How To Change Netflix Region Country Easily

Netflix fans all over the world are curious about one thing – what would the content of Netflix Libraries from other regions be like? This curiosity emerges due to the fact that Netflix doesn’t make all of its content available to every country. The Netflix library of each nation is different. If you too are amongst those individuals who wish to change the Netflix region, this article is tailor-made for you!

Best VPNs TO Change Netflix Region

You can use a VPN for changing your Netflix region with no complications. However, you must keep in mind that Netflix knows that its subscribers use such tactics for accessing libraries of different nations. When Netflix will detect that your IP address is being generated by a VPN provider, it will send you a proxy error like the below:

“Whoops, something went wrong. Streaming error. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”

A lot of VPN service providers maintain their servers and offer a workaround to ensure that their customers get a reliable VPN for accessing various libraries of Netflix. But not every VPN service provider is capable of providing a reliable and fast VPN for streaming. Also, a VPN service provider must value their customers’ privacy and online security. 

We have made a list of the Best VPNs for you so that you can use to change regions with ease. The following criteria have been used for choosing the best VPNs for you:

  • Offers reliable and fast access
  • Provides accessible & knowledgeable customer support
  • Uses strong and reliable encryption with additional security features
  • Works well with the best Netflix nation catalogues, such as Netflix UK, US, Australia, Canada and Japan
  • Does not keep any log of IP addresses or user activity

The following are the best VPNs that you can use to change Netflix Location:

1. NordVPN

The NordVPN is one of the most reliable VPNs for changing Netflix regions. It offers strong security for your device while you stream, high speeds, and also a 30-day money-back guarantee! 

2. Surfshark

The Surfshark VPN is one of the top budget-friendly VPNs which you can use to switch between international libraries of Netflix. It offers steady speeds, strong security, and unlimited connections.

3. ExpressVPN 

ExpressVPN works well with streaming services like Netflix. It provides strong security and high speeds.

4. SaferVPN

The SaferVPN works quite well with the libraries of Netflix UK and the US.

5. CyberGhost

The CyberGhost VPN is a budget-friendly option for changing the Netflix region.

For accessing a different Netflix library on your smartphone, you will need a VPN to hide your IP address. 

How To Change Netflix Country From Any Location

The following are the steps through which you can change the Netflix region from any location:

  1. Sign up for a Netflix account if you don’t have one. Install a reliable VPN. You can refer to the list of VPNs given above to choose a good VPN service provider.
  2. Through the VPN, choose your desired location.
  3. Open the Netflix website and you will be automatically directed to the country site for the location of the server you selected.
  4. Enter your credentials to watch your favourite content.

How To Change Netflix Location on Your Android Smartphone

The following are the steps through which you can change the Netflix region on your Android smartphone:

  1. Choose a good VPN Android app. You can choose one from the list of best VPNs that we have mentioned in this article. 
  2. After installing the VPN app, log into it with your credentials.
  3. The VPN app will offer a list of locations. Select a server from the location of which you want to access the Netflix library. Ex: Connect to a US server for watching the content of Netflix US.
  4. Open your Netflix app for watching the content from the Netflix region you chose.

How To Change Netflix Region on iPhone

The following are the steps through which you can change the Netflix region on your iPhone:

  1. Buy a subscription to a reliable VPN provider which is compatible with the iPhone. 
  2. Enter your credentials in the app after its installation and get started with the VPN service.
  3. Select a server from the location of which you want to access the Netflix library.
  4. Open the Netflix app for accessing the Netflix library you chose.

Many VPNs work well with Netflix, but not every VPN will work for all the Netflix libraries. Also, not every server of a VPN will work with all the libraries. Netflix keeps blocking VPN providers. If you come across such a case, you should get in touch with the customer support team of your VPN service provider.

Why You Should Not Use a Free VPN to Change Netflix Region

It can be quite tempting to use the service of a free VPN provider. However, we suggest you stay away from using a free VPN for changing Netflix regions. Any VPN service provider puts a huge amount of effort into offering full access to Netflix. The free VPN service providers aren’t too profitable to offer you online security and privacy. Thus, a free VPN might let you explore a Netflix library of another country but your online privacy will be at a huge risk as well.  

Also, the free VPN service providers will offer you a very limited number of servers to choose from. That eventually reduces the chances of accessing the Netflix library of the location you desire. If you somehow get access to your desired Netflix library, you will further face slow connection speeds. You might have to even wait in a queue for selecting some servers. Unlike premium VPNs, you won’t get unlimited bandwidth and so, it will be difficult for you to stream in HD. If you use a premium VPN service, the monthly data cap will never be an issue for you.


With a premium VPN, you can easily change Netflix regions from any location. You can depend on the list of the best VPNs in this article to choose a reliable VPN service provider. We hope that you enjoy watching the Netflix content which was restricted in your region!

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