How to Use Tinder Without Phone Number

Every social media platform has made it compulsory for its users, to register their respective phone numbers, to verify the real identity of a person Because Hackers and scammers create fake profiles to exploit people, Large platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder have made it compulsory to verify mobile number for their users.  

The solid reason behind Tinder asking its user for their phone number is to verify that you’re not a bot and to prevent any user from creating multiple accounts. So it’s practically not possible for anyone to create a Tinder account without a phone number, but some websites provide you with a virtual number to help with the mobile verification process. Tinder sends you a verification code through SMS while creating an account, The code contains 4 digit number that users have to submit in the application to verify their profile.

Sharing your phone number with such social media platforms could be risky because the personal data could be hacked, Although Tinder doesn’t share your phone number with other users still some people are uncomfortable, Thankfully the following websites will save you from sharing your number with Tinder. These websites use the temporary phone numbers on their website to help people protect their identity.

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Here’s the list of virtual number-providing websites.


Receive SMS is an online service, that provides SMS for Tinder verification to the users. This service is completely free and users can check their SMS on the website in real-time, and verify their Tinder profile easily, But this phone number provided by this site is also used by other people, And they can also see the messages you receive on that number, so you have to be careful. The website provides 14 different numbers from 6 different countries. 

Here is the link to

2. 2nd Line

2nd line is an application that provides a temporary burner phone number for the tinder verification process, 2nd Line application is available on the Android play store, 2nd Line uses mobile data or WIFI to provide you with an additional line of the phone number, Users can select mobile number of there choice from the list and avail unlimited calling and texting services.

Here is the link to 2nd Line.

3. Temporary phone number: 

Temporary phone number is another free phone number provider for Tinder verification. It lets users receive the verification SMS instantly keeping user privacy, Temporary phone number is available for more than 20 countries. the Temporary phone number is also available for the android platform.

Here is the link to the Temporary phone number.

4. Private line:

Private line is a website that provides a burner number for tinder verification, this allows you to set up multiple accounts keeping user identity safe. Private line is available on android and iOS mobile platforms.

Here is the link to Private Line.


MobileSMS provides disposable phone numbers to maintain privacy on Tinder, The phone numbers are active for only 10 minutes duration. The downside of connecting your phone number with websites like Tinder is that it could lead to a breach of privacy. So instead of worrying about this, you can simply use this service to get a disposable phone number. The pricing plan starts from $10 to $20. 

Here is the link to

All these sites can provide you with a fake phone number for tinder. Some of them are free and some paid. Give them a try and drop a comment here on which is the best.

Use Tinder without using Virtual Phone number services.

There’s one more option to verify your account without your phone number, You can use your close family or friend’s phone number for the tinder verification process, the only condition is that those phone numbers should not be registered with Tinder earlier.


Tinder is one of the best dating platforms, having millions of active users every day and protecting their personal information is a great responsibility, Cyberattacks on the company’s servers are very common these days, millions of users lose their confidential and private information every day. Therefore for safety and privacy purpose, Using a temporary or a fake phone number for verification is a great choice, It makes the Tinder verification process easier when you don’t want to use your phone number. It also cut down the chance of hacking into your Tinder account. Some of the websites are free and some of them are paid they both work the same way, Paid services offer some extra features.

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