What is XAPK and How to Install XAPK File on Android?

What is XAPK?

XAPK is a type of file package used to install applications on Andriod-supported devices, You are aware of the traditional APK files, then these are also the same similar files. XAPK contains many types of assets used by the application. These assets mainly include OBB files. The purpose of OBB files is to store essential media content, graphics files, and application data required for the smooth functioning of the application. The main purpose of the XAPK file is to distribute the APK file of android applications on third-party websites. Therefore these applications are not supported by Google Play Store. 

The reason behind distributing the Andriod application through third-party websites in the form of XAPK is to save some extra charges collected from Google Play Store. Google Play Store Charges a high amount of fees to application developers, and many times these developers can not afford to pay such a high amount to the Play Store, Therefore these developers choose to distribute their applications through third-party online websites. 

If you have ever played heavy games like Need for Speed, Players Unkown Battle Ground, and Asphalt then you must know about those heavy graphic files in the form of OBB, These OBB files contain graphics-related data which is required for the game to function properly. These additional graphics or media related files take a lot of storage on your phone, And if they distribute the game application including these content then the application itself consumes a lot of storage on your phone, Some games like Asphalt, GTA takes more than 2GB of space on your phone, But the downside of having such huge and heavy application is when you try to launch them they will take a long time thereby increasing the load on the CPU, And will make your phone slow and laggy. Therefore to solve this problem App developer introduced XAPK files, XAPK files package the main Application file and the additional data file in a compressed zip format. Having an XAPK file saves time and data cause it is compressed in a zip format and is easy to install.

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Difference between APK and XAPK.

Apk stands for Android package kit which is the standard app installer, All the applications you find on the Play Store are APK and they are supported by Google and Play Store authorities, Mean While XAPK files are the same as the APK’s but they also include some additional files, Which may include graphic related content or some extra media files required for the application to work properly, If you ever downloaded the famous ‘PUBG’ on your phone from the PlayStore you would have noticed that after opening the game it will again start downloading some extra files for the game to function properly, But this isn’t the case with XAPK when you download a compressed XAPK zip file you will get those extra files in the package itself.

The XAPK files are not standard and they are not supported by Google and  Play Store authorities. APKs are verified, tested, and checked by the Play Store authorities to block any type of malicious or spy attack on the user’s data. These APKs are verified and users can directly download them without a second thought. But the XAPKs are not verified by any authority and can contain a virus or spyware which will collect your private data, Therefore using an XAPK is not so safe if you’re downloading the file from a not verified distributor. On the other hand, APKs are completely safe to use and it doesn’t contain any type of spyware or virus. 

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How to Install XAPK.

Installing applications from Third-party resources could be a challenge, You will find that game files are stored and distributed in the XAPK format for easy transfer and to save storage capacity, If you want to install an XAPK on your mobile device you can simply follow the following steps,

  1. First, go to mobile settings and allow app installation from third-party resources, this will permit your application to install in the system.
  2. Now, you can open the Zip folder you have downloaded and extract the files in your preferred location, You can also download the XAPK zip file on your Laptop or PC to make the process easier. 
  3. Once you open the extracted zip folder you will see the main application installation file and a large OBB file.
  4. Now you need to navigate the OBB folder of the application and move that OBB folder to this path ‘Storage/Andriod/OBB’.
  5. Once you are done with that, You can go back to the extracted zip folder and install the application’s APK file in the normal way.  

And you’re finished. Now you can simply launch the application.

Final Words.

XAPKs is great if you are into games, It allows users to carry the essential game files required for its function, We can store the additional files required for the games to function properly, Many users also save these OBB files on their drive storage for backup purpose, So that they can get access to them whenever they want, Apart from these benefits of XAPK Unfortunately, there are also few downsides. These XAPK files are not verified and tested and could contain spyware or malware which could affect your system and also steal your data breaching your privacy. Therefore you need to be very careful while downloading such files.

On the other hand, APKs are supported by Google and Play Store authorities which test and verify every single application on their platform and always ensure the safety of their users. Play Store application will always require access to the internet connection to download and install the timely updates required for the application to function properly, And you can not carry the large OBB file with you, Once you delete or Uninstall the game from your system, The next time you will again have to download those extra files, Thereby consuming your internet data.

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