If Your Account Has Been Disabled in the AppStore and iTunes, You Must Read This: 3 Easy Methods

You will surely freak out if the screen of any of your Apple devices suddenly has a pop-up message which says that your account has been disabled in the AppStore and iTunes. You don’t have to stress over it if you face this issue. Most of the time, your account won’t be disabled for a silly reason for sure. Regardless of the reason, it is important to fix this problem sooner.

Your iPhone will become difficult to use when the App Store and iTunes remain disabled. It will also prevent you from accessing any cloud-based services. Moreover, you won’t be able to update your apps and download new ones. Your MacBook, iPhone or iPad will keep sending you notifications about the improper linking of your App Store account. If your account has been disabled in the AppStore and iTunes, this article will help you to fix it.

why is my account disabled in the app store

How to Fix Your Disabled Account in the App Store and iTunes

When your account has been disabled in the AppStore and iTunes, one of the most common solutions is to wait for 24 hours if this issue occurred due to the typing of the wrong password several times. In this case, Apple locks you out only on a temporary basis. But if your Apple device keeps on facing the issue of getting the wrong password, Apple might disable your account for a longer period. The following are the solutions for fixing your disabled account on the App Store and iTunes:

  1. Logging Out and logging in back 

Sometimes, the technical issues which cannot be solved by lengthy procedures, are often fixed with simple steps. Simply logging out and logging in again can help you when your account has been disabled in the AppStore and iTunes. There are times when your device might not consider that you are signed in and so, signing in again could reset the pop-up notifications.

The following are the steps for logging out and logging in back for iPhone users:

  • Open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone
  • Tap on the name banner present at the screen’s top
  • Scroll down for selecting ‘Sign Out’
  • Enter your Apple ID password
  • Tap on ‘Turn Off’
  • Tap twice on ‘Sign Out’

The following are the steps for logging out and logging in back for MacBook users:

  • Go to the menu bar of your MacBook and tap the Apple log present on the top-left
  • Select System Preferences and then, select ‘Apple ID’ present at the top-right corner
  • Tap ‘Overview’. (Select ‘iCloud’ if you are using macOS Catalina or earlier versions
  • Select ‘Sign Out’ 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for keeping any data you wish to save
  1. Unlocking the Apple ID

The following are the steps for unlocking your Apple ID if you can’t remember the password:

  • Click ‘Continue’
  • Enter your phone number associated with your Apple ID account
  • Follow further prompts on your Apple device to reset the password

If you are using an iPad or iPhone for changing the Apple ID password, you have to enter the 6-digit passcode of the device before creating a new password.

The following is another method of resetting your Apple ID password by using your iPhone:

  • Open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone and tap your name banner present at the screen’s top
  • Select “Password and Security” and then select ‘Change Password’
  • Enter the passcode of your iPhone
  • Follow the prompts mentioned on the screen for continuing the password reset process
  1. Contact Apple Support

There are cases when none of the above solutions works if your account has been disabled in the appstore and itunes. There might be different reasons behind the failure of these solutions. When none of them works for you, the ultimate solution will be ‘Apple Support’. When you visit the Apple Support website, you will find a dedicated portal for the issues of ‘disabled Apple ID’ and a section for issues related to Apple ID.

You can either have an Apple representative contact you or you can chat with the representative online. The waiting time for chats/calls is pretty low, except during holidays and Apple launch events.

Remember, you should only go for this solution should if the above solutions don’t work for you as the Apple Support representatives will need a long time to fix your issue.

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Why Your Account Has Been Disabled in the AppStore and iTunes

The following are the reasons why your account has been disabled in the appstore and itunes:

  1. Entering the Wrong Password multiple times

This is the most common cause behind an account getting disabled in the Appstore and iTunes. An Apple device won’t give you infinite chances for entering the correct password. By entering the wrong password too many times, the system will see you as someone other than the owner who is trying too hard to get in. This security feature acts as a barrier for the ones who try to gain access to your Apple device by guessing your password again and again.

  1. Not Signing In for a long time

This might sound super weird, but your account might have been disabled in the Appstore and iTunes if you haven’t signed in for a long time. The device does it as a measure of security.

  1. Unpaid Bills

If you have a pending bill, you should expect your account to be disabled in the App Store. There are more chances for this issue to occur if the payment of bills has been delayed for a long time. Even an issue with a gift card will make you responsible to pay money for a service or an app.

  1. Hijacked Security

Owning several Apple devices and signing into them frequently by typing wrong passwords will make Apple see you as a scammer or hacker and thus, lock you out. You might have to contact customer service of Apple to clear things up in this situation.

  1. Disputed Charges

If you dispute the charges after making a large purchase, your account will be disabled in the App Store and iTunes.

How To Install Apps Without Apple ID Password

If you don’t have the time to do solve account disabled in app store and iTunes at the moment and need to download an app urgently, follow the steps in this video tutorial. You can thank us later!


Accessing the iTunes and App Store is important for Apple users and if your account has been disabled in the appstore and itunes, you will face some or the other hassle in your productivity. We hope that this article helps you to access all the features of your Apple device whenever you face this issue.

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