Free Live TV Streaming Canada: 3 of The Best Online platforms!

To escape a tiresome work week, one might need a trip to an exotic location for refreshing. But there are many people who just need a simple solution for rejuvenation, i.e. a dose of entertainment through watching their favourite movie or TV series. It’s a bit expensive to maintain access to satellite or cable TV providers like DISH, Virasat, Direct TV, Comcast, etc. Thus, this article will help you to choose a platform for free live TV streaming Canada. 

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Benefits of using platforms for Free Live TV streaming Canada

An average cable TV subscriber spends up to $85 per month for maintaining access to cable TV. The amount per month for satellite TV subscribers can exceed more than $100. Thus, watching content on free streaming sites Canada is one of the best alternatives for Canadians to enjoy good content.

In Canada, you can have access to free online TV shows in three different forms:

  • Free-to-view mode
  • Free-to-air mode
  • Free online streaming platforms

All the above options won’t ask you to pay a monthly subscription for accessing their content. However, the free-to-view and free-to-air modes will require you to invest your money in a set-top box and a decoder. A free TV streaming platform won’t require any other new device. All you need is a web browser or the app of such a platform for accessing its content.

Top 3 Online Platforms for Free TV Streaming Canada

The following are the top 3 online platforms for free TV streaming in Canada:

Pluto TV

If you search for ‘Pluto TV’ in your web browser, its interface will probably be the first thing to catch your attention. The reason behind this is that the interface closely resembles that of an HD/Smart TV. This feature is a plus point for the usability front. On visiting the website of Pluto TV, you will notice 2 options at the top centre- On Demand and Live TV. 

The Pluto Live TV option has the following categories:

  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Binge Watch
  • News
  • Explore

Moreover, each category mentioned above consists of live channels as well. So, you need to just choose the category and then select a channel for watching your favourite content. This is one of the main reasons why we have Pluto TV as the top online platform for free live TV streaming Canada. 

You must be surprised if Pluto TV is really free. We assure you that it is absolutely free! You won’t find any subscription package info on Pluto TV. The app or site won’t ask you to enter your credit card details. You will find that its website also displays ‘Free TV’ messages. Even while watching Live TV on the site, you will come across the ‘Free’ message. 

Pluto TV is positioned in such a way that looks like a content curation platform, rather than a content streaming one. It will immediately provide you access to 100+ Live TV channels. You will find amazing movies and series here. You have multiple options for streaming the content of Pluto TV, such as its desktop app, mobile app or TV app. Pluto TV can be accessed through streaming platforms like Fire TV, Chromecast, etc. In order to have a better experience of streaming on your smartphone, you should download its app and start streaming any of the 100+ channels.

There is still some of the best content out there that is exclusive to HBO, learn how to watch HBO Max in Canada with VPN here.

Crackle TV

Even though Crackle TV has less than 1000 TV titles in its library, you will definitely find some fabulous TV shows for free on it. The service of Crackle TV includes popular content such as Stephen King’s It, Seinfeld, etc. 

Crackle TV wasn’t launched under this name. This streaming service was known as ‘Grouper’. It has been under Sony Entertainment since 2006. Sony embeds advertisements into all the titles and web pages for generating revenue. The revenue isn’t sufficient for Crackle TV to produce original content like Amazon Prime and Netflix. As Sony has partnerships with Disney, TOEI, 20th Century Fox, and Paramount Pictures, you will also find Non-Sony content on Crackle TV.

The simple and user-friendly interface of Crackle TV will make it easy for you to navigate the platform. You don’t need to create an account on this platform to access the content. You just have to visit the app or site and click on ‘Play’ to watch your favourite content. But if you register on the website, you will get access to bonus features. Crackle TV is compatible with almost all Smart TVs, Roku, Fire TV Stick, and other devices.

Travelling outside the country? Watch this video tutorial if you want to watch Crackle outside of Canada.

These 20 best movies on Crackle TV will tell you why it is one of the best free live TV streaming Canada!


TV.Com will offer you free programs from the biggest networks such as Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC. You will find several popular contents on this platform like The Big Bang Theory, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Saturday Night Live, Frontline, Criminal Minds, etc. This online streaming platform also ensures that you stay updated with the latest news. Thus, TV. com not only is one of the best free streaming sites in Canada, but it is also good for being in touch with the current affairs of the world.


It’s frustrating for a lot of people to spend $100 – $200 per month for maintaining connectivity to a TV programming provider. It can even be a kind of headache if one watches only a couple of channels but have to pay for an entire package for maintaining the subscription. There are so many users who are unnecessarily paying for the channels which they don’t even watch due to the compulsion of buying a package. This is the main reason why online streaming platforms will give a tough fight to cable TV.

When you get access to a free TV streaming platform, you can watch your favourite content in a relaxing manner. To find such streaming platforms, one has to do slight deep research to find the best free alternatives. However, you don’t need to spend any time on finding them as we have already mentioned them to you in this article. We hope that you enjoy your favourite content on any of the above-mentioned platforms meant for Free live TV streaming Canada and free streaming sites Canada.

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