Old Roblox Games: Best Games & Where to Play in 2023!

Roblox is well renowned for its wide selection of fan-made games and experiences, which range from social games with realistic settings to puzzle games with compelling narratives. But what is even better is some of the old Roblox games!

These games received billions of player visits throughout their existence, and regardless of how simplistic the design is, they frequently maintain their popularity as long as they continue to be usable and hence their place in this list of classic Roblox games. While new games keep on adding to the players’ list of favourites, let’s not forget the old games which were and for some people still are the best experiences in the gaming world. But before we get into the long list of old Roblox games, let’s take a quick look at the history of this two-dimensional sensation.

classic roblox games

Old Roblox Games

Rocket Arena

Classic: Launched in January 2006 when the program was still in beta, Rocket Arena is the earliest Roblox game ever made and hence its position in this list of classic Roblox games. Free-for-all fighting arena Rocket Arena served as the model for a number of later, well-liked games. Rocket Arena was discontinued in 2017 for unclear reasons, along with many of the earlier Roblox games.

Base Wars

The ROBLOX Content Team, often known as Games, created the first-person shooter game called ROBLOX Base Wars FPS. And it is undoubtedly one of the best old Roblox games! Getting the most points and capturing every control point are the objectives. You might win the Red & Blue Base Wars Paintball Mask if your team triumphs. The game has received over 740,000 visitors and more than 30,000 faves, indicating some level of popularity. As a result, players are free to take the game with them. It is not copy-locked. The game’s environment was changed from voxel terrain to smooth terrain in January 2017, which significantly altered the game’s aesthetic.

Dodge The Teapots of Doom

The well-known Obby games and this one are pretty similar. In this straightforward game, the player must avoid huge teapots. For a while, the game gained popularity, and the number of visitors quickly surpassed 1.15 million which made it one of the OG Roblox games!

Yorick’s Resting Place

Under the alias Yorick, Jacobxxduel made Yorick’s Resting Place. The administrator of Roblox is Jacobxxduel. Holiday-themed game Yorick’s Place seems to draw more players on the days leading up to and following Halloween.

The contest, in which participants who could solve four riddles would receive a special Riddling Skull cap, is thought to have sparked an increase in interest at the time. Before it was shut down, the game had received 136,400 visitors altogether making it one of the best old Roblox Games of all time!

Chaos Canyon

A remastered version of the original map, Classic: Chaos Canyon, Chaos Canyon is a BrickBattle game made by the Temple of BrickBattle. It is one of those OG Roblox games that has stood the test of time. With weapons including the Bomb, Superball, Rocket, Trowel, Sword, Slingshot, and Paintball Gun, players engage in free-for-all combat on this classic BrickBattle map. With more than 3 million visitors, this Chaos Canyon variation has grown very popular. It is the second-most played game in the Temple of Brickbattle, behind Crossroads.

What Old Roblox Games Can I Still Play?

Amanda’s Experience Gravity is without a doubt the oldest Roblox game that is still playable in 2021. Since its launch in November 2006, it has received over 14 million visitors and continues to have a sizable following.

Jumping off the baseplate is the object of the game. You can orbit planets if your jump is powerful enough. When pointing at a planet other than the sun, you will circle around the sun and fall into it, returning you to the baseplate.

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Other Noteworthy Old Roblox Games

How Do I Find The Classic Roblox Games Whose Name I Forgot?

  1. Ask on forums
  2. Search from google images
  3. Check Game databases
  4. Search by Music on the game
  5. Ask your friends
  6. Search by genre
  7. Search by the time in which you played the game

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