Best Risk Of Rain 2 Items: Everything You Need To Know

This list of Risk of Rain 2 items will allow players to add new party members, unlock new pets, get specialised weaponry, and more by gathering these things. The full list of products you can buy at stores or use to receive a drop from other sources, together with information on their price and efficacy, is provided below.

Each Risk of Rain 2 items are divided into tiers based on its likelihood to drop, usability, efficacy in a build, and stacking perk benefit. 

Risk Of Rain 2 Items

Risk Of Rain 2 Items: Common Items 

  • Crowbar

Whether it will have any additional abilities, such as teasing the enemy (as it does in the original) or consuming bees to heal you and/or your squad, is presently unknown.

Every stack of a Crowbar deals an additional 15% damage.

  • Focus Crystal

One of the best common Risk of Rain 2 items has the potential to be very strong, its lengthy cooldown makes it challenging to maximise its effectiveness without the help of other runes. If it happens within 13 metres of the player, the item improves its damage by 20%.

This implies that players can utilise this in combination with melee assaults and firearms like the pistol. The 50% damage boost does not apply in this case.

  • Bustling Fungus

One of the most common Risk of Rain 2 items is Bustling Fungus, but the main benefits of this item are that you can use it as a finisher or in the middle of a battle, and it stacks up to nine times (up to 27m coverage).

While the healing won’t be sufficient to support some teams over time, it helps ease setup and give you time to think about your next move.

Personal Shield General

These Risk of Rain 2 items are engaged when your HP is full. You are taking 8% less damage because you have an 8% shield up. Your shield will be at +16% at half health and +24% at 1/4 health.

  • Monster Tooth

In addition to being a really amazing decorative piece, the Monster Tooth is one of those RoR 2 items which comes in very handy when battling enemies.

The healing orbs won’t stay as long if you level this up, and it won’t increase the health of your teammates

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Uncommon Items

  • Bandolier

The Bandolier costs 42 per stack and may be purchased from the Biome Merchant.

There is a 20-stack maximum. Similar to the Bootlegger in Risk of Rain, it has a single charge that is activated by defeating a specific enemy type across any level.

  • Fuel cell

It can also be stacked up to four times top of that.

Killing enemies will occasionally result in the drop of fuel cells, which have a 20% chance to fall from weaker opponents like worms and a 6% chance to fall from bigger opponents like bosses.

Lepton Daisy 

Like the Medic’s healing beam, it imparts a healing effect to allies within the teleporter’s radius.

Each teleporter event has one instance of the healing effect.


Thinking of all the Risk of Rain 2 items, Will-o’-the-wisp can be used to defeat almost all enemies. It also applies a death bomb to the mob that dealt the fatal blow.

The death bomb goes off after ten seconds and injures enemies nearby. When you need to defeat difficult opponents but don’t want to approach them too closely, this is helpful. With this effect, the respawning timer is additionally slashed by 3 seconds for each monster destroyed.

Legendary Items

  • Alien Head

Any sort of adversary, Common or Champion, may drop it. If the player is holding two Alien Heads, the effect is multiplied by two (20% / 40%).

When a player with two of these ROR 2 items receives a third, it stacks, reducing the cooldown by 25% overall.

  • The Happiest Mask

One of the most legendary things in the Risk of Rain 2 all items is The Happiest Mask. When fighting someone else, the mask enables you to recruit the aid of your adversaries.

The adversaries are much more powerful than they were previously, but I’m confident that if the correct adversary emerged, it may become effective.

  • N’kuhana’s Perspective

You might have skipped over the patch notes when it first came out because this change is a bit of a “by the way.” It holds true for all healing, even direct healing, splash healing etc.

  • 57 Leaf Clover

Clover is the 57th item in the Madhouse Effect.

The 57th effect is typically feared if you’ve played Terraria for any length of time (unless you’re facing a Brain of Cthulhu, in which case it’s actually pretty lovely).

The Purity makes it less likely for random favourable effects to happen, which is something that I’m sure most players start to notice around Hardmode after defeating the Wall of Flesh.

Active Items

  • Blast Shower

Blast Shower has shown a little boost in usage since the patch.

Despite the fact that it can be employed to safeguard any profession that possesses crowd control abilities, it is most effective when faced with several Glacial Elites.

Backstab resistance, heal block, drain, and regeneration. Under your character’s health bar and almost every other sort of protection in the game lies Blast Shield.

  • Volcanic Egg

An Easter-themed product called the Volcanic Egg was made available on April 12, 2017. When activated, the player becomes a fireball with 2 health that lasts for 5 seconds.

When the affect wears off, the character explodes with 800% damage with a 10-tile radius, instantly killing the majority of enemies.

  • Eccentric Vase

It causes a quantum tunnel to start opening up at your current position when it is activated.

You can spawn at the other end of this tunnel, which can be up to 1000 metres long.

The Elephant is a little, rock-like object that may be thrown, and it has worth since it improves armour.

  • Primordial Cube

In Risk of Rain 2 items, the Primordial Cube is a free unlockable piece of gear.

It is a modified Black Hole Gun from Risk of Rain that transforms it from a general-purpose weapon into a tool for a specific goal.

The Primordial Cube unleashes a slowly rotating black hole that attracts creatures within a 30-metre radius when the user activates it.

The black hole lasts for 10 seconds and cannot be deactivated during that period, making it useless for tactical purposes.

Risk of Rain 2 Items List: Lunar Equipment

One of the three categories of equipment that can be obtained from lunar pouches is lunar equipment. They are powerful weapons that can be used with one hand.

  • Tincture of Hellfire

Magical fire is approaching! A magic circle will be drawn on the ground by using these scrolls.

Your character gains the “Flame” boost while in this circle, which causes a firestorm of flames to burn out in a 15-metre radius around you.

12 seconds pass during the circle.

  • Spinel Tonic

There is a possibility that you will receive a unique item out of all ROR 2 items in Spinel Tonic. Although it lasts longer and has a bigger impact on your stats than the Activated Tonic, this item has a comparable effect.

By selecting the buff icon located above the player’s health bar, you can turn on this perk.

  • Glowing Meteorite

Risk of Rain 2 items list does not end at glowing meteorite. The Meteorite stays active until destroyed by the alien team or turned off by the human team. If it is destroyed, it will respawn approximately 15 seconds after its destruction (5 seconds of counter and 10 seconds to recreate). 

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