VPN for PC – Free Download And Install Guide

1111 is a free internet protection tool made by Cloudflare, Which ensures a safe and secure environment while you’re on the internet. The service offers web protection among a variety of devices and platforms. You can easily download the free application for your Windows PC from the official website of 1111. macOS users can also download the application from the official website of 1111. Those who want a mobile application can easily fount the official 1111 application on both Play Store and App Store.  Follow this guide to download and use VPN for PC. vpn for pc

How to Download VPN For PC, Mac OS, Android & iOS?

1111 has provided Windows and macOS applications on their website, So you can easily download the installer on your device.

  1. Open any web browser on your device and type in the URL bar, and press enter on your keyboard.
  2. Once you land on the first page of 1111 you can see options to download the application, 1111 Has listed links to download the application for various platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Andriod.
  3. Click on the platform on which you want to download the application. If you click on App Store or Play Store link then it will redirect you to the official website of the Play Store and App  Store and from there you can directly download the application. But macOS and Windows users can download the application installer right from the website. is totally free service so you can Download and use it without paying any charges.

How to Install 1111 VPN for PC?

The installation process varies from device to device, For Mobile platforms, it’s automatic for desktop devices it’s manual.

  1. If you’re on iOS or Android devices the website will redirect you directly to the App Store or Play Store and you can directly click on the install button to start the installation process.
  2. If you’re on Windows or macOS device after downloading the installer file on your device you can double-click on the installer to start the installation process.
  3. Follow the instruction to complete the installation, click on ‘Next’ and ‘Accept’ Cloudflare policy.  WARP will automatically launch and appear in your start bar or menu bar with the Cloudflare logo once the installation process finishes. 

Video Tutorial To Use 1111 VPN for PC. VPN For PC Features.

111 VPN provides many security and safety features which will secure you from many online threats and malware attacks.

  1. Your internet service provider can easily see and monitor your every activity, even when it is encrypted. Many internet service providers also sell user data to outside organizations and use it to target you with ads. Therefore with the help of advanced encryption 1111 with WARP blocks anyone who’s snooping on you. 
  2. 1111 is a very platform that offers service for free, but if you purchase a WARP+ subscription plan then that will extend WARP by transferring all of your internet traffic over Cloudflare’s optimized internet routes which increases the speed of websites by over 30% on average. 
  3. WARP + combines many internet route measurements with Cloudflare’s private internet to deliver fast and secure internet directly to your device.
  4. WARP is built on the same network that has made 1111 the fastest DNS resolver on this planet. Wherever you live or wherever you go your connection to WARP is always fast and reliable.
  5. By integrating WARP with gateway you can bring high power and high performance to your business. To protect your workforce and organization from online threats and malware attacks you can enroll user devices in your organization to 1111. 
  6. Cloudflare has provided security and performance to over 25 million users across the world. 
  7. This service doesn’t function like a typical VPN service such as Nord VPN, CyberGhost, Namecheap VPN, or Express VPN. Instead, the service redirects through a protocol without changing your IP address and therefore this process doesn’t create any logs or unnecessary delays.

Final Words.

If you want safe and secure internet and don’t want anyone to interfere with your privacy or steal your data then you should install 1111 on your device. Many times your internet service provide steals your information and sells it to external organizations and you start getting related ads on the internet, So this is breaching your privacy and data. Therefore to avoid this from happening 1111 provides an extra layer of encryption So that even your internet provider will not able to monitor your activities. Unlike other free VPN providers, 1111 doesn’t compromise when it comes to internet speed. With 1111 you will get a fast internet speed and even the website works 30% faster than average. 1111 provides service across many platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android.  

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