7 Best Free Hookup Apps of 2022

Internet’s intervention in human life has changed the way people interact with each other, making new friends from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat is very common now, Internet has also changed the hookup culture. Because of Online dating platforms, people can find a perfect match, without having to move out of their house.

With the increase of people’s interest in such platforms, The competition has also increased, People have largely benefited because of this, They are getting a variety of different application as per their preferences, Also these platform provides good quality service at a reasonable price. 

Here is the List of Best apps for Hookup that you can try. 

Tinder has ranked first in the list of the best hookup apps. when it comes to online dating tinder is a top pick by many peoples. Having over 10 million active users every day across the world, With a simple and organized user interface tinder is very simple, Users have to sign up and create their profile to start with meeting people. And after creating a profile the application starts showing different profiles of other people around them. Tinder offers various search filters, so users can edit their preferences, like age, gender, location, etc. When two peoples swipe right each other’s profile, they get matched by tinder and can start messaging each other. Tinder also offers both free and paid services.

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2. OkCupid – The oldest Hookup Site.

OkCupid is one of the famous hookup applications, This application has won the heart of many single millennials, OkCupid has their majority of users in the age group of 18-40. The best thing about OkCupid is its matchmaking system, The application offers various parameters for their users to select their preferences, Also one can select ‘Hookup’ as an option to indicate what they’re looking for. OkCupid offers both paid and free types of services.

3. Hinge

Hinge is considered as dedicated as an official dating application for young adults, Because of its popularity in the age group of 18-25. Hinge is famous for casual sex and casual hookups, The application uses user’s mobile locations to find the perfect match, The free version offers only eight likes per day and the paid version offers unlimited likes per day. With the paid version user gets unique search filters to set preferences like religion, ethnicity, specific height, and many more.

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4. Happen – Location Based Online Hookup App.

Happen is different from many other hookup applications, The application makes use of user’s mobile location to notify them about other users who have come across them in past seven days. You can press the heart button on the profile of users you like, and if they chose your profile, you can text message that user. The application also lets users connect their Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat accounts to link their profiles, A unique feature the application offers is users can undo their liked matches. But the application is only useful in populated city’s.

5. Grindr

Grinder is a hookup application solely made for Gay, trans, bi people, Users can browse through other profiles to find a perfect match. The application use geolocation to find new profiles, Most users n Grindr are not interested in any type of serious relationship. Grindr has a lot of users and the application is also easy to operate. There’s a free version of the application which offers basic features, but with paid version users can unlock more features.

6. Bumble

Bumble is one of the famous dating applications among women’s, The reason behind it is after a match between two profiles girls has the option to make the first move, Because of spamming behavior from the male community, Bumble has decided to give authority to women’s in chatting with their match. Thus increasing the probability to create a perfect match, and saving time for users in the chat with their matches. The user who has an interest within similar gender can also try Bumble.

7. Pure

Pure takes privacy and security and confidentiality to another level, Pure keeps its users anonymous letting them find their perfect match. Users can use their Google or Apple id to sign up for Pure, Those who don’t want to disclose their identity while finding a partner choose Pure. No names, photos, social media links are necessary, users just have to create and post a personal Ad, Stating what kind of person they are looking for. After being matched users only have 24hr before the chats disappear, Pure is a great platform for those who want to keep things private yet find a great partner, Users mostly look for causal things and don’t want any strings attached.


In the world of online dating, Young adults are more driven towards hookups rather than looking for something serious in a relationship. These applications have provided that platform to people, where people can find their match irrespective of their age, gender, or sexual preferences. Some applications mentioned above are open to providing service even for Transgender people thus helping the LGBTQ community. 

In many countries and societies, casual hookups are considered taboo and people are bound to follow the old traditions and values, Where one doesn’t have the right to be in a physical relationship without getting married. These hookup applications allow users to have a safe environment while looking for partners.

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