Tarkov Wipe: Best Opportunity For Escape From Tarkov Players in 2022!

Many of the gamers who play ‘Escape from Tarkov’ are eager to know about the next Tarkov Wipe. This article will help you to know about the data behind the approximate date of the next Tarkov wipe, the impact of the Tarkov wipe on the player base mera, earlier dates when the Tarkov Wipe took place, tips for the players to survive the game after the reset, and much more! You will also understand why Tarkov wipes are a regular part of the game’s experience. 

The last game reset took place on 28 June 2022. Based on this, the next Tarkov Wipe is predicted to be on 28 December 2022. We have mentioned the data analysis which led to this prediction. Thus, if you want to deep-dive into Tarkov Wipe, this article won’t disappoint you at all.

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What is Tarkov Wipe?

A Tarkov Wipe is a regular part of the gaming experience in the Escape from Tarkov game. This wipe is implemented during the beta version in order to reset the progress of all the players. Since the first Alpha stage in 2017, the developers of the game have been utilising the wipe. This tactic is being used by even established games along with other games which provide early access to gamers.

The Tarkov wipe will erase the entire progress of a character and as a player, you will feel that you are back to square one. This is preceded by several in-game events. Historically, these events have lasted up to a week. They vary every time. The trader prices drop significantly and item availability gets altered. By changing or increasing Scav Boss spawns and Raiders, the wipe turns the PvE combat into difficult mode. 

The Tarkov wipe may be looked upon as a frustrating thing by many players, but it is crucial. The resultant fresh slate experience leaves a low possibility for BSG (BattleSlate Games) to gather important data on the impact of player progression changes from Level One to End Game. This low possibility is due to the advanced economy, skills, levels, as well as stashed equipment of the players. 

With the Tarkov wipe, the players lose all of their account levels, keys, loot, traders, hideout upgrades, task progression, Tarkov survivor class, and skills. But there are also some rare Tarkov Wipes which only wiped out some parts of progression due to glitches and exploits in the game. These wipes have a large impact on the Tarkov meta. After the wipe, players go back to budget armour, helmets, and guns for many weeks to months.

Role of Tarkov Wipe As a Golden Opportunity for Players 

The Tarkov Wipe becomes a golden opportunity for players (experienced ones) to collect a huge quantity of in-game wealth. This is possible by capitalising on the right strategy for setting up their account for months to come. If you already know the basics of Escape from Tarkov, you can use the strategies and tips given below for making your survival experience more comfortable. But if you are a new player, we recommend avoiding the first two weeks after the wipe takes place as you will face experienced players competing for the same locations and items which will help in increasing the possibility of PvP conflict.

Don’t wait any longer to use the below tips if you are an experienced player of Escape from Tarkov. These tips will help you in surviving the aftermath of a Tarkov wipe:

  1. After completing the download of the applicable wipe patch, you will have to decide whether to select USEC or BEAR. Both of them come with separate starting kits. You will have to review that earlier for making a clear decision based on your preferred weapon type.
  1. The most important step after a wipe is to unlock the ‘flea market’ required level. This will give you the avenue for selling your loot in the flea market at amazing prices. You must have a farming plan which focuses on Factory or night raids. For doing so, you need to save time and stay focused.
  1. A player needs to have a proper understanding of early items for hideout upgrades. These items have a huge demand like the important keys. Highly profitable crafts are unlocked by hideout progression. But you need to stay ahead of the base of the competing player.
  1.  You should always have a priority to place hideout required loot in the secure container. Sell it in the flea market for an excellent sum of Roubles if you extract. If you fail to extract, you should focus on upgrading your hideout.
  1. You should capitalize on the Scav runs. They are available every twenty minutes for keeping your PMC well-equipped for raids. Based on the fact that a large player base loots almost everything on the map and the need to level the PMC fast post a Tarkov wipe, we recommend matchmaking time permitting (fast Factory Scav raids) instead of Scav loot runs.
  1. You should pick 1 or 2 loadouts which are price efficient. Purchase them from different traders. Doing so will ensure that you don’t spend less time outside of the raid. This will also help in levelling up traders in a good balance for your account progression. You can run the SKS with an SSh-68 helmet and Paca armour as it’s an ideal combination for switching to higher-tier armour during their availability.
  1. If you want to expand your Tarkov stash space for storing more items, then large chest rigs will prove to be invaluable for you. They are quite crucial for standard edition players. You should always place them in a backpack or take them on your PMC.
  1. You should not forget about metabolism, sniper rifles, and vitality. These are key skill bottlenecks and they can stop your post-wipe progress to a significant extent. Thus, you must have a good understanding of how they level up and what strategies you can use.

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Data Analysis Behind The Next Tarkov Wipe Date

With the data of previous Tarkov reset dates, we can figure out the next date on which BattleState Games will likely restart the player progression. Since its release date in 2017, Tarkov has been using wipes as a mechanic. On analysing the data, we can say that the Tarkov wipes take place approximately every 5 months (every 155 days to be precise). 

But with the development of Tarkov over time, the time between two Tarkov wipes has significantly increased. The last 3 wipes have a gap of 184 days (almost 7 months). As the game development is approaching the final release, we can expect the new increased gap to continue in the upcoming times. The timeframe of 184 days is the basis of the next Tarkov wipe date’s prediction.

However, you must take this estimated date with a grain of salt because this date is only based on the data of previous Tarkov wipe dates. The wipes are only known a few days before without any schedule. There is no warming beforehand about the wipe events which may last for a week. If you are eager to know more reliable data, you can monitor the community forums and Twitter handle of BattleState Games. Reddit might also be useful in this case. These sources will keep you updated with rumours (or even proper information at times) about the next Tarkov wipe.

Will There Be Tarkov Wipes Even After The Full Game Release?

The original intention of the developers of Escape From Tarkov Game was to not have any further Tarkov wipe after the game gets released completely. When Tarkov will be launched completely, your account will have a normal character which won’t wipe along with a season-based character. This feature might have been planned in response to the Tarkov Reddit community which had a discussion about the concepts of seasons in a manner similar to the games like Path of Exile or Diablo 3. These games enable the players to have a season-specific character. This character matches only with the rest of the seasonal characters and it turns into a non-season character after a wipe. 

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We hope that you have now understood why a Tarkov Wipe is a golden opportunity for you. Make good use of this opportunity to have more fun in the Escape from Tarkov game and follow the tips mentioned in this article to have an amazing gaming experience.    

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