YouTube Not Working on Firestick Fix in 2022

Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the most popular online TV streaming devices, With Fire Stick, you can get access to more than 2000 apps on your connected TV or monitor, Connecting the Amazon Fire TV Stick to your TV is monitor is also easy.  You just need to connect the Fire TV Stick device to the HDMI port of your TV or Monitor. And plug the charger point into the power socket. With any inbuilt features and various app support, Although, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is hands down the best TV Stick device out there, Still, there are some applications like YouTube which face some errors and bugs. That’s why today we will discuss some of the most common YouTube connectivity problems and their solutions. 

How to solve YouTube not working on FireStick:

1. Poor Internet Connection.

Amazon FireStick device requires a High-Speed internet connection to work properly, If you’re into streaming High-quality content on Amazon FireStick, Then you need a high-speed internet connection. If you want to stream content in 1080p quality then you need a minimum of 25 Mbps of internet speed, And if you want to stream content in 4K quality then you need a minimum of 40 Mbps of internet speed, Also the number of the connected device to your WiFi router also affects the speed of the internet connection.

If you’re downloading any large file from the internet in the background then that will also affect your Streaming. Having many devices connected to the WiFi will divide the overall internet speed. You also need to make sure that there are not any obstacles like a door or wall between the FireStick device and your WiFi router. You can also check your internet speed on google, If the internet speed is significantly low then you need to contact your internet service provider and report the problem.

2. Restart the WiFi Router.

Sometimes your router could be the one causing the problem, If there’s anything wrong with your internet router then it will affect all of your apps. In such conditions, You can try restarting your internet router. And if that doesn’t solve your problem, then check for any firmware upgrade. Installing the latest firmware upgrade will solve your problem. If you’re someone who likes to stream content in 4K quality make sure your FireStick device is connected to the 5G band, But if you’re using a 2.5G band then there’s a high chance that you will face an error while streaming YouTube. 

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3. Use Guest login.

For some if you’re account has been blocked by YouTube then you may not be able to stream any videos on YouTube using your current account. In such cases, you can simply log out from your current account and try signing in from a guest account. Using guest mode to stream content will help you solve the problem until your account gets unblocked by YouTube. 

4. Delete Cache.

Many times old temporary cache files are stored in your system, Varies applications installed on your FireStick device including YouTube can malfunction because of these files, These files are being stored in the system to improve the speed and workflow of the applications, But sometimes cause of these files users face many errors, In such conditions, these files need to be deleted. To delete these files you can simply navigate to the application menu in the settings tab and look manage installed application option, Under that option look for YouTube and click on the app icon to see the Clear Cache button. 

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5. Re-install YouTube Application.

If the error is not fixed yet, Then now you can try Re-installing the YouTube application. If there’s a bug in the application then you cannot resolve it by yourself, The known bugs and errors are solved and corrected by the app developer team, To uninstall the YouTube application you can simply navigate to the Manage application menu under the ‘Settings’ tab and look for the ‘Uninstall’ option.

In case you recently updated the application and started facing the problem, Then you may need to install the older version of the application, or you can wait for the next update. To download the older version of YouTube you can simply head to google and search for old YouTube applications or simply type in the application version. Installing a new or a different version of the application might fix the error.

6. Restart the FireStick Device.

If none of the solutions works for you, Then you may want to try restarting the FireStick device. Many times due to some technical reasons the system couldn’t able to perform the operations properly, Therefore you need to re-start the complete system. To restart the FireStcik device you can navigate to the ‘My Fire TV’ section under the ‘Settings’ tab and click on the restart button. 

7. Check the YouTube Server.

If the YouTube server is down or offline then you can not access the application until the server gets back online. Sometimes because of maintenance reasons, the YouTube servers are offline. Although this won’t last for long if you still want to make sure you can open any web browser and search for YouTube down to get the latest news updates regarding this topic.


Continuously app crashing could be frustrating for a viewer, If the application does not work properly you can not enjoy the content. Amazon FireStick TV device is a great device to watch high-quality 4k content through many applications like YouTube, Paramount Plus, Discovery Plus, HBO max. But because of some technical reasons, Many users face too many errors while streaming YouTube on their FireStick device. And also YouTube’s FireStick device version has too many errors and bugs. But with the help of the solutions mentioned above, you can solve any error regarding the YouTube application.

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