques, you can quickly retrieve them. You can improve your odds of learning How to Find Deleted Messages on iPhone Without iCloud! if you use third-party recovery software like mSpy and Eyezy.

To prevent erased data, keep in mind that you must act swiftly and refrain from using your iPhone excessively. We trust that this post has given you important knowledge about finding deleted messages on your iPhone without using iCloud.

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