Download Torrents on iPhone, iPad 2022 Easiest Method

We all love downloading our favorite TV shows or movies from torrent websites, But because of copyright and privacy purpose, Apple has suspended all torrent applications from their platform. Although MacOS users can still able to download and install third-party software and download any content from torrent websites. iOS device users have been left with no option other than doing jailbreak on their phones. With jailbreak, iOS device users can easily install and download any content from torrents but jailbreaking an iOS device has its cons. So, Follow this article to download torrents on iPhone and other iOS devices.

Download Torrents on iPhone

Therefore to avoid this, We have found solutions that can help you download any content from torrent without performing a jailbreak on your device. Using torrent iOS clients on your device.

How to Download Torrents on iPhone.

Since Apple has removed all the applications named torrents from App Store, This method is based on web browsers only you won’t need to install any additional software to download files from torrents.

  1. Open the Safari web browser on your iPhone and make sure that you’re connected to a fast and secure internet connection.
  2. Open any torrent hosting websites like,,,, etc. 
  3. Once you open a website search for the name of the software or movie that you want to download, For instance, you can search “Star Wars” in the search tab and click on the search button.
  4. Once you click the search button you will see a list of results related to ‘Star Wars. You can click on a torrent that matches your searched keyword. 
  5. A window will appear once you click on a torrent link, Long hold and press on the  ‘Magnet’ option and click on the ‘Copy’ button that appeared in a small window.
  6. Open the Bitport website one and another tab and register with your e-mail address. Bitport is an online torrent downloader for iPhone and iPad. After signing up open your email inbox and verify the email. 
  7. Once your email address is verified you can log into your Bitport account paste the magnet link that you copied earlier and press the ‘Add new torrent’. 
  8. Now your torrent file will be cached by the Offcloud server and it will appear on your user dashboard immediately. 
  9. You will see an option to download the torrent file, Long press that download file button and copy the link address that appears in a small window. 
  10. Now you need to download the Documents by Riddle app. From the App Store. 
  11. Once you download the app, Open the app and click on the compass icon below the right side. 
  12. Paste the link on the address bar of the Documents by Riddle app. And click on the done button. 
  13. This will automatically start the download process and the file will be saved in the Documents folder. Once the download is finished you can open the file by clicking on the download icon on the button.

And after this tedious process, you’re finally done. With this method, you can easily download any movie, software, music, or podcast. 

If you’re facing any problems while accessing torrent websites on your iPhone then we’d recommend you use a VPN application before trying to relaunch the website. VPN will allow you to connect to the website more quickly and securely. VPN also helps you by hiding your IP address on the web so that no one can track your location from your IP address.

Here is a Video Tutorial on Download Torrents on iPhone.

Final Words.

Torrent files and apps are not illegal to download but if the contents of the file are subject to copyright then downloading such files are strictly prohibited and illegal to download. Many times these files can also be infected with malware which can damage the phone’s system and corrupt the data stored in your device. That’s why you always need to be careful while downloading content from torrent websites. While trying this solution if you’re facing any problems accessing torrent websites we’d recommend you use a VPN application. Cause many times connections are restricted depending on your region and country and using a VPN will help you access the website more quickly and securely. 

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