How Does Snap Score Work and How it Goes Up?

Snapchat is one of the most widely used social media and private massaging platforms across the world, Snapchat was launched in the year 2011 by an American company called Snapchat.Inc.Snapchat is widely famous among the young generation, The young generation likes to connect on Snapchat so they can share their special moments and memories with their close ones. Originally Snapchat is a photo-sharing and massaging app, Which let users share photos and videos called Snap which disappear after viewing them. 

So the person to whom you have sent the snap can only view that photo or video once, And after viewing it the snap automatically gets vanished. The platform’s main goal was to let the users share the special moments of their day-to-day activities without anyone saving them. 

The special and unique feature of Snapchat is after the first view the Snap gets disappears from the phone and doesn’t get stored in the gallery, So the users can ensure their privacy and safety.

In the past years, Snapchat has introduced a new feature that enables the receiver to view a Snap twice, But that also comes with a catch, the Receiver can only view the Snap twice in the first minute after his first attempt. And after the second view, the snap completely disappears. Another thing apart from Snap, The platform is also famous and known for its unique and funny face filters, The Snapchat filters are really popular among people of all generations. These filters let the user change their voice and facial expressions creating a funny and joyful experience for the users. 

What is Snapscore?

Why is everyone talking about their Snapcore and why is it so important, The answer to this question is Snapscore is a personal score which appeared on our profile. And among the young generation, there is competition for who holds a big snap score. Your Snap score is determined by the number of activities you do on your Snapchat account. 

Snapscores are just a number that appears on your profile and it doesn’t mean anything in real life. And there’s not any real-life benefit of having a big snap core, It’s just a number showing your activity on the platform Many young users are making a big deal out of it and the company is also encouraging them to do so, This way they can get more new users and create a habit among the users so that they will spend more time on the platform.

To check your snap score you can open the application and click on your bit-emoji which appears in the top left corner, Once you land on the profile page you can see a number just below your username, after a ghost icon. That’s your snap score, If you are active on Snapchat for a few years your snap score will be in the range of thousands, But if you’re not so active on the platform your snap core will be in the range of hundreds.   

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What Determines the Snap Score and How to Increase it?

Many factors affect your Snap score, But one thing is for sure if you’re spending more time on the platform your Snap score will gradually increase and vice versa. One of the main factors which determine your Snap score is the number of snaps you send and receive on the platform. If you’re sending snaps to your friends and making streaks then your Snapscore will gradually increase day by day. And the number of snaps you receive also adds up to your snap score. That means if you have more several friends added to your profile or if you maintain a streak with your friends then the snaps you receive will also help you to increase your snap score.

If you want to check the number of snaps you sent and received you can easily do that, you just need to go to your profile and tap on your snap score number, That will open a small window that will show you the exact number of snaps that you have sent and received through your account.

Know you maybe think that your actual snap score doesn’t match the actual number of snaps you have sent and received on your account, So yeah that’s the catch even if you sum up the number of sent and received snaps you won’t get the exact number of your snap core. Cause there are some other factors also that affect your snap score. And the second most important factor is your Snapchat stories, If you are frequently uploading more stories then that will also count towards increasing your snap score.

Posting a story will add a point to your snap score. Another thing that affects your snap score is the number of friends you have added to your account, The number of friends you add to your account will help you to get a high snap score. Maintaining a streak with your friends will help you get a good snap score. Many users like to maintain a streak with their friends, Marinating a streak means you need to send a snap every 24 hours to maintain snap, You can see the number of streaks you have maintained with your friends in your chatbox.

Note that every snap you sent to your friends will only add one point to your snap score, Sending the same snap to multiple users will not give you multiple points, You need to send a new snap whenever you want a point in your snap score. Alo the text messages which include photos and videos to your friends will not be counted in your snap score. There are lots of third-party websites that claim that they can increase your snap score, Be aware of such fake and false claims Snapchat has officially said that the snap score can not be manipulated via any third-party software or website. A website claiming such things will only hack your account and steal your private information. 

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Final Words.

Snapchat is a great platform when it comes to sharing photos and videos, Users can share their photos and videos with their friends that too safely and securely. The young generation users are likely to be very concerned about their snap score, With the help ofCategoriesGuide

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