How to Reset Instagram Explore Page (4 Easy Methods)

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms launched in the year 2012 and currently has over 1 billion active users around the world. Instagram is famous for sharing photos and videos. Instagram has become popular for its ‘Story’ feature. Instagram introduced this feature in the year 2015 and ever since many users have loved it. This feature allows users to share 15 seconds of video which automatically disappears after 24 hours. One such feature explore page. This article will help you with Instagram explore page reset.

how to reset Instagram explore page

As the number of users increases Instagram continues to introduce new features to its application. Users with different taste and hobbies uploads various types of photos and videos, Therefore to separate them into category Instagram introduced a category feature in the search tab which helped them to separate major categories like Food, Sports, Technology, Travel, Entertainment, Art, Beauty, Clothing and many more. These categories helped users to access content among different categories.

What is Instagram Explore Page?

After the category feature, Instagram decided to introduce the ‘Explore’ feature which helped users to watch all of their favorite content on a single page. So they don’t have to search every time. This special feature is worked on a unique algorithm that Instagram has not completely disclosed to its users. This feature shows users photos and videos according to their activity on the platform, For instance, if the majority of people you follow are chief or food bloggers and you like their work, Then there is a high chance that Instagram will show you content related to food and cooking. All the content you see on your explore page depends on your overall activities on the platform. 

In case you won’t like the suggested posts that occur on your explore page and you want to change them, Instagram has not given any of such features that completely change the category of posts that appears on the explore page. But you can change the posts which are there on the explore page for the movement. Follow the methods mentioned below to reset your Instagram Explorer page.  Now, As you know and understand explore page we can move to how to reset IG explore page.

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Here is How to Reset Instagram Explore Page.

1. Clear your Usage History. 

We will use clear usage history to reset IG explore page.

  1. Open the application and click on your profile icon and go to your profile page.
  2. Once you’re on the profile page you can see a burger menu icon in the top left corner, click on that icon.
  3. Clicking on the burger menu icon will land you on the settings tab, Under the settings tab, you will find a security option, Click on the Security option.
  4. Under the Security option, you need to Data and History option. 
  5. Under this option, you can see a  “Clear all” option. 

This option will clear all the stored memory from the account and reset Instagram explore page completely. 

2. Reset your Instagram Explore Page. 

There is one more easy way to reset your Instagram explore page, You just need to open the explore page on you’re account hold the screen, and swipe down. By doing this you’ll see a refresh icon resting you’re entire explore page in front of you. But if you’re offline and not connected to the internet then this will not work for you. 

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3. Clear the Cache Memory of Instagram. 

Another way to reset your Instagram”s explore page is to clear the cache memory of the application.

  1. To do so you will need to open the settings tab on you’re phone and navigate to the ‘Application Manage’ option. 
  2. Under this, you’ll need to find the Instagram app. Once you find the application click on it.
  3. There you can see a ‘Clear Cache’ option click on it. And you’re done. 

So the next time you will open your Instagram application you can see the explore page has been completely reset. 

4. Block/Ban Individual Pages. 

If you want to reset explore page and remove some of the re-occurring types of content, Then you can simply open the posts which you don’t want to see again on your explore page. Click on the three-dot menu over the post, There you will find an option called ‘Not Interested. Click on that option and you will not again get posts to form that category. This is a tedious method for Instagram explore page reset but it works the best.

How to reset Instagram Explore Page (Video)

Final Words.

Instagram’s explore page is frequently changing as per your activity on the platform. Explore page content depends on the type of posts you like and share the most and helps content creators to increase their reach. On the explore page you will find the posts from accounts that you don’t follow but that account’s content will be similar to your interests. By following these steps you can simply reset you’re Instagram’s explore page. But remember if you’re using multiple accounts on the same device then these methods will be only applied to the profile which is currently active.

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