Free Download M3 Data Recovery License keys

It’s terrifying to have our important data getting accidentally vanished while permanently deleting the files on our desktop. Data loss through such incidents is not uncommon these days. But we must have a solution ready with us to face such situations. The M3 Data Recovery License Tool is one of the best data recovery software you can choose for recovering your valuable data. In this article, we are providing you with an m3 BitLocker recovery license key to activate the premium version of this amazing software.

List of the M3 Data Recovery License Keys

All the premium features of the M3 Data Recovery Tool are available in its free trial version. But despite that, you will still need its premium version because the free trial version can recover only 1 GB of your data. After this limit, you will need a license key to turn this software into its premium version. 

To activate the premium version, you can select an m3 BitLocker recovery key from the below list of Free M3 Data Recovery License Keys:

  2. AD3S-45TG-FT74-RT56-4190-41DF-58OI-RT67
  6. AD34-GH67-41IO-4785-41257-AW34-KL90-YT89

How to Activate the M3 Data Recovery Tool

There are simple steps required for activating the M3 Data Recovery Tool. When you finish downloading this software, double-click on its icon on the desktop for launching it. Click on the ‘Upgrade’ button in the top right corner. Further, a new window will be opened. Copy one m3 data recovery serial number mentioned in the list. Paste the key in the input box and click on the ‘Ok’ button. After completing these steps, you can finally use this software!

What is the M3 Data Recovery Tool?

The M3 Data Recovery tool is an outstanding data recovery software that you can rely on. It has two versions – free and paid. This data recovery tool will help you in restoring your deleted, corrupted, and lost data. It has the capability to even restore the data which you deleted permanently and are unable to find it. This tool is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows. By using the M3 Data Recovery tool, you can recover data from various types of storage devices, such as internal disk, external disk, pen drive, or memory card. 

There are several situations due to which we accidentally lose our data. You might think of saving time by deciding to format the drive rather than deleting specific useless files from the drive for clearing storage space. After realizing that there were some files that you might need later, you will have a ton of regret for formatting your disk. As one cannot afford to partition with their previous data, the M3 Data Recovery tool is an amazing software to tackle situations like this. This software provides you with the option of ‘Formatted Drive’. With the help of this feature, you can recover the entire data of your drive. You can also choose to recover only a particular folder which you need by selecting it and then clicking on the ‘Recover’ button.

The M3 Data Recovery Tool is powerful enough to recover data from NTFS, FAT, and exFAT damaged/formatted volumes. You can recover different types of file formats with this software. It supports the file systems of FAT12/16/32. This is one of the best software to recover lost data from hard drives like Seagate, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, WD, and Lacie.

Features of the M3 Data Recovery Tool

The following are some of the features of the M3 Data Recovery Tool:

  • It helps you recover the data which you lost through accidental formatting of the disk or any other situation. With this software, you can recover data from all types of storage devices. 
  • In case your drive is inaccessible and has turned RAW, you can still recover your data with this software. A drive becomes RAW when it contains an unknown format and access is denied to the drive unless it’s not formatted. However, the RAW recovery feature won’t work if the drive is physically damaged.
  • The WinPE bootable media feature of this software will help you to recover your data even if the system is not turned on or if it’s crashed.
  • It provides the BitLocker Recovery feature for helping you to recover your important data from an encrypted drive. But you need to enter the BitLocker license key in order to utilize this feature. Also, this feature is only available for the paid version of the M3 Data Recovery Tool. You can activate the paid version with the help of a M3 raw data recovery license key.
  • This software is designed to recover data from all important file formats. You can use it to recover not only documents but also your photos, videos, audio, software, etc.

How to Recover Data with the M3 Data Recovery Tool

To start recovering your data from the hard drive, open the M3 Data Recovery tool on your desktop. Select the option as per your requirement when a new window appears on the screen. Further, all the hard drives and partitions will appear in another window. Select the drive from which your required data was lost. The software will take a few minutes to scan the drive’s data. After this, you will have a list of all files within their folders (both present and lost ones). Select the folder from which you want to recover your lost data from and click on the ‘Recover’ button.


We hope that you utilize a license key m3 data recovery from the list of license keys to get the benefits of the paid version of the M3 Data Recovery Tool. This software is one of the best tools in the current market for recovering important folders and files. So, you don’t need to worry now if you accidentally delete your important files. You can use this software for so many devices, including thumb drives, SD cards, external drives, and hard drives. But keep in mind that this software cannot recover overwritten data. Even if you activate it with the license key, it won’t be able to do that. As of now, there’s no data recovery software that can recover overwritten data.

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