How to Spy on iPhone Without Them Knowing: 4 Best Apps To Track!

In the world we are living in, there are times when you have to look into someone’s phone to keep an eye on them. While it might sound unethical, keep in mind, it can be for your child’s greater good or monitoring your employees so that they are doing their job and not taking any undue advantage. 

While privacy is crucial, knowing How to Spy on iPhone Without Them Knowing is essential in certain situations. The reasons can range from your child or protecting sensitive data as an employer, this comprehensive guide will provide you with ethical methods for discreetly monitoring iPhone activity. We’ll cover some basic and advanced techniques, emphasizing precautions and legal considerations. 

How to Spy on iPhone Without Them Knowing

Is Spying Legal?

Before we answer “How to Spy on iPhone Without Them Knowing”, it is our moral duty to tell if spying on someone is legal. 

Spying as a concept is quite unusual to define. It completely depends on the situation whether spying is ethical or not. In most of the scenarios, spying is considered illegal. It is unethical to spy on someone without their knowledge or without a proper reason. In most areas, citizens cannot legally have surveillance on another individual without their knowledge.

However, it is considered a mandatory safety concern to monitor your loved one’s phone’s activities to protect them. Similarly to some extent, even employers need to keep track of their employees, If the employee has an employer-owned phone for work purposes they give their employees to keep a check on them for not leaking trade secrets, etc. And nowadays GenZ also keeps their friend circle together to keep them all connected, which makes it easier for them to keep track of each other without constantly bothering themselves.

Luckily for these situations, we have some uber cool solutions for your rescue, which will help you spy on other people’s phones but for safety and concern purposes only, no harm intended.

How to Spy on iPhone Without Them Knowing: Best Spy Apps

The simplest way to spy on or to keep track of your loved ones on an iPhone is with the help of spyware applications. There are many spy apps available on the Internet. Most of them perform well and provide appropriate information about the concerned person. This is the preferred method of spying on iPhones because it does not require the purchase of any special equipment or software. Let me share the two best applications to spy on someone’s I-phones.


mSpy has gained recognition as a powerful and comprehensive monitoring solution. mSpy allows you to keep a close eye on your target device’s activities with its range of features and user-friendly interface. 

mSpy Spying Features

While mSpy gives you the answer to How to Spy on Someone’s iPhone, mSpy does more than that. Its feature arsenal includes call monitoring, text message tracking, social media monitoring, GPS tracking, as well as web browsing history.

If you want to know How to Spy on Someone’s iPhone, follow the guide mentioned below. 

Step 1: The first step is to visit the official mSpy website and once you subscribe to mSpy, you will receive an email containing login credentials and detailed instructions on how to set up mSpy on the target iPhone.

Step 2: Download and install mSpy on your target iPhone device. Once you complete the installation you will have to enter the license key provided to you through the email. 

Note- You might have to disable the iCloud backup and iPhone’s two-factor authentication, as they might interfere with the application’s accurate functionality. Also, ensure that the iPhone is connected to the internet if you want to remotely access the iPhone data. 

Step 3: From the mSpy dashboard, you can customize monitoring settings according to your needs. These customizations include alerts for particular keywords, allowing you to restrict access to certain applications or websites, and block unwanted incoming calls from target numbers. 

Step 4: Once you have successfully set up mSpy on the target device, you are ready to know How to Spy on iPhone Without Them Knowing. 

To get details of your target device’s iPhone, you will have to go to the mSpy official website, log in with the same account details and then access the dashboard where you will find all the real-time updates on the target device.


Eyezy is a mobile tracking app, which allows users to keep track of their loved ones and employee’s locations and other data. It provides the real-time location of the loved ones and informs them of their safety even if they are unavailable to answer calls, which is a supreme add-on for parents whose kids either keep their phones switched off or are notorious enough to not receive calls from their family. 

Eyezy Features

Eyezy has a lot of features, the best of which include call and message tracking, real-time GPS location monitoring, content filters and app restrictions, screen time management, web browsing history review, customizable notifications and alerts, and the ability to establish geofences for added security. To know more about Eyezy’s features, click here to visit their official website. If you want to know How to Spy on iPhones Without Them Knowing, follow the steps mentioned below. 

How to Spy on Someone’s iPhone Using Eyezy

Step 1: As obvious as it can get, you will have to download and install the Eyezy app on the target iPhone. Eyezy can be downloaded on the Apple App Store.  

Step 2: Once you download the app on the target iPhone, you will have to create an Eyezy account to know How to Spy on iPhone. 

Step 3: You can go to the Eyezy dashboard and from the settings you can customize whatever you want to create an alert about according to your needs. 

Step 4: Although you have cleared most steps on How to Spy on iPhone Without Them Knowing, you will have to ensure that your target iPhone is connected to the internet if you want to remotely access the data from your target iPhone. 

