How to get Unbanned from Tinder 2022

Every social media platform has its policy, guidelines, and rules, to keep the digital environment safe and secure for everyone, Every user must follow these guidelines while using the platform. The same goes with Tinder, an online dating mobile platform, Tinder is one of the most famous online dating applications, tinder has millions of active users every day from across the world.

Like any other dating platform tinder also has some strict user guidelines to keep the user experience safe and protected and restrict any type of misbehaving, If a user violates any of the guidelines tinder will block that account. 

The Common Reasons that can get you Banned from Tinder.

  1. Posting pornographic content: Tinder has a strict policy when it comes to posting content, when a user posts disturbing or sexual content tinder will instantly take action against it giving the user a warning and will ban the account.
  2. Spam: Tinder offers a ‘feels like spam’ option to the users., if the user feels like someone has been continuously sending them unwanted or inappropriate messages, he or she can report that person instantly, When tinder notes numerous reports against a user, tinder has the authority to ban that account. 
  3. Offensive language: Tinder has strict chat guidelines and rules if someone makes use of offensive language, or offensive words, they have a high chance of getting banned. If anyone feels like being abused he or she has the authority to report tinder for the same. 
  4. Scam profile: Tinder has banned numerous accounts for being reported as fake or scam profiles, hackers often use fake identities to bully or steal data from other users, tinder has given authority to users to report such profiles as fake profiles, and then tinder verify whether the profile belongs to a real person or not.

If your account gets banned from tinder, there’s not much you can do to retrieve your account, which means if an account gets banned, there’s no way the account can save. But if the account has been banned mistakenly or without any solid reason, you can write a mail to the tinder support team and make a polite request about your situation.

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Steps on How to Get Tinder Unbanned.

  1. Reinstall Tinder: Tinder will block the device ID, email address, and phone number of the banned account, So the first step is to uninstall the tinder application form you’re device.
  2. Root or Factory data reset: Because your device ID is blocked you have to create a new ID, For android devices, you need to do factory data reset, and for the ios devices jailbreak is needed to change the unique device ID, tinder can also recognize IP address to avoid that use VPN application and connect with different VPN network.
  3. New phone number: After tinder blocked your phone number you need to get a new SIM card, to register with a new account.
  4. Create a new Facebook account: If you want to use Facebook for login, you have to create a new Facebook account. Or disconnect the tinder with your previous Facebook account.   
  5. Setup google play/ Apple ID for payments: If you wish to get any paid subscription on tinder, you need to set up a new payment method on your mobile device, Android users need to add their bank detail in google play whereas Apple users need to set up there Apple ID payments.

Once you sign up in tinder with your new credentials, there are still some things that you need to keep in mind, before actually using it.

  1. Uploading pictures: You cannot use pictures that have been used before, because Tinder’s robot recognize those pictures and will ban your account again, but if you still want to use those pictures again, you have to change its data like date, location, etc. You also have to use some third-party applications on your pictures to save them from Tinder facial recognition system.
  2. Do not link your Instagram account: If you’re thinking about again connecting your Instagram account to your new tinder account, Tinder will automatically detect and will ban you again.
  3. Write an attractive bio: You need to write an interesting and attractive bio, something that does not offend anyone, to maintain a good reputation. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Tinder Unban Process.

How do I contact Tinder for help?

Tinder’s dedicated team provides 24/7 support to their users, Any user can write their problems and queries to the customer support team via email, [email protected][email protected], These are email addresses where one can directly contact Tinder.

Does Tinder restrict your IP address? 

Tinder does collect you’re IP address and remember your devices, But you can easily avoid it by using a VPN or restarting your WIFI router.


Tinder is great and renowned dating platform having million’s of active users, So create and maintain a healthy and safe environment there must be some strict rules and regulations which should be followed by everyone, It doesn’t matter what method you choose to get unbanned from tinder, you should always follow guidelines and directions. 

And if ever get reported make sure you do not repeat what you have been reported for, If Tinder warned you about something, and you keep on doing it then you’ll get your Tinder account banned. 

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