Download Free Malwarebytes Premium Keys

The Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software is quite useful for protecting your computer from several viruses. It ensures that your PC is safe from data tracing sites and hackers. This article will provide you with a Malwarebytes premium key so that you can have access to this amazing antivirus software. 

Malwarebytes stands as one of the top anti-malware software in its industry. Don’t make it too late to get this software if you are a blogger who wishes to protect your blog from viruses. After activating this software with the free Malwarebytes key, you will realize the potential of this software to protect your data. Be it online or offline, all types of malware will be dealt with by this software. Malwarebytes anti-Malware software can detect almost any malicious program and destroy it as well.

List of Malwarebytes Premium Activation Key with License ID 

  1. 8UQ48:F87L-CW5E-PQ49-UN8P
  2. 3PB41:RMR3-8ATH-QX70-V9N2
  3. 4VV53:3A2M-T5E9-YJ8R-N3NU
  4. 3VR84:7XWF-WDDE-D58T-B8YJ
  5. 2UA15:5VF8-GFEY-M96K-VT8B
  6. 5RE32:UUE0-708M-R212-KTM8
  7. 8HC42:6FCC-DQ5U-6D5J-W6BC
  8. 5KX28:DW24-5YF2-602J-WY1V
  9. 2FT64:B0PJ-CNQ1-3X41-WCKE
  11. 4KT82:H6MK-0LL7-P8K9-3DV5
  12. 5NA42:R9CT-P8HG-DMR6-9LXE
  13. 7UM56:D2GR-ALY3-816A-7YY4
  14. 8JU52:RVPP-A0J3-D7JJ-5G7P
  15. 4LA65:28AP-A1RX-4WEW-NAYV
  16. 4MD46:FUPQ-2YFM-W6NK-XUA3
  17. 3YA28:T7UU-HGFP-L0B7-RUH3
  18. 7KK48:K06U-4HAT-WRB8-C0BG
  19. 3DD47:YBG4-ABVF-GGH3-B31K
  20. 6GG73:7F5L-WWLN-N9UX-8TBJ
  21. 7TN74:BUHW-R91D-EXYN-58GM
  22. 8QT37:52QP-6174-V88P-BWB1
  23. 3XX55:5Q5Y-4PY2-3C9D-GRWB
  24. 4NC82:MP8T-BJDH-CK1K-5NH3
  25. 6PP25:70WX-8KF6-YTRX-CPN0
  26. 2LW71:L0X1-BF7T-N78T-XY5X
  27. 8VW35:CEAB-6923-HLC9-XETT
  28. 5KW42:94NT-U8V5-5RMR-D6PX
  29. 5AB88:H1M1-8GGF-XVU9-0BPU
  30. 5JP43:3J3A-H7BX-AL38-L37D
  31. 2CF52:WBEP-9CMT-MGWA-1A92
  32. 3WQ72:QNWU-1HBR-2KE5-KPR2
  33. 5RM53:LYK2-TV8W-BNJ9-99JP
  34. 4PF48:4BRT-7K2X-H01R-HPDD
  35. 4CB33:TQAD-1RBX-C9GC-9Y56
  36. 3UG75:3137-PGWX-NNPT-YT1V
  37. 7TH76:XED8-XE6K-BX0U-TW0R
  38. 7AU27:p50D-9HG1-D653-X84P
  39. 5GW33:pCYD-Q7XT-1A7A-CA5N
  40. 2MP83:0H77-JYQE-FJVJ-JTLC

How to Activate the Malwarebytes with Premium license key

The following steps will guide you in installing the Malwarebytes software for free and activating its premium version with the Malwarebytes anti-malware premium key:

  1. Go to the official website of Malwarebytes and download the software from there for free.
  2. Click on the app of Malwarebytes after you install it in your system.
  3. Click on the ‘Activate License’ button in the upper-right corner. 
  4. Copy the licence key and paste it into the required dialog box. 
  5. Switch the red arrow (which points to the switch button) to the right. The arrow will turn blue and a new window will be displayed.
  6. Choose a pair of Malwarebytes license key and ID from the list given in this article. Copy and paste them in their appropriate places. Make sure that you don’t copy a license key from one pair and an ID from another. 

How to Install and Activate the Malwarebytes Anti-malware Software on Android

If you wish to install the Malwarebytes anti-malware software on your android smartphone, follow the steps given below:

  1. Install the Malwarebytes app from the Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Open the app after you successfully install the app. Go to the ‘Dashboard” and tap on the drop-down ‘Menu’.
  3. Click on the ‘Upgrade’ option. A new window will be displayed with the ‘Activate’ button at its top-right corner.
  4. Enter the Malwarebytes premium key after the activation pop-up window opens. Click on the ‘Apply’ button.

What is Malwarebytes and How it can save your computer?

Many antivirus software doesn’t scan the computer system in-depth. Unlike them, Malwarebytes anti-Malware software digs out hidden malware too. Due to such capability, this software keeps your computer’s performance high along with keeping your data safer. The premium version of Malwarebytes allows you to surf online with an assurance that your information won’t be stolen and your activities won’t be spied on. The Malwarebytes premium software provides you with a next-generation VPN for allowing you privacy. Your internet connection gets encrypted and you get the option to change your location to any other nation.

You are also offered a virtual IP address to keep your activities untraced. No website will be able to store your data. Hence, the premium version of Malwarebytes anti-malware software will be the best choice for your computer. You can also use the premium version of this software for free. But the premium features last for only 14 days after one opts for the free trial of the premium version. After the expiry of the free trial, you will need an activation key and license ID which come after you purchase the premium version. By the end of this article, you will get the Malwarebytes premium key for free! It will help you to activate the Malwarebytes anti-malware premium software and run it for a lifetime.

Benefits of Malwarebytes Anti-malware Premium Software

Being one of the top PC protection solutions, the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium software will help you in safeguarding your PC from:

  • Malware
  • Exploits
  • Ransomware
  • Malicious applications/websites

When you will have a Malwarebytes activation key, you will enjoy the following features:

  • The Malwarebytes anti-malware premium software will help you to remove every type of malware from your computer. This will result in your system being a high-performance beast!
  • The premium version will keep you away from the websites which might snatch your data. Such websites won’t be able to project useless advertisements or track your online activities. This software will keep you safe from the websites which are keen on luring you to click on their links for installing their malware on your PC.
  • It provides your computer with shielding against ransomware. With such protection, there’s nil chance of your computer being locked or hacked by a hacker. 
  • This software offers you real-time protection by hunting all the new malware and protecting against it. Thus, you don’t have to worry if there’s new malware out there.
  • If one’s on Wi-Fi, this software will encrypt it and so, there is no chance for anyone to break your security by accessing your internet connection.
  • The virtual IP address provided by the Malwarebytes Premium anti-malware software won’t allow anyone to keep an eye on your activities or track your location. By changing your location to some other city in a far-away nation, you can keep your virtual identity safe. Your original location won’t be tracked due to this feature.

You won’t have access to these benefits if you use the free version of Malwarebytes anti-malware software. Your online privacy is more important and so, don’t hesitate to invest in a good anti-malware software like Malwarebytes anti-malware premium software. If you don’t wish to purchase the premium version, you can simply use a free Malwarebytes free activation key to obtain access to the premium version. 


We hope that you are able to successfully activate the Malwarebytes Anti-malware Premium Software for free with the help of the Malwarebytes premium key from our list of license IDs and keys. You no longer have to worry about online or offline threats to your computer. Your data will stay protected due to the features of the Malwarebytes anti-malware premium software.

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