MLB The Show Roster Update 2023: Latest News and Easy Guide!

If you are a sports fan, you would know how big is MLB The Show in the gaming community. The game is a popular baseball video game series developed by Sony. One of the best parts about the game that makes it different from other games in the genre is MLB The Show Roster Update! 

MLB Roster Updates have periodically released updates that make the game feel real from time to time, by making real-life changes in the game. MLB The Show 22 Rosters is a complicated thing, but we have tried our best to simplify the whole thing for you in this blog. This blog will be the last thing you will ever need as it covers everything around MLB The Show Roster Update! 

MLB The Show Roster Update

What is MLB The Show Roster Update

MLB Roster Updates are that element of MLB The Show that makes it real and hence enhances the overall gameplay experience in the longer run. Putting in simple words, these updates will reflect the changes that have taken place in the real-life MLB from time to time. 

MLB Roster updates include multiple elements of real-life MLB, including player rating changes, player appearances (although it is rare, it is important to catch up with the lively feeling of playing MLB in real life), new players that are added mid-season, player trades and injuries. Out of all of these things, player statistics are one thing that is the most important as they are updated to reproduce their real-life performances in the ongoing season.

How to Download and Apply MLB The Show Roster Updates

Contrary to what many gamers think, downloading MLB Roster updates is a straightforward process. MLB The Show is programmed to automatically check for Roster updates every time you boot the game. In this section, we have mentioned all the steps needed to download and apply the latest MLB Roster updates. 

Note- To download the latest MLB Roster updates, you will have to connect your console to the internet. While there is no minimum internet speed required, because Roster updates can be large in file size, we recommend a minimum of 10MBPS speed. 

Step 1: Once you have connected your console to the internet, open MLB The Show on your console. The game is programmed to check for updates every time you boot the game. The game will automatically check for updates and prompt you to download the latest roster updates if they are available.

Step 3:  Once you see the prompt to download the latest Roster updates, you have to permit the game to download the stuff. 

Step 4: After the latest MLB Roster updates are downloaded, you will have to go to the “Options” menu in the game, from which you will select the “Roster Control” option. Click on the “Load Latest Roster” option. Once you tap on it, the game will automatically apply the latest roster updates. 

Is MLB The Show Roster Update Important

While you might think that MLB Roster updates do not change your gaming experience, you do consider the fact that Roster updates were introduced only to take the overall game closer to real-life MLB events. 

For example, if a player in your MLB team has shown a significant dip in their performance in real life, their stats in the game will be adjusted accordingly, which in turn will mean that the player on your team will perform accordingly. This will go both ways, as a player who has shown an improvement in their performance in the MLB, the same player will start performing better in the game as well. 

Roster updates affect player availability in each roster update. For example, if a player is injured in real life, they will be unavailable in the game as well till the time they recover. Similarly, if a player is transferred to a different team, they will no longer be available on their old team’s roster.

This is why MLB The Show roster update is extremely critical for the game’s realism and accuracy. Gamers also need to understand that MLB roster updates are also important to keep the game feeling fresh and exciting as with every update, new players are added, and existing players’ stats are adjusted which changes the gameplay to a certain extent and reproduces a competitive environment and introduces different scenarios, similar to that of a real-life event. 

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What’s Included in MLB The Show 22 Roster

If you have played any leading sports game on a console ever, you will know that just like other games, MLB The Show roster update includes several changes that reflect real-life changes in the MLB. While there are many changes, we have managed to mention some of the most important changes that are rolled out in MLB Roster Updates.

Player Additions

In real-life MLB, whenever a new player makes their debut, the same player also makes a debut in MLB The Show. The new player will carry their real-life stats and appearances in the game. This keeps the game interesting for fans of different teams. 

Player Ratings

Player ratings are one of the most common things that come in most MLB Roster updates. These ratings are adjusted based on players’ real-life performances. If a player is performing well, his rating will keep on increasing and if not, their rating will see a drop in the upcoming MLB The Show Roster update. These changes help the developers of the game create real-life events and make the game more realistic.


If you are a sports fan, you must know that sports demand extreme fitness and even then a player gets injured now and then. Whenever a player gets injured in real-life MLB, the same player will be marked injured in the game as well. While this might feel annoying for gamers who have star players in their rosters, it is important to create realism in the game. 

Player Trades

As soon as a player gets traded to a different team, the next MLB The Show 22 roster will remove the player from their old team’s roster and will be transferred to their new team’s roster. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play with custom rosters in MLB The Show?

Yes. One of the coolest things about MLB The Show Roster update is that it allows players to play with custom rosters in the game. Using the in-game community feature, gamers can simply download and use custom rosters which are created by other players. Another cool thing is that you can create custom rosters by editing the existing rosters in the game. Visit this page to find the Best Updated Roster to Download!

Is MLB The Show Roster Update accurate? 

While the developers and other key members of MLB The Show try to be as accurate as possible, there is always some chance of human error. In all these years, as gamers ourselves, we have seen some discrepancies between the game’s ratings and real-life performance. 

How often is MLB The Show roster update released?

MLB The Show roster update is mostly released every two weeks during the MLB season. However, updates can also be released outside of this schedule to reflect significant roster changes or to address issues with the game. It should be kept in mind that the updates may not be reflected immediately as the developers of the game need time to make calculations and make adjustments based on real-life changes.

Can I apply roster updates to older versions of MLB The Show?

No. Unfortunately,  MLB roster updates are currently made only available for the latest version of MLB The Show. While older versions of the game still receive in-game updates and patches to address bugs and other issues, they do not receive MLB Roster updates.

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