How To Get Pirate Coins Lost Ark: 4 Easy Tricks

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you must know that Lost Ark is one of the most popular MMORPG games. With around one million active players in the game, it has taken the gaming world by storm and looks like it is going to keep doing it. This is why the number of searches for “How to get pirate coins Lost Ark” has gone through the roof, which is why the roof. 

Pirate Coins in the Lost ark are one of the most important things in the game with which players of the game can purchase various items and equipment. We have dedicated this blog to discussing how to get pirate coins Lost Ark and everything that you need to about the Lost Ark currency called the Pirate Coins!

How to Get Pirate Coins Lost Ark

What Are Pirate Coins

Before you learn how to get pirate coins Lost Ark, understand that Pirate coins are the special in-game currency in Lost Ark that can be used by the players to buy in-game items and several pieces of equipment from the pirate shop which are important to enhance the gaming experience as well as advance in the game. 

While earning Pirate Coins can be a tricky business for those of you who don’t know what they are doing, our readers are going to be lucky as we have curated the next section that grants you precious knowledge on how to get pirate coins lost ark. 

How To Get Pirate Coins Lost Ark

While there are several ways to get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark, most of them are not efficient methods and you can only earn a small amount each time you do it. But in this section, you will find the best answers to your questions, about how to get pirate coins lost ark.

Island Quests

If you want quicker returns but you are okay with less number of pirate coins, Island Quests are a great way. Make sure you are at or above level fifty in the game to get pirate coins by completing island quests. Lost Ark Pirate Coins Exchange at the following islands. 

Lullaby Island: 16,500 Pirate Coins

Freedom Isle: 15,000 Pirate Coins

Cradle of the Sea Fermata: 9,000 Pirate Coins

Kalthertz: 8,600 Pirate Coins

Sublime Island: 6,000 Pirate Coins

Peyto and Glacier Isle: 5,000 Pirate Coins

Runaways Island: 5,000 Pirate Coins

Giant Mushroom Island: 2,000 Pirate Coins

Raiding Pirate Dungeons

Pirate Dungeons are locations in Lost Ark which are hideouts of some of the most powerful pirate bosses. Any players visiting these pirate dungeons can attempt to challenge the pirate bosses and fight them. 

After the battle, if the player is successful at defeating the pirate boss, the pirate boss will drop pirate coins. 

While the amount of coins each pirate boss depends on the difficulty level of the pirate boss and hence varies largely, players can expect a decent amount of Pirate coins in Lost Ark by this method. 

Una’s Daily Task

With more than a year of experience playing Lost Ark, we have figured out that one of the most consistent and reliable ways of earning Pirate Coins in Lost Ark is by completing Una’s daily and weekly

If you are new to the come, you might not be able to find how to get Pirate Coins Lost Ark using Una. Let us clarify this issue. Players will have to reach level fifty if they want to start getting Pirate Coins by completing Una’s Daily Tasks. 

Once you have reached level fifty, the way to earn Pirate Coins is fairly straightforward, you have to start by clicking on the “Adventure” tab, on the bottom-right of your screen where you will have to select the “Una’s Tasks” option. If you want to get here quicker, you can also access Una’s Daily Tasks by activating the hotkey, Alt + J.

These side quests are dispersed across the map and can be found at the most random locations. To win the Pirate Coin reward, players will have to reach specific locations on the Lost Ark map and then complete the daily quest by performing the specific needs of the task on that particular day. 

If you want to earn the maximum profits, make sure you do these tasks daily, as they reset daily. So, every day brings new tasks which brings a new opportunity at earning Pirate Coins in Lost Ark. 

The best thing about these daily quests is that they increase your reputation with certain NPCs. Upon reaching a certain level, you can claim these additional rewards from this submenu. 

Weekly: If you are tired of playing the daily quest, which is often easier and bound, the game’s weekly tasks are more endearing as they are mostly about endgame activities such as Boss Rush and Trade Skill progression. 

Guild Request: Guild weekly quests are put on here. To earn XP for your guild’s next rank when completed, you will have to complete the Guild’s weekly quests. 

Note- that not all weekly quests are available here, as only weekly quests that are selected and approved by the guild leader are to be marked here.

Adventure Islands

To put it in simple words, adventure islands are mini-dungeons that offer a player a variety of challenges like defeating powerful pirate bosses, completing puzzles, and collecting random items. 

The best thing about getting pirate coins from Adventure Islands is that each Adventure Island has a completely different set of themes and which arises the need for each player to create a new and innovative strategy if they want to get more pirate coins in the game. These strategies depend on the island each player is exploring.

If you have just started playing the game, you should visit the below-mentioned islands as they not only offer players Pirate coins, but also several types of honing materials, gold, and even Island Souls once you complete the storylines. 

The most profitable visits to these islands are Freedom Isle (15,000 Coins), Blackfang’s Den (10,000 Coins), Kalthertz Island (10,000 Coins) and Golden Wave Island (7000 Coins). 

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Best Ways To Spend Pirate Coins Lost Ark

Now that you have learnt how to get Pirate Coins Lost Ark, it is equally important to know where to spend them. If you have seen someone doing business, you must know that investment is the number one rule of business as you must have heard, Money Attracts Money! 

Here are some of the best ways to spend your hard-earned Pirate Coins in Lost Ark! 

Enhancing Your Equipment

If you have played the game long enough, you must have realised by now that enhancing your equipment is one of the most important things to do in the game. If not, you should start doing it before you are forced to learn it the hard way. 

By enhancing their weapons and armour, a player can realise a significant boost in their character’s power abilities. 

Not all equipment enhancements cost the same and the amount of Pirate Coins that will be needed for each upgrade will vary depending on the level and rarity of the item.

Upgrade Your Skills

Now that you have enhanced equipment, you should also spend a considerable portion of your Pirate Coin purse on upgrading your character’s skills. As you must know that there is more than one class in Lost Ark. Each of these classes has a set of skills that can be upgraded using Pirate Coins which in return will make your character more powerful and effective in combat.

Purchasing Consumable

Consumables are an often forgotten yet important element in Lost Ark. Consumables such as potions and food can be acquired from the store using Pirate Coins. 

From the Lost Ark pirate coins exchange, depending on the consumable, players can use these on their characters for a wide variety of options, including the ability to heal your character or even provide a temporary stat boost whenever you know you are going to face a tough boss fight.

Purchase Pets

Who doesn’t love pets? They are loyal, caring, and helpful. Pets are as important to your characters in Lost Ark as they are to you in your human form. 

Once you purchase a pet using Pirate Coins in Lost Ark, you have an increased movement speed, enhanced chances at loot drops, and most importantly a well-fortified defence. 

After learning how to get Pirate Coins Lost Ark, players should note that just like they can upgrade their characters, they can also upgrade Pets using Pirate coins to make them more powerful, helpful and efficient. As we said, money makes money!

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