Roblox Faces: 5 Minute Best Guide

Roblox is a significant platform for games made by users. Users on this platform are free to design their own games, which they may then share with the world. Roblox has significantly developed during the last three years in all areas. In addition to many other aspects, it has incorporated new game mechanics and goods. In Roblox, you may make nearly anything, including avatars, outfits, buildings, and landscapes.

Roblox Faces

Roblox faces are part of the components which you can buy from the catalogue. Different moods and patterns can be seen on these faces. Thousands of Roblox Faces are currently available in the official Roblox store. Both of these faces are free and paid. The Roblox shop uses the Robux currency system, which costs 0.35 cents per Robux. You can make your own avatar and add your choice of mood to its face. There are a lot of options for male and female faces in the Roblox catalogue.

It is impressive given the game’s graphics quality that you can change virtually every aspect of your character, even your face. There are numerous community faces available in addition to hundreds of preset looks.

What Are Roblox Faces?

Roblox Faces are an avatar customization feature. Using these faces, you can change the appearance and emotions of the characters you play. Thousands of faces are already accessible in the Roblox inventory. While some of them are published by authorized developers, many of them are user-generated. 

Roblox Man face

It displays a man’s face with thick brows, trapezoid-shaped eyes, and a sneer on his mouth.

The Man Face, often known as “Johnny Face,” was released in the Roblox Avatar store on July 26, 2012. (shown below). [2] Initially, it cost 100 Robux to purchase, but it is now free.

On July 26, 2012, Roblox released the Roblox Man face in the Avatar Shop. The man bundle contains it. Additionally, it is available at no cost.

Man’s Face is a smirking expression.

The “Man Face” avatar in the video game Roblox, which was released in the avatar shop for free in 2012 as a part of the “Man bundle,” is especially well-liked there and regularly utilized in satirical memes and shitposts as an exploitable,

For comical purposes, the other character is photo-shopped.

Roblox Woman Face

Roblox released the Woman Face on July 17, 2012, in the avatar store. The Woman Bundle has it. It is available at no cost. It has been bought 2,518,067 times as of August 29, 2020, and it has been favourited 213,933 times.

It has a woman’s face with rather wide eyes and brows, as well as a smiling mouth and pink lipstick-coloured lips. It is a replica of the unfinished Honey Face.

Similar to its male counterpart, it has gained memetic status and is frequently used in troll outfits due to how peculiar it seems in comparison to most other Roblox faces.

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What Are Roblox Face IDs

You can modify your face in Roblox by typing in a specific code. They are printed on your base head and can express a wide range of feelings, including sadness, anger, happiness, and contentment. Some of them can even have clown or alien-like features. We have listed below some free Roblox faces-

List Of Free Roblox Faces 

  • Chill face- 7074764
  • Check it- 7074786
  • Smile- 144075659
  • Man face- 86487700
  • Woman face- 86487766
  • Classic female face- 4018627046
  • Classic male face- 4018617474
  • Winning smile- 616380929
  • Knights of Redcliff: Paladin-2493587489
  • Silly fun – 7699174

If you’re willing to spend some Robux on faces, here is a list of cheap Robux faces-

List Of Cheap Robux Faces

  • Freckles-


Price: 10

  •  Lazy Eye-


Price: 10

  • Cute Kitty-


Price: 10

  • Adorable Puppy-


Price: 10

  • Friendly Grin-


Price: 11

  • Braces-


Price: 12

  •  Hilarious-


Price: 15

  •  Jack Frost-


Price: 15

  •  Demented Mouse-


Price: 15

  •  Drool-


Price: 15

  •  Cutiemouse-


Price: 15

  •  Good Intentioned-


Price: 15

  • Square Eyes-


Price: 16

  •  Scarecrow-


Price: 16

  •  Thinking-


Price: 20

  • Joyful Smile-


Price: 20

  •  Joyous Surprise-


Price: 20

  •  Blerg-


Price: 20

  •  Cheerful Grin-


Price: 20

  •  Beaming with Pride-


Price: 20

  •  Finn McCool-


Price: 20

  •  Slithering Smile-


Price: 25

  •  Alright-



  • Know-It-All Grin-


Price: 25

  • Glee-


Price: 25

  • Up to Something-


Price: 25

  • Hold It In-


Price: 25

  •  Sunny Fun-



How Can I Find More Face IDs

The steps below can be used to locate additional or fresh Roblox Face Id Codes.

  1. Check out
  2. Choose Avatar Shop from the top menu, which is to the right of Discover.
  3. Choose Body Parts from the list of choices on the left.
  4. Visit Faces
  5. Use the search box to look up your new faces. (If you don’t want to use Robux, search for something and sort by price to find the free faces first (low to high).
  6. Select the desired face by clicking on it.
  7. Once you’ve arrived at the page of your choice, click on get to get it. Then, copy the number next to the catalogue in the URL.

Roblox Face Changer

Face Changers are presumably familiar to Roblox players. Until you reset your character or pass away, Face Changers alter the appearance of your avatar.

The steps to get it are as follows –

  1. Enter Roblox and select Develop. On any of your already-created destinations, click “Edit.”
  2. Open “Toolbox Objects,” “Basic Objects,” and “Explorer” after entering Roblox Studio by selecting “View” from the menu.
  3. A Face Changer will appear in the workspace. You can colour it with any colour you’d like but it’s advisable to maintain it yellow to see the face image well.
  4. In the Toolbox, select “Search.” There should be a grey rectangle with the word “Models” written on it under the heading “Search.” When you click the arrow, something similar should appear. Tap “Decals.”
  5. You’re done once you’ve found a decal you like and have it on your Face Changer. Simply save, publish to friends, or include in a set.

Tip: You can combine, group, and create a large Face Changer model if you make a lot of Face Changers.

With this, we come to the end of this article. This is everything you need to know about Roblox faces. Hope this helps to enhance your avatar’ looks the way you like! Want to know the Best Roblox Faces List in Avatar Shop 2023? Visit this website to see the best Roblox Faces!

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