How to Send a Snap From Camera Roll

All of us have a question about how to send gallery photos as snaps? Cause many times we click photos or videos through the camera application on our phone, And Snapchat doesn’t allow us to send photos from the gallery as a Snap. Other social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram allow users to share photos and videos from the galley. Snapchat has made this rule to support its feature called ‘streak’ and to maintain it users have to send photos and videos like Snap. 

About Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most famous social media platforms with more than 250 million active users. Snapchat has become popular among the youth. Snapchat let users share photos with their friends. The Snapchat mobile application is available on both Android and iOS devices. Snapchat’s image-sharing feature has changed the way people use social media. Users love Snapchat because it offers a real-time media sharing option, also it is known for its story feature, But recently many other social media platforms have copied it. Snapchat’s competitor Facebook has also introduced the same Story feature on their platform.

The Snapchat application is best known for users’ safety and privacy. Snapchat is now 10 years old and the platform is always including new features with the latest updates. Snapchat’s ‘Streak’ feature force users to send a photo or video in real-time. Having a Streak is sharing snaps with your friends daily, but the other person also needs to share snaps with you. And that’s how a Streak is built. Having a long streak increases Snapscore, thereby making that user’s profile more famous. Snapchat features such profiles in the explore tab, Users need to send a snap every 24 hours to maintain the streak, and if one person fails in sending a snap within 24 hours period that all the streak disappears. The Snapscore is calculated by the number of snaps sent and received regularly. To start a streak users need to send snap regularly for at least three consecutive days. 

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Hw to Send a Saved Snap/Photos from Camera Roll as a Snap

Here is the step-by-step guide to sending any picture from the camera roll as a normal snap. 

  1. The first step is to login into your Snapchat account through any mobile device. 
  2. once you logged into your account click on the Search icon which is at the left corner of the screen, Type in ‘CameraRoll’ in the search bar.
  3. There you will see the list of Lenses named ‘CameraRoll’ created by different users, You can select any lens from the list. 
  4. After applying the lens you will see the list of photos from the gallery at the bottom.
  5.  You can just tap on the image you want to send as a snap and it will get selected. 
  6. After selecting the image you can easily send it as a snap to any users from your friend list. 

After sending that snap you can check the massage bar to see if the snap is delivered or not. 

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iOS application to send a fake snap.

Apart from this method, there’s one more method through which you can send gallery photos as Snap. But this method is applicable for users who use iOS devices. All though there are many similar applications available on the Androids Play Store and the App Store. But SnapShare is the best application so far.

All the users using iOS devices need to do is go to the App Store and search for ‘SnapShare’ and download this application. After downloading the application you will have to connect your Snapchat account with this application. This application will help you to send any of your gallery photos as a Snap. Also, this application offers some cool features such as,

1.  Unique Design

Snap Share application offers a unique and attractive user interface, Where users can easily browse through the application, find photos from the gallery and send them as a snap instantly. 

2. Share Snap privately and publicly

Snap Share allows users to share photos as stories from their gallery with the people outside of Snapchat. 

3. Block Unknown 

With Snap Share you can block other users from viewing your profile. Those who want to keep their photos and videos private can easily block unwanted users through this feature.

4. Fast connectivity

To connect your account to Snap Share, all you have to do is login into Snap Share. This way you can easily connect your account and can start sharing photos as snaps. 

Here is the app store link for SnapShare Lite & SnapShare Pro.


1. Can anyone know if a snap is from the Camera roll?

Check the picture which has been sent to you, If it is in blue then it is sent from the camera roll, But if it is blue then it’s been clicked from the camera.

2. How to know if someone has sent you the snap using the lens ‘CameraRoll’?

If someone has sent you a picture as a snap using the camera roll lens then the lens icon will appear on the right side bottom corner. And that way you know if it is a picture from the gallery. 

3. What is a Camera roll on Snapchat?

Camera roll is a feature offered by Snapchat itself which is used for sharing photos and videos directly from the gallery.


Snapchat is a great application for those who want to share photos and videos with their friends daily. Snapchat’s lenses are also cool and many users use Snapchat only to click photos with the lenses. In the past few years, Snapchat has seen growth in active users, Many young audiences aged between 18 to 25  like to use Snapchat for sharing photos and videos with their friends. But many times users also want to share pictures from the gallery as Snap. But due to Snapchat’s strict policy, no user can send the gallery pictures directly as a live snap.  But with the solution, We have provided to this problem now you can easily sare your gallery photos as a snap. Although users who are aware of this lens can easily identify the difference between a real and a fake snap. 

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