Fix Roku Low Power/Insufficient Power Error 2022

Roku is a digital media player made by an American company Roku, Inc. The service provides access to Streaming Channels like Netflix, NBC, and Peacock TV. Roku also has free TV shows and movies like Shrek, Eye Candy, Revenge, and many more. Roku also has original content like The Newsreader, Reno911, and Lifesize Toys. With Roku TV users can watch Live TV channels. Roku also has a variety of content for kids. 

What is Roku Device Low Power Error?

If you have a Roku streaming player or streaming stick plugged into your SmartTV, And if your TV screen is displaying Roku ‘low power’ error then you need to use a proper USB cable to power Roku. Usually, the ‘low power’ error occurs when you’re trying to power your Roku device using the USB port of your smart TV. Some SmartTV can not able to provide enough power supply in such a way, So instead you have to connect your Roku device to a Power cable/ Adapter and Plugged the Roku device directly into the wall power output. 

But you can also try plugging into the different USB ports of your SmartTV, Cause every USB port may have different power capacities. 

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Signs That Your Roku Device has Low Power.

The first sign will your device will show a pop-up low power alert on your screen. In addition, your Roku device will start blinking red lights.

A small red color LED light will start blinking to show Low or Insufficient power. And if the red color LED light is continuously on that that will show the overheating alert, In such cases unplug the device from the output. 

Also if your Roku device is continuously crashing or freezing that this also indicates that there is insouciant power to the device which is causing the device to malfunction. 

How to Solve Low Power/Insufficient Power Error.

Step 1: Check Your Power Cable.

To solve the ‘low power’ error you may want to try using the Roku power cord or adapter to power the Roku device. To do that first Unplug your Roku device from the back of your TV’s USB port. You have to be careful while selecting a cable to power your Roku device Because every power cable is not able to supply the required amount of power to the device.

In case you have misplaced your original power cable for the Roku device, And you’re using any cheap cable to power the Roku device, Then this may cause the ‘low power error. If you’re confused you can always read the Roku Power supply guide to know more about which cables are correct for powering your Roku device.

The Power supply guide will give you accurate information about the specific voltage required for the different types of Roku devices. As well as the required amp output. You can use this information to buy high quality and reputed power supply adapter.

Step 2: Reset Your Roku Device.

Many users have also reported that their Roku device, Being crashed and shows a ‘low power’ indicator every time they use it, But this was nothing to do with the power cable or minimum voltage. Users faced issues like screen freezing, App crashing, Sound lagging, PItcure buffering, and many more.

So if you’re facing any of these problems press the Home button on your remote control and get to the home screen. Now wait for some seconds and press the home button five times, the Up button one time, Rewind two times, And Fast forward two times. All these buttons have to press continuously without any pause.

After this, your Roku device will reboot once or twice. In some time you will see a home screen appear. This way you can clear all of the Cache data.

How Much Power Does Roku Consume?

Generally on average Roku streaming players and sticks use significantly low power when they are in the operation, For instance, if you’re streaming 4K HDR content on your Roku Ultra then your device will use approximately up to 4.5 watts. And if you’re using a Roku streaming stick then it will use up to 3 watts of power.

Even if you’re not using your Roku device it will still use about 2 watts of electricity. So if you’re facing Roku low power error and your Roku device is connected to the USB port behind the TV then it may not be getting the required power supply.

In most cases, the USB ports behind your TV are capable of providing power output between 2.5 to 7.7 watts depending on the version. 

So if you’re using a Roku ultra device that requires 4.5 watts of power to function properly,  But you’re using a USB port that is capable of providing only 2.5 watts of electricity. Then you will get a Low power error on your Roku device.


Roku ‘Low Power’ error can occur due to many reasons, But you have to check that you’re using a proper power cable/ Adapter. Also see that you’re using the right USB port to plug your Roku device, Many times the USB ports behind your TV fail to provide enough power to the device thus leading to low power error, Even if your Roku device is crashing or freezing then is also could be a sign of Low power error. The final word is you have to use the right Power cable/ Adapter you get in the box with the Roku device.

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