Scented Con Roblox Rooms in 2022: Easy Explanation and Should You Not Use Them?

If your son is nerdy, chances are that he, too, is a part of the Roblox community. But there’s a dark side in the world of Roblox which might make you worry about your kids if they play Roblox games. The Scented Con Roblox is like a dirty open secret known to many Roblox users. Roblox has become the No. 1 gaming platform for nerds worldwide as it provides its users with the capability to design their games effortlessly as well as play games created by other players. This superhit online multiplayer gaming platform made all the geeks assemble and form a community.

You must have already guessed what we are talking about if you are a Roblox player who has explored the Roblox world in-depth. For the ones who still didn’t understand the title of this article, keep reading as you too will have to deal with the dark side of Roblox someday. But it will be your choice whether to continue getting involved with the dark side or avoid it permanently. 

Scented Con Roblox

What is Scented Con Roblox?

If a newbie looks at Roblox for the first time, he/she will think of it as a kid-friendly gaming platform due to tons of games designed by players globally. But things can take a wrong turn when a 12-year-old player on Roblox gets an invitation to join an ‘Adult’ room. Such rooms are filled with sexual content which is not meant for kids. There are several inappropriate games on the gaming platform of Roblox. The gameplay of most of these gaming titles involves sexually demeaning acts of the gaming characters. These types of games are known as Scented Cons. The word ‘Condo’ is used by lots of players for addressing the unbelievable number of sexual games on Roblox.

A Scented Con Roblox is a type of Roblox game where a user creates a gaming avatar for the sole purpose of sexual activities (dirty talk with other users, having sex with another gaming avatar, etc). Unfortunately, there’s a risk of the Roblox community de-evolving into a shady and unsafe place for kids. 

Reasons to Avoid Scented Con Roblox rooms

Scented Con Roblox rooms are mostly filled with paedophiles who want to engage in sexual activities with other gaming characters. Besides them, you will likely find trolls who mess around in-game. You might be thinking that your kids are safe from this filth due to the settings of parental controls on Roblox. However, there’s no doubt that paedophiles are looking for ways to find a loophole or breach this net of safety. If you are a mature adult player, you might be conned by trolls in scented con. Thus, every player must avoid scented con Roblox.

If you want to visit the scented cons on Roblox for the sole purpose of reporting them, then go ahead as such inappropriate games must not see the light of day. Roblox has been trying on its part to curb the presence of such games for a few years. It’s rare to find an inappropriate game in the catalogue of Roblox games. As millions of games get uploaded to the platform daily, getting rid of each inappropriate game becomes extremely tough. More such games crop up when many of them are deleted.

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We hope that you have understood why we are recommending you stay away from scented con Roblox. If you keep getting involved with such games, you will be affected in one way or the other. There are tons of cool games on Roblox which will entertain you during your boredom period. 

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