Best Guide On Roblox Condo Games 2023

Roblox Condo Games

What Are Roblox Condo Games

Games involving naked characters, simulated sex, and cooperative role-playing are known as condo games. These games are removed as soon as Roblox administrators discover them.

These condo games are also known as Roblox’s “dark side” because you never know who you’ll be playing with—it may be an adult posing as a child or someone with very nasty intentions luring children into a private chat with them.

Where Can You Find Condo Games

These games are quite tough to find. Here’s some welcome news. This article will discuss Roblox 2022 condo games. Remember that once these games are located, they are deleted.

The first requirement for finding a condo on Roblox is that you must be older than 18 years old. On the official Roblox website’s search bar, enter the term “Condo” without any quotation marks, and you will be shown a list of games that are related to your search. Additionally, if you type “Scent Cons” into the Roblox search bar, a few games with similar names will appear.

Slang for an illegal variety of Roblox games, Scented Con (sometimes referred to as Condo). Roblox typically rapidly removes these games since they don’t adhere to community guidelines. Despite Roblox’s best efforts, these games continue to appear on the website.

In the Roblox Community

Since they are removed as soon as a Roblox administrator picks them up, Roblox condo games are incredibly difficult to find in the Roblox community.

These games’ developers conceal them using terms like Conbo, sents cons and plug walk. These search terms are discussed in Discord discussions and even on YouTube, where players are taught where to discover these games.


Another great resource for Roblox enthusiasts to share game-playing advice is YouTube. On top of that, they occasionally Livestream or record these games before sharing them on YouTube. They also share the best ways to find and play Condo games on Roblox.


Discord is a chat platform designed specifically for gamers where you can also create communities known as servers. There are dozens of these servers that share and are made especially for sharing and creating Condo games; you can see how many servers there are by using this Discord search engine.

Here are some Roblox condo discord servers’ names.

  • Roblox condo original
  • 24/7 Condo
  • Condo Club
  • Exotic Condos
  • Frost Condos
  • Roblox Condos


You can locate Discord communities that interest you on Discardia, formerly known as Discord Street. The website offers a robust search engine that makes it easy for users to find the Discord servers they’re looking for in addition to its growing collection of emoticons.

When you enter “Condo” into its search box, an endless list of all the condo games Roblox discord servers that are accessible appears. If you choose to join one of them, you’ll be welcomed with a dozen recently uploaded Roblox condo games that you can play.

If you want to know more about Scented Con Roblox Rooms in 2022, read another blog on our website here.

List of Best Roblox Condo Games 2023

Obby games

The interconnected pages of Obby Games require kids to complete activities and navigate around the game’s various locations. It is important to note that each page contains a distinct activity that kids must finish in order to advance in the game. Players will encounter several spooky toys on each page in Obby Games after finishing a particular level. Children must view several monsters and frightening toys in order to perform these activities, which will frighten them.

Dance Club

This Roblox game is inappropriate for kids under the age of 16 since it contains a lot of pornography. Naturally, if you enjoy playing “Roblox” adult games, this game is for you; but, if you are a child, you should avoid this section. The only reason we don’t want kids playing Roblox is that it has certain inappropriate moves. If you play this game, you’ll see lots of players in the sexy and intense action sequences.

Shedletsky’s Dirty Place – Roblox Condo Discord Server Links

The Roblox game Shedletsky’s Dirty Place is loaded with explicit material. The primary reason we don’t want kids to play this “18+ Roblox” game is that it contains many adult activities that can lead to very serious issues. Children that go inside the house to play this game experience a dreadful nightmare. They don’t realize it, but it has a bad impact on their academic performance right away.

Haunted hunter

Five players must locate a deadly and unnerving ghost in this cooperative shooter before it may kill them all at once. This appears to be one of the darkest new games we have found on Roblox.

Don’t forget to add energy to your laser weapons to ward off ghosts. They suck your soul like a dementor when they get close to you to gain stronger. It gets considerably more fun when the roles are reversed. You also get to compete as the ghost against everyone else. This intense game is one of the best Roblox condo games 2023!

All-Star Tower Defense

The tower defence and anime genres are combined in an alluring package in All-Stars Tower Defense. With a tonne of free code added to the daily animation and hundreds of well-known characters to unlock, such as Broly and Midoriya, ASTD develops a cycle that draws players back each day.

Survive the killers

While there may not have been any sensuous or enticing actions in this Roblox game, it does contain a lot of violent material that kids shouldn’t see. Players will have access to lethal weapons in the game to take out other players in this condo games Roblox.

Although it is common practice to defeat opponents in video games, the subpar animation in this Roblox game makes it objectionable for children. In this game, there is a serial killer on the prowl for a young victim. He encounters the kid and mercilessly slaughters him in the game.

Shower simulator

In this Roblox condo games, participants of both genders can take a bath together. When the participants initially enter the shower, children should not be paying attention while wearing swimsuits. There are other aspects of the game as well, including very intimate and sensuous encounters between players.

Some Other Condo Games Roblox

  • sakasuforbestmod’s Place
  • Family fun RP!
  • Welcome only

Bonus Content: How To Find Roblox Condo Games Online- Video Tutorial


Now that you know everything about the Roblox condo games, you can go ahead and play your favourite condo games Roblox with the help of this article. Remember Roblox deletes these condo games the moment they find them! You can visit this website if you want to find more Roblox Condo Games on the internet.

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