How to Send A Picture as a Snap from your Gallery on Snapchat: Quick Hack That Works in 2022!

It wasn’t just a stroke of luck that this social media app rose to such popularity. You can send a snap to your friends on Snapchat only after clicking one in real time. But won’t it be great to have a photo from your smartphone’s gallery sent as a snap? If you want to learn how to send a picture as a snap, keep reading!

How to Send A Picture as a Snap

Snapchat rapidly emerged as a well-known image messaging platform for iOS and Android smartphones. It was one of a kind social media app which made sharing experiences through photos a way cooler phenomenon (until this same feature was replicated by other social media giants). Snapchat allows its users to add funny visual effects to their short video clips. Moreover, you can also face-swap.

How To Send a Picture as a Snap

First of all, you must check if your Snapchat account has access to Camera Roll (storage). While signing up with Snapchat, you will get a few options for granting permission to access your smartphone’s storage and other data. You should ensure that you allow Snapchat to access your storage for enabling the app to upload photos from the gallery to Snapchat. 

If you missed granting this permission to Snapchat while signing up, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the ‘settings’ of your smartphone and choose App Management
  1. Click on ‘Snapchat’ and select ‘Permissions’
  1. Enable ‘Storage’

It is mandatory to follow the above steps if you want to know how to send a photo as a snap! Once you are done with these, open your smartphone’s gallery and choose a photo you wish to upload on Snapchat. There’s a photo icon beneath the camera option. When you are done choosing the photo, click on the ‘upload’ button. The photo will now be uploaded to your Snapchat.

You can also edit this photo by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button. Apart from this procedure, you can opt to upload your photo to a chatbox through the camera roll. If you wish to make your photos look like they have been captured through Snapchat’s camera option (well, this is our main objective in this blog on how to send a saved picture as a snap), use the editing and filter options of Snapchat. Remember to save the edited photos to your camera roll. 

While sending a snap, it’s not necessary that you must click a photo in real-time through Snapchat. You can use the camera roll feature to send a photo from your smartphone’s gallery as a Snapchat post to your friends. A Snapchat user can know if the snap they receive from a friend is clicked in real-time or sent from the camera roll. The Snaps clicked in real-time are indicated with red colour in the chatbox while the ones sent from the camera roll come in blue. Thus, you won’t have any problem figuring out whether the snaps you receive are clicked from Snapchat or not.

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How To Send a Picture as a Snap: Should You Try Third-Party Apps?

The unique features of Snapchat were the prominent reasons behind its adaptability by Gen-Z. One can be sure that the snaps, be it photos or short clips, that people post are clicked directly from the camera of their smartphones. Snapchat offers several editing tools in the form of lenses and filters along with numerous face effects to make videos and photos look unique. There are many hacks through which you can upload videos and photos from your smartphone’s gallery to Snapchat. However, there are negative consequences of implementing these hacks. 

If you are thinking about trying such hacks, chances are that you will face trouble while accessing your Snapchat account. As per the official website of Snapchat, the app does not permit third-party plug-ins, apps or tweaks to access your account. If you use a third-party app to access some features of Snapchat, your account might get locked for 24 hours. It won’t be unlocked until you uninstall the third-party app from your smartphone. Also, using third-party apps will make your Snapchat friends doubt if you have really clicked the snaps with your smartphone as they will involve a watermark, filter or a black border. 

Thus, we recommend you not use any third-party app to send gallery photos as snaps. We have provided you with a detailed procedure and hope that you have learnt how to send a picture as a snap on Snapchat without the need of using any third-party applications.

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We hope that you now know how to send a photo as a snap using Snapchat with ease and make Snapchat a more fun experience for yourself!

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