Best Guide On How To Play Roblox on Oculus Quest 2!

You might think of Roblox as an online game that can be played on a PC, Xbox, or mobile device as soon as you hear the name. Actually, it’s not a supported Oculus Quest or Oculus 2 game. There is a workaround, though, that enables you to enjoy the whole VR experience that the sandbox game has to offer. How to play Roblox on Oculus Quest 2 is provided here. You’re in the perfect place if you recently set up your Quest 2 and want to incorporate your passion for Roblox with VR. Put your headphones on and carry on reading.

How To Play Roblox on Oculus Quest 2

What Do You Need To Play Roblox On Oculus Quest 2

Your PC will be used to run Roblox, which will broadcast to the Oculus Quest 2’s display. Users have the option of doing this fully wirelessly or while connected by wires. To play Roblox on Oculus Quest 2 you must have a few things. Check out the following list before you begin-

VR-Ready PC

Naturally, a computer capable of supporting virtual reality is the most important necessity. You will need a PC that can play games and stream at the same time without experiencing lag because the games themselves will run on the PC. If you’re not sure if your computer meets the requirements look at the official Oculus Link PC Requirements to learn more.

Oculus Link Set Up

Oculus Link is the primary software used to play Roblox Oculus Quest 2. 

Requirements For Roblox Oculus Quest 2 Set Up

  • A VR-Ready PC
  • Oculus App
  • Oculus Link Cable or Other Fast Type C Cable
  • Installing SteamVR on PC

Set Up Quest For Steam VR Games

You can do it in two ways.

  • Wired
  • Using FB Air Link

Enable Air Link on PC and Quest 2

Getting Roblox Oculus Quest 2 Player Installed

The Roblox player needs to be installed briefly on your PC before you can start playing Roblox games. If this is your first time using Roblox, just go to any game and click the green play button. You will be prompted to install the Roblox player, and then you are ready to go. Experienced Roblox players can skip this stage.

A VR Game On Roblox

You’ll need one of the Roblox oculus quest 2 games that can really run in VR since we’ll be running Roblox in virtual reality. Make sure the game you select is Quest 2 and VR suitable. By using the Roblox search, you can quickly look for VR games.

A Fullt Charged Quest 2

As usual, the battery in your Oculus Quest 2 will be depleted by playing any kind of game. Before we start, make sure your headset is completely charged; otherwise, you’ll soon find yourself taking it off.

How To Play Roblox On Oculus Quest 2

Now that you know if can you play Roblox on Oculus Quest 2, follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to play Roblox on Oculus Quest 2! You’ve completed the requirements and are now prepared to begin playing. Verify that the game you choose is VR-ready, and have your headset close at reach.

  1. Go to the Oculus website first, then click the Download Quest 2 PC App icon to begin the software download.
  2.  To Rift content on Quest 2, you must have this application. 
  3. Be sure to use Air Link, the Link cable, or any other USB 3 cable to connect your headset to the computer.
  4. Install the software on your PC when it has been downloaded.
  5. After that, open the app and select Devices. 
  6. To add a headset, click Add Headset and then choose the correct device model.
  7. You can select Continue to continue with setup if your Oculus headset is connected.
  8. After the setup is finished, click Close to finish the procedure.
  9. When prompted to enable Oculus Link, select enable.
  10. Allow downloading from untrusted sources by going to Settings and selecting General.
  11. Find a Roblox game that supports VR at this point. Be aware that not all games include this function, so you could struggle to find one. Once you’ve located one, press Play to begin the game.
  12. Roblox is now playable in virtual reality. Put your headset on and have a look around. You are now playing Quest 2 in your Roblox game. Your controllers will behave like your hands in other games too, so move them around and have fun.

So that’s how you use the Oculus Quest 2 to play Roblox. Ideally, the game is functioning flawlessly on your Quest 2, but if you’re having problems, make sure you follow the troubleshooting instructions listed below. Before going ahead, read our blog on the Best Roblox Avatar Ideas & Top Roblox Outfit Ideas To Try in 2023 and show off your dazzling looks to your friends!

What Can You Do When Roblox Is Not Working On VR

1. Reinstall Roblox

If you’ve had Roblox installed on your computer for a while, you’re probably aware that older versions of the Roblox Launch application did not support virtual reality.

Reinstalling the Roblox launcher will solve this problem. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Open the “Add or remove program” window on Windows.
  2. Look for and remove all of the “Roblox” programs that are listed.
  3. Set up an Air Link or Oculus Link connection.
  4. Access and start a VR game there.
  5. You should receive a popup from Roblox to install the needed software.
  6. Install the most recent version of the Roblox program.
  7. Launching a Roblox VR game once again.

2. Enable Unknown Sources

Make sure that “Unknown Sources” is enabled in the Oculus PC App because Roblox Oculus Quest 2 is not considered an official release for Oculus (Settings – General).

3. Link Connection Not Active When Launching Roblox Oculus Quest 2 Game

You must connect your PC and headset and turn on Oculus Link or Air Link before you can launch a specific Roblox game. When you visit to start a game after having an active PC VR connection, the website immediately recognises the VR hardware and starts the game in virtual reality (instead of the regular flat screen mode). 

4. Your PC Is Not Good Enough

Knowing how to play Roblox on Oculus Quest 2 is not the only thing you need. A computer with a dedicated graphics card is something you must have. VR games are simply not an option for you till you upgrade if yours doesn’t have one (for example, laptops with integrated GPUs). You might try Virtual Desktop if your PC specifications are close to the minimum requirements and you are having problems establishing a Link or Air Link connection.

5. Enable Roblox VR Mode Manually

The instructions below will enable Roblox VR mode once more if it won’t launch in your headset or if the VR option is missing (maybe because you unintentionally disabled it).

  1. (Windows Key + E) Launch Windows Explorer
  2. Go to “C: Users Your User Users AppData Local Roblox”
  3. Select “Edit” by performing right-clicking on “GlobalBasicSettings 13.xml.”
  4. Locate the “VREnabled” boolean value in the configuration file’s final section.
  5. Change the value to “true” if it is currently set to “false.”
  6. Save the configuration file, then close it.

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