Now that everything is set, you can access all of the target iPhone incoming and outgoing call logs, text messages, their real-time location and so much more through the Eyezy Official website. 


Qustodio is one of the most popular applications if you want to know How to Spy on iPhone Without them Knowing as it allows users to track the target iPhone’s calls and SMSs, web filtering, social media tracking, and real-time location tracking.

If you are a parent, the best thing about Quastodio is that can also give you detailed reports and even set time limits, block inappropriate content, and receive alerts on suspicious activities.


If you are looking for How to Spy on iPhone, OurPact can be the end to your quest. OurPact’s feature includes app blocking that allows you to restrict particular applications on your target iPhone. You can also restrict screen time so that once your target phone crosses the daily limit, they won’t b able to use it. This feature is greatly admired by parents who want their children to use their iPhones on the limit. 

Benefits of Using Apps Like mSpy and Eyezy

Invisible Mode

mSpy and Eyezy work in invisible mode, which means there will be no application visible on the phone of the person you are trying to keep a tab on. No one can detect the actions of being spied on. It guarantees a hundred per cent secrecy.  

Text Messages, Calls and Contacts

mSpy and Eyezy give complete remote access for all kinds of SMS and text messages to the parents from their kids’ phones. It also gives access to the call logs and contacts books of the children to the parents.

Social Media Tracking

mSpy gives access to the parents to all sorts of social media applications to parents. It is a boon for parents who are constantly worried about their kids’ presence on social media. You can check all social media applications, for eg. Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.

Real-time GPS Location Tracking

mSpy and Eyezy keep a tab on the GPS location of your loved ones, which is a big relief for the parents, who are always troubled by the kids either disappearing on some adventure of their own or going missing after some heated arguments with the parents. This feature has proven to be a boon in many life-threatening situations. Plus, you can always know your friends’ whereabouts at all times.

Screen Recording

mSpy and Eyezy can teach you much more than How to Spy on iPhone Without Them Knowing, moreover, these applications also allow the parents to switch on-screen recording on their kids’ phones as and when they are suspicious of their activities which will help them keep a tab on the children. 

Browser History

In today’s times, someone’s browser history is equivalent to someone’s life history. It knows all your secrets and your path. With the help of these applications, parents can be in the know-how of their kids’ activities.

Photos & Videos

Access to the photos and videos on someone’s phone is like hitting a jackpot for the person who gains access. And these applications give you the key to that jackpot.

Danger Alerts

How to Spy on iPhone is not just a part of tracking and monitoring for other things, but it is most importantly used for the security and safety of loved ones, they come with an additional security feature through which you can receive danger alerts when your loved ones are in danger and need your help. With the apps help you can secure their location and provide help in the best possible manner. 

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How To Prevent Someone From Spying on Your iPhone

So far we have only seen the friendly approach of How to Spy on iPhone Without Them Knowing. Like every coin, spying also has another side to it. When a person spies on their family members or loved ones for their safety concerns it is acceptable given the concern, but in today’s world privacy and security are the most important concerns, people may misuse technology for their own benefit and sometimes even for heinous crimes. 

Software Updates

Keep your iPhones up to date by updating their software from time to time. Apple releases software regularly which has security patches and they also help with bug fixes. When the phone is updated regularly it enhances users security requirements.

Enable Two-factor Authentication

Activating two-factor authentication for your Apple Id is advisable as it will add an extra layer of security when someone tries to access your account without your permission. 

Manage App Installations

It is better to download authentic applications only on your phones. The safest options are to download the applications directly from the official App Store, as the Apple app store has strict security measures in place when it comes to the security and safety of its users. Avoid downloading apps from unknown sources or third-party app stores at all costs, doing so may invite malware or spyware to your phones.

Regularly Check App Permissions

Keep a check on the permissions granted to already installed apps. If access to certain features is no longer required, it is advised to cancel their permissions.

Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Use a trustworthy VPN service when connecting your phones to public Wi-Fi networks. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and protects your phones by adding an extra layer of security, making your phone safer.

Do Not Click on Unverified Links

Phishing attempts are quite common these days. Frauds are increasing day by day. Exercising caution when clicking on random links received via emails or messages is suggested. Avoid sharing personal information or confidential information without confirming the authenticity of the source.

Scan For Malware

Install security apps from the App Store, which will scan for and detect malware or any suspicious activities on your iPhone. Such regular scans can come in handy at important times

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Now that this blog has come to a concluding end, we are sure that you have successfully learned How to Spy on iPhone Without Them Knowing. Apps like mSpy and Eyezy allow you to ensure the safety of your loved ones and at the same time allow you to keep an eye on what your employees are doing and track their real-time location and other data on their iPhones. 

After knowing How to Spy on Someone’s iPhone, you should not forget the fact that these apps should only be used in a transparent and respectful manner.

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