How to Setup Chromecast using Windows PC

Chromecast is one of the most popular tech devices from google, Chromecast allows users to stream media content from their PC, laptop, or mobile to any TV or monitor. TV and monitors required HDMI cable support for Chromecast to work. Users can also use this device between different monitors and TV. The device is small in size, therefore can be carried anywhere without any hassle. It’s a great alternative to purchasing a completely new TV. 

The device mostly performs all the functions of a Smart TV, With Chromecast, You get access to streaming your favorite movies and TV shows without installing any Third-party application. Chromecast’s new model is compatible with more than 800 applications, Which includes Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, Gaana, YouTube, SonyLiv, and many more. With this new model now users can also stream many compatible games. Chromecast supports a wide variety of platforms like Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Tablet, etc. It’s also one of the most affordable streaming sticks on the market.

How to set up Chromecast using Windows PC.

First, you need to have a Chromecast device and a TV or monitor which supports an HDMI connection, Because Chromecast devices only have an HDMI connection port.

  1. Install the Google Chrome browser on your Windows PC, Cause google has given the cast option in the Chrome browser itself.
  2. Now connect your TV and Windows PC to the same internet connection, Because the Chromecast device will be able to stream videos and other media when both the devices share the same internet connection.  
  3. Now launch the Google Chrome browser and navigate to the right top corner.
  4. There you can see three vertical dots, By clicking on those dots, The Cast tab window will open showing various features and options.
  5. On that list look for an option named ‘Cast’, Click on that option, It will show you the list of available Chromecast devices If you have more than one Chromecast device active on the same internet connection you can manually select the one which you want to cast with your TV or monitor.
  6. After selecting the casting device, You can click on the ‘Sources’ button which will show you the list of casting options.
  7. The first ‘Cast Tab’ option will let you cast the current tab opened on your browser to your preferred TV or monitor, The second ‘Cast desktop’ option will let you cast the entire screen of your Windows PC to your preferred TV or monitor, And with the third ‘Cast file’ option you can cast any video file stored on your device storage to your preferred TV or monitor.

Once you chose the preferred option to cast you can select the device of your choice and the streaming will start automatically. This way you can enjoy your favorite videos, TV shows, movies, and other content on a large screen with your friends and family. 

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Common Problems and Solutions.

1. Sound Missing Problem.

If you connect your Windows PC to your TV with the help of a Chromecast device, And now your video, the movie is not having any audio, In such you have to verify that the sound is not getting blocked by any intermediate channels, Like your TV’s sound or Video’s playback sound. If you’re TV is on mute mode then you won’t be able to hear any audio from the video or movie which has been cast from your Windows PC. If you’re streaming any video from Facebook, YouTube or Twitter then make sure that the mute button is not clicked. 

2. Complete Screen Not Visible.

In case you won’t be able to see the complete screen on your TV or monitor then you need to make sure that you have selected the right casting option and the zoom ratio of the casting is at 100%, If not make that to 100%. Also sometimes the aspect ratio of your TV or external monitor doesn’t match with the aspect ratio of the Chromecast device, In such situations, you can modify it through the TVs menu option. 


Google Chromecast is one of the best streaming devices out there, It supports many third-party applications so that you can have more entertainment options in one place, Because of its size you can carry it anywhere you want, Most people use this device when they’re traveling So that they can easily connect it with the Monitors and TV of the Hotel’s room. With the introduction of gaming apps, and compatibility Chromecast users can now play games on their large TV and monitors, Also with such devices, a large audience can enjoy their favorite movies or TV show at the same time. 

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