How to Lock Facebook Profile: 2 Easy Ways to do it!

Facebook is the most popular and widely used social media platform with more than 2.9 million active users. With the increase in the number of users on Facebook, it has become extremely significant to know how to lock Facebook profiles. It is extremely important to maintain a secure and safe environment for individuals as well as organizations. Many users have become targets of online threats and spam. Hackers used to copy and use the profile pictures of other people and make forged copies of their profiles. After many such complaints were reported to Facebook, the platform decided to launch an advanced privacy feature called ‘Profile Lock’.

how to lock Facebook profile

What is a Locked Profile?

  1. When you see a lock icon on someone’s profile picture, Then it indicates that they have locked their profile. And only their Facebook friends can see a full-size version of their profile picture and the cover photo. Facebook has introduced this feature to stop fake accounts. 
  2. Also, all the posts and stories shared by that person will only be visible to their friends. 
  3. Facebook will only show a few selected pieces of information from their ‘About’ section.
  4. Facebook also allows that person to use features like photo review and tag review where, if someone tags them in any photo or post on Facebook then they can decide whether to accept the tag or not.
  5. Any new posts or photos shared by their account will only be visible to the people who are currently their friends on Facebook. 

These are all features you can avail yourself of by making your profile locked. Follow the article to know how you can lock your Facebook profile. 

How to Lock Facebook Profile on a Desktop.

The following method applies to all Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook users, Who want to lock their Facebook profile. 

  1. First, you need to open any web browser on your desktop device and launch Facebook’s website.
  2. Once you log into your Facebook account and click on your profile picture which appears at the top right corner of your page.
  3. Once you land on your profile page navigate and click on the three-dot option just below the ‘Edit-profile’ button. 
  4. After clicking on the three-dot menu you will see a list of options opened in a small window. Select the ‘Lock Profile’ option.
  5. Once you clicked on that option a small window will appear where you will see some basic information and directions. 
  6. Read all the given information carefully before proceeding ahead.
  7. Once you got a clear idea about how your account will change after this process, click on the ‘Lock your profile option. 
  8. And that’s it you’re done. You have successfully lock Facebook profile now and only your friends will be able to see and react to your posts and photos.
  9. In case you ever want to revert your decision you can follow the same method to unlock your Facebook profile.

While we are talking about reverting decisions, you can read our guide on how to read deleted messages on messenger.

How to Lock Your Facebook Profile Using a Mobile Device.

You can follow this method if you’re using any kind of Facebook mobile application on your device. This method works on iPhones, iPad, and Android phones making it easy if you want to lock Facebook profile on the go.

  1. First, open the Facebook application on your device and make sure that you’re logged in to your account. 
  2. Once you land on the first window navigate to the right top corner of the screen and click on the three horizontal line menu. 
  3. Now you will see a list of options, click on the first “View your profile” option.
  4. Once you land on your page click on the three-dot button.
  5. Now from the list of options tap on the ‘Lock Profile’ option.
  6. A small window will appear which will include all the basic information about the feature. 
  7. From there you need to click on the Lock your profile button.
  8. And you’re done, Your Facebook profile is now successfully locked and only your Facebook friends will able to see and react to your posts and photos.
  9. Once you lock your Facebook Profile, in case you ever want to revert your decision you can follow the same method to unlock your Facebook profile.

How to Lock Facebook Profile on iPhone: Video Tutorial

Final Words.

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms, with over a billion active users spread across the world. With the increase in user count, Facebook has also seen a massive increase in the no of cyberattacks. Therefore to resolve such attacks Facebook always updates its platform and introduces safety and privacy features to protect its users. If you know how to lock your Facebook profile, you will create a much safer and more secure environment for your own self.

Facebook Profile Lock is also a similar feature that helps users to protect their personal information and data. 

If you want to know more about Facebook’s privacy policies, you can go through their detailed description of privacy here.

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