Best Among Us Characters in 2023 & All You Need to Know About the Game

Playing the thriller space game, Among Us, has become a trend now in the gaming world. When the ‘Among Us’ game was launched in 2018, it wasn’t noticed much by gamers. However, the game gained huge popularity after YouTubers and streamers began to play it. Many players started to play it on their Android and iOS devices. Due to this first step of success, Among Us was released on all major consoles like Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 by the end of 2020.

If you are an ‘Among Us’ player, you will surely have a favourite Among Us character and you would wish to know everything about the red among us character, white among us character, black among us character, all about the among us character names. This article will help newbies to understand how to play the Among Us game and let the fans know more about their favourite Among Us Characters too.

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What Exactly Are Among Us Characters? 

In the Among US game, the characters have an appearance like humanoid beings. They are short in height and are placed in different areas of galactic space. When you play as a character, you have to manage its area by completing some tasks. Also, you have to save yourself from getting killed while performing the tasks. An Imposter will try his best to kill your character. If you are a newbie, you will understand soon what an Imposter is. 

The creator of this game, Studio Innersloth, said that the gameplay was inspired by the Mafia game. The Imposter as well as the environment are a throwback to the 1982 movie ‘The Thing’. The blending of these two factors led to the creation of the Among Us game. Throughout this game, you will have to choose how you wish to play – either complete every assigned task or hide in a corner to protect yourself from the Imposter. There’s also a chance that you may end up as the Imposter! 

The distinct gameplay of Among Us ensures that you spend a fabulous time with your friends. In this game, there are 7 types of characters. All these characters have different roles and abilities. You might end up picking a particular character every time while playing the game after you get used to its abilities.

In the Among Us game, you also get the option to pick a colour for your character. The following are the 18 featured colours available for your character:

  1. Red Among Us Character
  2. White Among Us Character
  3. Pink Among Us Character
  4. Green Among Us Character
  5. Yellow Among Us Character
  6. Coral Among Us Character
  7. Maroon Among Us Character
  8. Orange Among Us Character
  9. Black Among Us Character
  10. Lime Among Us Character
  11. Brown Among Us Character
  12. Purple Among Us Character
  13. Banana Among Us Character
  14. Blue Among Us Character
  15. Grey Among Us Character
  16. Rose Among Us Character
  17. Tan Among Us Character
  18. Cyan Among Us Character

The colours of all the characters might be different in the game, but they all feature a doodle-like appearance. If you get the role of the Shapeshifter, the game will turn into an exciting mode for you as you will be allowed to impersonate any coloured team player.

If you aren’t satisfied with only colour shades for your character, you can customize the look of your character by equipping the following apparel:

  1. Skin
  2. Hat
  3. Nameplates
  4. Pet
  5. Visor

You can pick up any of the above which suits your character. Such options for character customisation make the players care a lot about their characters.

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Roles & Abilities of your favourite Among Us Character

The following are the roles and abilities along with all Among Us character names:

1. Imposter

The Imposter character has the following abilities:

  • Kill
  • Sabotage
  • Vent
  • Use
  • Report
  • Admin
  • Security
  • Door log
  • Vitals

During each game, the software of Among Us randomly chooses a player as the Imposter. If you get this role, your interest levels will be at their peak throughout the game. The role of the Imposter is to stop all the crew members instead of helping them. You will have to back-stab your crew members and kill them. However, you must keep in mind that your crew members can report your sinister intentions and they can also vote you out of the game if the majority of players decide to do that.

2. Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel has the following abilities:

  • Protect
  • Use
  • Admin
  • Door log
  • Security
  • Vitals

The creators added this character after Among Us became popular in the gaming world. If you are the 1st player to get murdered by the Imposter, you will transform into a Guardian Angel. By being a Guardian Angel, you will be able to provide a shield buff to any of your crew members. It will protect your team from any Imposters.

3. Crewmate

The Crewmate has the following abilities:

  • Use
  • Report
  • Admin
  • Security
  • Vitals

Even if completing the tasks of the Crewmate character can give you boredom at times, you will be no less than a vital member of your team. When you play as a Crewmate, you will have to find out who is the Imposter in your team. After finding evidence, you must quickly hold a meeting before the Imposter murders you.

4. Engineer

The Engineer has the following abilities:

  • Vent
  • Use
  • Report
  • Admin
  • Security
  • Door log
  • Vitals

This character gives the player a quirky ability which isn’t seen in other Among US characters. With this role, you can also hop into vents for escaping certain situations. You should use this ability to tackle intense scenarios. Make sure to not overuse this ability as it has a cooldown timer. 

5. Shapeshifter

The Shapeshifter has the following abilities:

  • Kill
  • Sabotage
  • Vent
  • Shift
  • Unshift

You can think of the Shapeshifter character as the modified version of the Imposter which has the ability to transform into any of the coloured Crewmates. With this character, you can kill anyone in the game by disguising yourself as some other player. This creates chaos among the other players as they would keep blaming each other when any team member dies in the game. 

6. Scientist

The Scientist has the following abilities:

  • Admin
  • Door log
  • Security
  • Vitals

The Scientist is quite an intriguing character in the game. If you get to play the role of the Scientist, you will have the ability to check the vitals of your team members. Thus, you will be able to catch any Shapeshifter. Such an ability also lets you know if any of your team members have died in the game. If you use the abilities of this character properly, you can quickly catch the Imposter! We are sure that the scientist is the favourite Among Us Character of many players.

