How to Stream Netflix on Discord

We all know that Netflix has one of the best TV shows and movies available on its platform. Netflix offers its service based on monthly and yearly subscription plans. If you want to stream Netflix on Discord and just don’t know how you can do that, Don’t worry we have provided a solution, Through which you can stream Netflix on discord and save a lot of money.  The following method will only work on your PC/Laptop web browser and therefore you will not be able to stream Netflix on discord with the help of any mobile application. 

Steps to stream Netflix on Discord.

Here are a few steps which will help you stream you’re favorite movie or TV show with your friends through Discord.

1. Download the Discord App.

  1. If you have been using discord on the web version then this solution will not work for you, first, you need to download the Discord application on your PC/laptop from Discord’s official website.
  2. Sign in by scanning a QR code from the mobile app or using Discrod’s credentials. 

2. Disable Hardware Acceleration to Stream Netflix Without Balck Screen.

If you’re trying to stream Netflix through Discord and got a black screen, Then this is a common error faced by many users. And this occurs due to Hardware Acceleration. And to solve this error you’ll need to disable this Hardware Acceleration option. The method to turn off this Hardware Acceleration is different for every web browser. Therefore we have provided some steps that can help you encounter this error on some of the most popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. 

  1. Google Chrome: Open the settings menu and click on advance settings, Under the Advance settings menu you can see an option called ‘System’ click on that option and from there you can easily switch off the Hardware Acceleration. 
  2. Microsoft Edge: Navigate to the settings menu, Under the settings menu you can see a ‘System’ option click on that option. There you will find the Hardware Acceleration option click on that to disable it.
  3. Firefox: If you’re on the Firefox browser, Go to the settings menu by clicking the burger menu. There you can find the ‘Performance’ option, In this option, you will see ‘Use recommended performance settings’ Uncheck that option to turn off Hardware Acceleration. 

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3. Setup Discord

Now that you disable the Hardware Acceleration, Now you need to set up the discord application to start streaming.

  1. Launch Netflix and load your favorite movie or TV show that you want to stream. Once it’s ready minimize the tab and open the Discord app. 
  2. Under the Discord, the application clicks on the ‘settings’ option and goes to ‘Activity status’, and clicks on the ‘Add it’ button. Which will appear as ‘Not seeing your game?’. 
  3. Now you will see a list of applications running in the background, Choose the browser window and select Netflix. After selecting it click on the ‘Add Game’ button. 
  4. Now choose the server on which you want to stream Netflix, And click on the ‘Strem’ button above your username. You can also join a voice channel via clicking on the ‘Share Screen’ option which appears at the bottom left and select the web browser you’re using to stream. 
  5. You’ll need to pick a voice channel to host the movie and set the resolution. If you have Discord Nitro you can stream Netflix at 1080p/60 fps. Otherwise, on a free version, you can stream Netflix at 720p/30 fps quality. 
  6. Once you have selected the channel and stream quality click on the ‘Go live’ button to start streaming. 
  7. And you’re done. All the server members can click on the ‘live’ tab in the watched channel to enjoy Netflix streaming. 
  8. When you’re done watching you can click on the ‘End call’ button to stop streaming. 


So that’s how you can steam your favorite TV shows and movies on Discord and enjoy it with your friends and family members. Rember that this method will only work with the PC/laptop version of the discord, Cause the mobile version of Discord is protected by DRM limitations, and therefore you won’t able to stream through it. Just so you know, Although streaming Netflix with the help of Discord can save a lot of money and you can also able to enjoy shows with your friends, Streaming Netflix through Discord is illegal. And Netflix has mentioned the same in their Terms. 

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