Free Movavi Video Editor Activation Key 2022

Movavi Activation Key is all you will ever need if you are a video editor who is looking to make their name in the video industry. With every passing day, video is becoming a bigger and better market for individuals as well as companies. Creative ideas can be converted into videos and these videos will help you leave your impression on the world like nothing else. 

While there are a dozen video editing software and applications available for users, Movavi is different because of its user-friendliness that goes hand in hand with power-packed features. Movavi video editor activation key avails users to access all these premium features and top-notch facilities. It is a cross-platform application that lets you have access to your edits on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. 

What is Movavi Video Editor? 

Movavi Video Editor has given creators around the world to explore their creativity with ease. With tons of new and AI-based features, it clears your path and turns your ideas into creations. The montage wizard feature is one such feature that will create a film with preferred music in a snap. Saying that Movavi is just another video editor would be a crime, it is better to consider it a suite instead. 

Movavi Video Editor Features

  • Quick Exports and Faster Performance

Every video editor is tired of waiting for hours to export their footage and a laggy performance while editing the video itself. Movavi Video Editor has the edge when it comes to performance. It is fair to say that the developers have given paramount importance to performance. The speedy exports and quick, lag-free operation is a great help.

  • Beat Detect Feature

If you are a video editor with some experience, you know that the most important as well as the time-consuming process is editing your video to the beats of the selected music. Well, the developers of Movavi kept this in mind and solved the issue. The beat detection feature uses AI to mark beats and ease your editing process. 

  • Audio Synchronization

Multicam videos have taken over simple one camera set up across industries now. No one wants to see the scene from one angle when they can have multiple. This also introduces the complexity of syncing sound between all these cameras. The audio sync option resolves this with just one click. Sync and it is done between all those multi-cam setups. 

  • Stabilizer

Not everyone can afford a gimbal. Video has become a household thing these days. Vlogs have become a thing, and if you are someone who records with their phones, handhelds, or even with a DSLR, you sure need to stabilize your footage if you want to put it up on the internet. A Free Movavi activation key gives you the ability to stabilize this footage as a magician and you now have clear, crisp footage. 

  • Motion Tracking

Motion tracking helps users to attach images, stickers, text, or even other visual elements like videos and images. In motion tracking, the AI tracks a point within a frame and then attaches the digital media to it and latches it to frame by frame. It is a ticket to a buffet of features, you can blur faces, attach media, texts, and tons of other things. 

List of Movavi Video Editor Activation Key

  1. 464356-87429-65789-89678-89267-90908-89782
  2. 256433-78923-17863-67842-65438-29674-15656
  3. 342698-89267-35267-98789-25656-09072-89564
  4. 490678-09094-27816-89543-64430-16819-15749
  5. 156739-52389-98653-98754-43533-35684-87634
  6. 190378-49089-09090-80084-89682-90433-18892
  7. 190340-78901-89896-34789-47890-26789-24430
  8. 159787-90467-24899-05893-15673-78430-37861
  9. 439787-99056-24899-78761-15673-78430-37860
  10. 892653-89034-56742-89789-89782-89342-34853
  11. 215476-89054-49056-89267-89670-56782-78253

List of Movavi Video Converter Activation Key

  1. 342698-12267-35267-98712-25656-09072-12564
  2. 156739-53689-98653-98754-79923-35684-87634
  3. 123340-78231-89126-34789-47823-26712-24790
  4. 423678-09094-27816-89579-64790-16819-15749
  5. 799787-99056-24899-78761-15673-78790-37860
  6. 256793-78936-17863-67842-65798-29674-15656
  7. 215476-89054-42356-12267-12670-56782-78292
  8. 123378-42389-09090-80084-12682-23793-18122
  9. 159787-90467-24899-05893-15673-78790-37861
  10. 122692-89034-56742-12789-12782-89342-34892
  11. 467956-87429-65712-12678-12267-90908-12782

Pros and Cons


  • Easy and interactive interface
  • Text and Title Options
  • Not overloaded with complex options
  • Sound Equalizer
  • Instant Movie Creation with Montage Wizard
  • Transition Wizard for slideshow features
  • Filters for videos and images
  • Keyframe animation
  • Timeline Markers


  • Chroma Key performance below average.
  • Unstable performance in low-end systems. 
  • sRGB space needs accuracy.
  • Crashes randomly at times.

Why do users need the activation key for Movavi video editor? 

Movavi Activation Key will let you have access to all the premium features from the Movavi Video Editor suite at zero cost. You simply have to use an activation key from this page and you are good to go. Edit videos, audios, use texts and different templates, and rule the world with your creativity. 

What is the Movavi Video Suite? 

Movavi Video Suite is a collection of programs that is a complete package if you are a video creator. It includes all of the following programs-

  • Movavi Video Editor Plus

Edit all your videos here. Transitions, filters, texts, and whatnot is available for you at a single touch. 

  • Movavi Video Convertor

Converting videos is a pain in the a$$. But with Movavi Video Convertor, not anymore. 

  • Movavi Screen Recorder

Every once in a while we find a video online which grabs our attention and we want to share it with our friends. But downloading videos online is a task, and a risky one. With the screen recorder from Movavi, the issue is no more! 

System Requirements

Windows Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows® XP*/Vista/7/8/10 with the latest service packs and patches.
  • Intel®, AMD® or compatible processor 1.5 GHz. 
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® series 6 or higher, AMD Radeon™ R600 or higher.
  • Resolution- 1024×768, 32-bit color
  • RAM- 2GB
  • HDD Space- 500MB 
  • Intel, AMD or compatible processor, 2.8 GHz and above.
  • Open GL 2.1 and above. 
  • Resolution- 1920×1080 and higher
  • HDD- 5GB for operations.
  • Sound Card for audio recording and playback.
  • Intel® hardware acceleration requires a compatible Intel processor supporting Intel HD Graphics™ 2nd generation or higher. 

macOS Minimum System Requirements

  • Mac OS X® 10.10 or higher
  • 64-bit Intel® processor
  • RAM- 2GB
  • Resolution- 1280×800 
  • HDD- 600MB

What’s new in Movavi Video Editor?

  • The new colour holder allows you to get the colour directly from the viewer. 
  • Aspect ratios for all the top social media networks. 
  • All new transitions for quicker editing. 
  • Improved Motion Tracking.
  • Additional export settings for optimum results. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Movavi free activation key

Do I have to buy Movavi Activation Key

If you purchase the original product from Movavi, you have to pay a one-time fee. But here, the Movavi Activation Key is free of all costs. You simply use these codes and let your creativity fly. 

Is the Movavi Video Editor good for beginners? 

Yes. The developers of the program have worked very hard and made sure that beginners face no issue using their product. Movavi has a very simple and friendly interface. 

Can I colour correct my videos? 

Yes. You can not only color correct your videos manually, but there are great filters available from which you can choose and get the desired look for your videos. 

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