7. Ghost

The Ghost has the following abilities:

  • Admin
  • Door log
  • Security
  • Vitals

The role of the Ghost is downright boring. If you are voted out or the Imposter kills your character, you will get the role of a wandering spirit. But this role also has its own perks. You are free to help your team by performing tasks. You can also choose to simply relax and watch the game unfold. When you get the role of the Ghost, you can only chat with the players who are Ghosts as well. Also, you won’t get the right to vote.  

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Mods in Among Us

The Among Us game is indeed fun to play. However, it’s not perfect. Several players have different ideas to make it better. The hardcore Among Us players have created mods and brought more creativity to the game. Even if these mods aren’t officially added by the creators of the game, they boost the game’s appeal. The following are the most amazing Among Us Mods:

1. Vampy Mod

This mod will add a supernatural twist to your Among Us character by turning it into a vampire for helping you to attain the Bloodrush mode. It will give an additional ability to your character –  the ability to fly between different rooms by turning into a bat. If you want to spy on enemy players, this mod will prove to be beneficial for you.

2. CmdsRoles Mod

The CmdsRoles Mod adds 28 new roles for each Among Us character. With the help of this mod, you can play as a ninja and finish off the Imposter, or be a Doctor who can bring dead players back to life. Such new additions will allow you and your friends to be whoever you want.

3. Sheriff Mod

The Sheriff Mod gives a new role to the Crewmates and if you get selected as the Sheriff, you will have the ability to kill any player who you suspect to be the Imposter. However, you will be dead in the game if you kill a team member who isn’t the Imposter. This mod indeed has a breathtaking twist.

4.ColorsPlus Mod

If you are bored with selecting the same colours for your Among Us characters, again and again, you should go for the ColorsPlus Mod. With this mod, you can select 256+ new colours for your character.

Among Us Guide for Beginners

The Among Us game isn’t a complicated game to understand. If you are a beginner, it will usually take you less than a day to raise your level above beginner. 

To have a rough idea about what happens during most of the games in public lobbies, you can refer to the detailed points given below:

  1. All Among Us players will customize the appearance of their character before the game begins. They will walk around, chat, and spawn in the lobby too.
  1. The host will press the ‘Start’ button after enough players join the game. Prior to the beginning of the game, there will be a countdown of 5 seconds. In the beginning, it will be revealed to you whether you are a Crewmate or an Imposter. You will also come to know your specific role. In order to reduce your chances of getting voted out, you should not disclose your role to anyone.
  1. All the players will spawn at either Launchpad, Dropship, or Cafeteria, on the MIRA HQ, Polis, or Skeld respectively. If a player goes on the Airship, he will be given 3 rooms to choose from to spawn. The decision should be made within 10 seconds.
  1. The Crewmates will focus on completing their tasks on the map, while the Imposter will make plans to kill the Crewmates in secret. For protecting themselves from the Imposter, some Crewmates will form a group of 2-3 members. 
  1. With the progression of the game, the murders by the Imposter will be reported. Emergency meetings will be held to figure out the identity of the Imposter. Whenever a player is voted out, they eventually die in the game. The player’s identity as the Imposter or Crewmate also gets revealed. All these things will continue until the Crewmates figure out the Imposter and vote him out or if the Imposter murders enough crewmates. The Crewmates will win if they complete all their designated tasks. The Imposter will emerge victorious if particular Sabotages aren’t fixed in time. 

The above structure is generally the normal pattern in the Among Us game. Whenever you observe that the game is quite far away from this pattern, you must keep in mind that either the players in the game are following a set of rules or some player is trolling/hacking. If you get murdered by the Imposter or ejected from the game, you will have the chance to explore the map as the Ghost character. You may continue doing that till the game ends. You will also have the choice to leave the game whenever you want to.

Basic Tips for Playing Among US

The following are the basic tips which a beginner should follow to play the Among Us game for  better performance:

1. Begin with the Skeld Map

The Skeld is the most favoured and popular map in the Among US game. On the map, it will be easier for you to find a server with a large number of players. But this isn’t the main reason for preferring this map. The Skeld map consists of vents and they won’t lead you to the other vents. This is actually good for the Crewmates. The Imposters also have an advantage in this map as the doors can’t be manually opened there. Due to this, there’s a balance of power between Imposters and Crewmates. You will also find most of the in-game tasks here. Therefore, the Skeld map is the classic map in the Among Us game. You can also use the feature of Security Cameras here for checking which player murdered someone, used the vent ability, or did anything suspicious enough for determining the player as the Imposter.

2. Using Freeplay for Practicing 

You should try different tactics and tasks in the Freeplay mode so that you can perform them better during the real game. You will have the choice of playing any character you want to perform any task. With the help of this feature, you will have the practice of performing a task as quickly as possible and prevent yourself from getting murdered by the Imposter in the real game. If you choose the role of the Imposter, you can try different strategies here for killing the Crewmates. You should also try to remember the location names for reporting suspicious activities during the meetings. In Freeplay, you will get to practice the usage of vents and murdering the Crewmates (as an Imposter).

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