How to Delete Cash App History: 6 Step Easy Guide!

With the rise of digital payment applications around the world Cash App is climbing the peak of their popularity. Thanks to its features and easy-to-use interface, Cash App has become one of the most used mobile payment services in the United States. Apart from all the frequently asked questions, “How to Delete Cash App History” remains one of the most requested of all. 

We are writing this blog with a focus on How to delete activity on Cash App and all the things any user should keep in mind before learning how to clear Cash App history because simply deleting these transaction activities might do more harm than good. So, read this blog till the end to make sure that your personal details, payment history, and bank account information remains safe. 

How to Delete Cash App History

Why Delete Cash App History

While there can be several reasons for people to want to learn how to delete Cash App history and as the saying goes, to each, it’s own. But we have curated some of the most common and sensible reasons for you to learn how to delete Cash App history. 


In the age of digital times, scams and identity theft have become one of the most attempted crimes. There is nothing as too much caution. Deleting your Cash App history will help you avoid any such case by preventing anyone from being able to access sensitive information about your Cash App transaction which can be used for financial crimes and other fraud activities. By regularly deleting your Cash App history, you can ensure that your financial information remains private and secure.

Free Device of Occupied Space

Once you learn how to delete Cash App history and apply it to your account, you will realise how much space you are saving by deleting the Cash App history. This additional space will help your device run more smoothly as it will not have to dedicate certain resources towards it. 

Keep A Track On Monthly Spending

Many people use mobile applications dedicated to monitoring their monthly spending, but why do it when you use the Cash App to do so? By simply learning how to clear cash app history, you can start afresh every month in your Cash App transaction list and keep a track of all the expenses you have made this month. And, when the month ends, you simply delete it and start again! Smart, isn’t it? 

Things to Do Before Deleting Cash App History 

Now that you are sure that you have to delete your Cash App history, there are several things that you need to make sure are done before learning how to delete Cash App history from your account. As a fellow user, you should not skip this section as you might end up losing critical information and payment details. 

Check Transaction History

Before you erase your Cash App history, you should thoroughly check your transaction history. It won’t take long and will be done in a few minutes, but you should ensure that all of your transactions are accurate and you have not missed sending or receiving any amount from other users. 

Download Your Transaction History 

Deleting your Cash App history is a permanent step forward as you will not be able to retrieve your deleted Cash App history again. So, you should keep an offline copy of your transactions with you. We have mentioned a step-by-step guide below to help you with it.

How to Download Cash App History

Download Cash App transaction history is a simple and straightforward process that you should do before learning how to delete Cash App history. 

Step 1: Open the Cash App on your mobile device. On the home screen of the application, tap on the profile icon in the topmost left corner. 

Step 2:  From the long list, scroll down and select the “Cash Support” option. From the multiple options in the list, select “Something Else” from the list of categories

Step 3: Tap on the “Account Settings” option and then select the “Export CSV” option. This will trigger the app to download a copy of your transaction history in CSV format.

Step 4: Before downloading the file, you will have to choose the period for which you want to download the transaction history by selecting the date range.

Step 5: Tap on the “Export” button to download the CSV file.

Note- After downloading the CSV file, we suggest that you open the file using software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets before actually deleting the Cash App history because there are times that the downloaded file is corrupted and doesn’t function as needed. If that is the case, simply repeat the steps mentioned above. 

Clear Outstanding Payments

Before learning how to delete Cash App history, we recommend users clear all of their outstanding payments as it might be much more confusing to do once you have deleted the history both for you and other parties.

How To Delete Cash App History

Now that you know everything you need to do before learning how to delete activity on Cash App, make sure that you consider all the guidelines we mentioned in the section above. Now, let us take you through all the steps on how to delete Cash App history. 

Step 1: Open the Cash App on your iOS or Android devices and log in to your account.

Step 2: Tap on the profile picture icon on the top left of the home screen, and from the list, go to your “Account Settings”.

Step 3: In your Account Settings, you will see several options, including Personal, Security, Notifications, and Privacy. Tap on the “Privacy” Option.

still need to installStep 4: From the Privacy Settings page, from the several options, sct the “Delete History” Option.

Step 5: The most important step in learning how to clear Cash App history is the following step. To delete all of your transaction histories, you need to tap on the “Delete All” button at the bottom of the page. 

Step 6: Cash App will prompt an option to confirm your will to delete Cash App history. Tap on the Yes option to completely delete all your transaction history. 

To confirm that your Cash App history is deleted for good, you can log out of your Cash App account and log in back in a couple of minutes and check for the transaction history. If it’s not there anymore, you have successfully learnt how to delete Cash App history. 

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Tips for Protecting Your Privacy on Cash App

While this section might not feel connected to the topic of the blog, there is nothing more important to us than the security of our reader’s privacy. We have written this section only for the sake of adding a layer of security. 

Deleting Cash App History

After learning how to delete Cash App history, you must have already learnt that it is a critical step towards enhancing your privacy on the Cash App. 

Using a Strong Password

This goes without saying, but we still are mentioning this point. Using a strong entry password is the first step towards making your Cash App more secure, as it will help you prevent any unauthorized access to your account and hence protect your personal and financial information. 

Enable Two-factor Authentication

This is old news that two-factor authentication will add an extra layer of security to your account by requiring a code to be entered in addition to your password. But even then, many people don’t use two-factor authentication to date. Click here to learn how to enable Enable Two-factor Authentication in Cash App.

Send Money Only to Trusted People

While sending money on Cash App is extremely easy and you would want to use it everywhere, you should also keep in mind that to prevent online scams and any other frauds, you should only send money to people and accounts you trust. You never know what new fraud technique is being used. 

Update Your Cash App Regularly

With every update that the developers roll out, they add new security features and bug fixes that can be exploited by hackers around the world to get into your account. Keeping your Cash App up to date will not only help the developers keep the overall environment safe, but more importantly, it will keep your money safe. 

We recommend keeping Cash App on “Auto-update” mode so that you don’t have to put in extra effort to update the app yourself every time a new update is roled out. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Cash App history be recovered after deletion?

No. Once a user has deleted their Cash App history, they will not be able to recover it. You can always download a CSV file for your transaction before deleting your records. 

Will deleting Cash App history delete recipient records? 

No. With deleting Cash App history, all you are doing is removing the transaction activity from your Cash App account. The transaction activity remains unaffected in the recipient’s record at all times. 

Will deleting Cash App history, delete my Cash App Account? 

No. Deleting Cash App history has nothing to do with deleting your Cash App account. To do so, you can read our blog on how to delete Cash App Account. 

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