How to Change Location on iPhone (2 Easy Methods)

Changing the GPS location on your iPhone might be a good idea if you want to fool your boss or have some fun with some mobile apps. Some people might take it as a weird thing to do since the GPS location on your phone is to help you navigate through maps and point to your actual location, But some people want to fake their GPS location to have a little fun or just to show off on Instagram or other social media apps.

People who play games based on live geolocation like Pokemon Go have to move from one place to another to explore and catch some new Pokemon but when they use the fake location on their device they can easily catch pokemon without moving out of their place. Isn’t that amazing? 

With the help of a fake location, employees can pretend that they are at the office when they are not there. There are many reasons one makes use of a spoof location but faking your GPS location on an iPhone is not that straightforward. But you can follow our step-by-step guide to fake location on iPhone.

change Location on iPhone

Methods to Change Location on iPhone.

We’ll discuss two methods on how you can fake your location on your iPhone, the first method will be required doing a jailbreak on your iPhone, and in the second method, we’ll discuss how you can fake your location without doing a jailbreak. 

Method 1: By JailBreaking your iPhone. 

Jailbreaking an iPhone lets you modify most of the native settings on the system but it’s not easy to find a jailbreak repository that works well with the latest iPhone. But if you have an older iOS device you should be able to jailbreak it. But remember Jailbreaking an iOS device will void the warranty and customer support service offered by the company

  1. To use this method first you’ll need a jailbreak iPhone device.
  2. You can install the akLocationX application if you’re using an iPhone 5s or iPad running on iOS 6 or 7. Mostly all the devices with the A7 chipset.
  3. If you have the latest version of iOS you can use the LocationHandle application, This application is paid it works with iOS 9 and 10, but to use this application you will need to install an on-screen joystick device.

Now, If you tried this method and it does not work for you give a try to our second option to spoof location on iPhone.

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Method 2: By Using iBackupBot. 

If you don’t want to lose the free warranty and customer support service offered by the company then you can follow this method. Cause if there’s an optional method that doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device then it is the one you should always consider. Since this method required a third-party tool called ‘iBackupBot’ for making changes to backup files it is advisable to make a primary backup of your nonmodified system to be safe. 

  1. First, connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.
  2. Once you open iTunes tap on the phone icon to access more options.
  3. Under the options select the ‘Backup now’ option and uncheck ‘Encrypt iPhone’. 
  4. Once the backup is done launch iBackupBot, Which will automatically locate and open the files.
  5. Look for Apple Maps list files under User App files > com.Apple.Maps > Library > Preferences. Or  ‘System Files > HomeDomain > Library > Preferences. 
  6. Once you open the file search for <dict> tag and insert the following code under it:



  1. Open iBackupBot, keep the phone plugged in, and do not open iTunes.
  2. Now disable Find My Phone as Settings > Your Apple ID > Find My Phone.
  3. Now you can reconnect to iTunes and restore from the modified backup.
  4. Launch Apple Maps and navigate to any location of your choice. 
  5. Click on the bottom of the window to get location information and you’ll find Simulate location feature.
  6. Tap on confirm if it is working on other apps.
  7. And you’re done. Now you can connect to any location of your choice.

The reason behind these steps being such lengthy is Apple doesn’t want people to use fake geolocation, That’s why they have restricted app developers from writing apps that could perform such tasks. However some hardware companies have recently launched devices that can permit users to relocate their iOS devices wherever they want, But these hardware devices are expensive, and not everyone can afford them at the moment. 

Here is a Video Tutorial on How You can Fake Location on iPhone.

Final Words.

Using a fake GPS on an iPhone will allow you to have more flexibility and productivity to explore more opportunities. You can select any one of the methods as per convenience. With this method, you can fool almost every application on your device but there are some exceptions when this trick will not work on some applications, because with every software update companies and developer aims to improve app security. And if in case you’re using the latest version of iOS then probably these methods won’t work on your iOS device to spoof location on iPhone. 

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