Free Avast Premier Activation Code And License Key 2022

If you are looking for an Avast premier key, let me tell you, so is everybody. Thanks to its unbeatable technology that provides its users with simple scanning facilities, an in-built malware scanner, firewall, and tons of other features. Avast premier activation key is one of the most searched items on the web for quite some time now. People from around the world are looking for a suite that provides as many features as Avast Premier does. 

Avast activation code gives you access to one of the best professional antivirus applications on the global platform right now. In the times of covid, when everyone is literally working from their home desks, with their entire work and personal life now based on PCs and laptops, it is extremely significant that one protects their livelihood at all costs. 

What is Avast Premier? 

Avast Premier is like a season pass to a buffet of unbelievable features. Most IT professionals and anyone with some degree of technical understanding, would happily and more importantly wisely choose Avast over other peers in the antivirus market. 

It is one of the most reliable antiviruses that is looked up for security on most devices including Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, and even on Mac Some reports from the global leaders in tech have shown that Avast has captured around 40% of the security market, which makes sense once you understand how wonderfully it does its job.

Why do users need Avast Premier Activation Key? 

If you are one of those, whom people would consider “Technically handicapped”, it is okay. We are to save the trouble. As you might understand, every company needs to sell something to generate some revenue and stop itself from getting into losses. Avast does that by selling its product to its users.

The free antivirus from Avast does not require any activation code, but on the other hand, it also does not provide any special or additional protection. It does not support data-shredding, sandbox, and another bunch of features, which we feel is extremely important for people who surf the internet on a day-to-day basis. 

Avast license key naturally helps you unlock the best of the best features provided by Avast Security Suite at no additional cost. 

Here is the list of License Keys.


How to Activate Avast using the Avast License Key

Below, we have mentioned six easy steps which will help you secure your system as nothing has done ever before. Please follow these steps accurately, not missing any one of them.

  1. Go to the official developer’s website and download Avast Antivirus.
  2. Install it on your system (Make sure you check the minimum system requirements)
  3. Now, simply go to the “My License” option
  4. Once you click ‘My License’, you will see a prompt ‘Enter Activation Code’.
  5. Copy and Avast Premier Key from the website, and paste it there.
  6. Then press ‘OK’ and your antivirus will be activated.

VOILA! You now have one of the best security programs protecting your system. You can now surf, explore and do whatever you want to do on your computer without sweating a drop.

NOTE- The developers provide the users with a 30-day free trial for the paid version of the software. We recommend you use that 30-day trial completely and then use the Avast activation code provided.

Why is Avast Premier unavailable on the Avast Official Site? 

Avast Premier was launched as a paid service with several plans, where the user would receive a bunch of different worthy security services from Avast, including the likes of Malware scanners, data shredder, anti-spam, firewalls, etc. Recently, Avast Inc. included this service into their bigger security suite of services, named Avast Premium Security. 

Features from Avast Premier 

Friendly UI

While the technological heads of each family purchase and installs the software in the system, the remaining members of the family who use it too, who are more prone and vulnerable to security threats which makes it very important to have a user-friendly User Interface that lets the user have an access to easy useability. 


Sandbox is one of the most important and smart features that come as the result of Avast license key. It is as the name suggests, a sandbox that helps you open even an infected file without getting a risk of your system getting infected at all. It makes sure that your computer remains secure while you open and look at the file that is suspected to be infected with a virus or malware.

Ransomware Shield

Ransomware has taken the world by storm in the last couple of years. Many people, unaware of how downloading cheap pirated copies of movies and other stuff online get trapped by such malware. They block access to your own files and demand a ransom to unlock these files for you to use. Avast Security program provides strong security against these viral infections. 


As important as it seems to keep your data secure, it is equally important for you to delete your data securely. Many of us don’t understand that our data remains at risk even after you have “deleted” the files, you may feel that a file is no longer available for any hacker/virus after you have deleted the file. Unfortunately, that is not the case, which is why you need the data-shredder feature that comes with Avast Premier Suite to delete your data securely. It completely disrupts any attempts that are made to unethical recovery of deleted files, deleting the files irreversibly, making it impossible for anyone to get their hands on these files. A PERFECT SHREDDER! 

Wi-Fi Inspector

This is one of the latest features added by Avast Security, learning the growing importance, use, and hence its potential as a security threat. It searches and inspects for weak points in your personal/office Wi-Fi network and at the same time keeps an eye for any intrusions and blocks them. 


Most of us know and understand that windows systems have an in-built firewall that protects the system from any external attack, but the firewall that comes with the Avast Premier Kit is an enhanced feature that saves the users from advanced malicious attacks. Unlike most software available in the market, Avast grants you an option to choose from the default option i.e Auto-decide, and a “User-ask mode” which allows you to manually grant and block access. 

Browser Cleanup

If there is one thing every one of us has commonly faced, it is random toolbars, browser extensions, default search engines and other annoying stuff that gets stuck to our web browsers out of the blue. The browser cleanup feature granted by the Avast Premier Key helps you restore everything to how you would want it to be. 

Different Features from Free and Paid Versions from Avast

If you are paying for a product from a company that also provides a product that is free of cost, you should always compare how the two of them perform against each other and if it is significant enough to buy the product instead of simply using the free one. 

Free Avast SoftwarePaid Avast Software
No RansomwareAdvanced Ransomware protection
No online protection Online protection available
No Sandbox featureSandbox feature available
No Data shredderData shredder available
No Secure password managementSecure password guardian with one-touch login. 
No Safe Browsing softwareProvides “SafeZone Browser”



  • Known for its antivirus capabilities. 
  • Sandbox (Gives you the ability to open infected files and folders). 
  • Strong Firewalls defence. 
  • Easy to navigate and use. 
  • Multi-platform functionality including Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.
  • Web-cam protection.
  • Comes with secure web browsing facilities. (Web-shield)
  • Great rating points from leading security testers.
  • Secure DNS Protection


  • Has been alleged to sell user data. 
  • Average performance when it comes to MacOS and iOS.
  • Might slow down the system a little. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Avast activation code

  1. Why choose Avast over any other security software? 

If we had to answer from the top of our heads, putting it in simple words, we can say “Avast Security” is one of the best and the highest-rated security software in the world currently and has been on the top of the game since the last couple of years. 

  1. Is it important to upgrade antiviruses? 

With every day passing, new threats in the forms of viruses, malware, and other potentially dangerous mediums see the light of the day, which makes it evidently very significant to upgrade your security systems if you want your systems to be safe. 

  1. Does Avast license key keep me safe against ransomware? 

Yes, Avast Premier does come up with a bundle that involves protection against ransomware. 

  1. Will the Avast Antivirus program slow down my program? 

The above question can be termed as the controversy of the century for antivirus users across the universe. According to us, any security software that runs in the background will eventually slow down the system. Though it completely depends on your system, how much of it eventually is observed by you. 

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