How to Unlock Snapchat Account in 2022

Social media platform like Snapchat follows strict policies regarding user privacy and security, Snapchat always aims to maintain a safe and secure environment for users. And take serious actions against those who try to breach these policies. Many users use third-party applications to add more people to their accounts or to promote their brand, Such activities are strictly restricted by the platform, The system security tool monitors such activities and takes mandatory actions against those accounts. Snapchat has also strictly prohibited the use of any third-party applications because it can hack into your account and steal your private and personal information, Therefore to avoid such threats Snapchat takes mandatory actions against such accounts. 

Reasons Why Snapchat Locks Your Account.

Snapchat locks your account if they suspect any unusual activity that can be a potential threat to the privacy and security of the platform then it will lock your account for a specific period, If you’re continuously adding too many people to your Snapchat account, Then Snapchat will consider it as suspicious activity and lock your account.

In another scenario, if Snapchat found you violating the guidelines then they may consider locking your account. In case some users report your account for misbehavior or abuse then Snapchat will lock your account. If you’re spamming the other users then Snapchat’s tool will detect it and will block you from the platform. 

Snapchat has strict policies about the media shared on the platform, Nude photos, and videos, and strictly ban the platform since they want to maintain a clean and safe environment for every user, and sharing nude videos and photos will hurt the emotion and mental state of another user, Therefore if any user found or reported for sharing any of such media with other then the platform holds the right the lock their account. 

Another strict policy about media is users can not share photos and videos which include strong violence and explicit content, Sharing such photos and videos can also get your account blocked. If you’re reported for harassing, abusing, or spamming any user then Snapchat has the right to lock your account. 

Use of any Third-party application and plug-in is strictly prohibited by Snapchat, Many users have found to use such apps since they think that these applications can get them some extra functionality they start using these platforms, Snapchat++, and SnapTools are some of the popular names among this category. Snapchat does not support or accept interruption from any of such platforms therefore if the platform suspects any changes or modifications done by any of such third-party applications or plug-ins they will immediately lock your account. Because such applications and plug-ins are a threat to the platform and they can hack into the system breaching the privacy of millions of users. 

Another reason for getting locked on Snapchat is if you’re trying to log in from a banned device, Snapchat has the authority to block and permanently remove some users from their platform if they are found guilty of commenting on a serious crime. If a crime they made is serious and they have caused harm to the platform and community then in such cases Snapchat banns the device and from which the account was operated. If you try to log in from such a device then Snapchat will consider it a threat and lock your account. 

In case your account gets hacked by someone or if Snapchat thinks that your account has been hacked by someone, If you can’t able to log in to your account and if you know that you’re not committed or violated any of the communities guidelines and you still get a message on your account saying that your account has been locked, then it is confirmed that your account has been hacked by someone and they have violated community guidelines. Therefore Snapchat for safety measures Snapchat has locked your account. So that the hacker won’t be able to spam or harass any other user on the platform.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to Unlock your Snapchat account.

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Snapchat Unlock Proccess Step by Step.

Snapchat lock is not permanent, Although depending on the seriousness of the reason the period of the block may vary. Before proceeding any further make sure that you find the reason why your account got locked in the first place and resolve that problem.

  1. If you’re still using any third-party applications or plug-ins like Snapchat++ or SnapTools uninstall them from your device.
  2. If you’re using a jailbreak iPhone or iPad then you need to first install the latest software update into your phone and after the update, you can able to delete those applications. 
  3. Once you uninstalled all the third-party apps and plug-ins now you need to open any web browser on your device and go to this is the official website of Snapchat that will help you unlock your account.
  4. Note that if your offense is not that serious then Snapchat will automatically unlock your account in 24 hours and you don’t need to do anything, But if you think that you’ve not done any such serious offense and you’re account is still locked after 24 hours then you can go this website.
  5. The website will ask you to enter your account username or email ID and password to sign in, After signing in you will see a window with a message saying that if your account has been locked for an extended period then you can unlock your account by just clicking on the button saying ‘Unlock’.
  6. But if you continue to do such unethical practices then your account will get permanently banned from the platform. After clicking on that button you will get an e-mail from Snapchat that your account has been unlocked. 
  7. Once you got access to your account now you need to verify you’re registered e-mail address with Snapchat so that you won’t get banned from the platform again.
  8. To verify your E-mail ID tap on the profile icon and click on the gear icon that appears on the left top corner, Now enter a valid email address and click on the save button, Now you need to enter your Snapchat password and tap on continue.
  9. After completing this step you will receive an e-mail from Snapchat that your account has been successfully verified with the platform. If you don’t receive any e-mail right away from Snapchat you can wait for some time or try after some time.

If this does not work for you please try the next method.

Contact the Snapchat team to Get your Account Unlocked.

In case you’re not able to get back your account even though the ‘Unblock’ method, Then now you need to contact the Snapchat help service and report your problem.

  1. To do so open any web browser on your mobile device and go to Once you are on this page you will see a list of options to choose from.
  2. This list includes the list of problems that you’re facing, click on the ‘My account login’ option. After clicking another list of options will be displayed.
  3. Now you an option called ‘Think my account was hacked’ After clicking you can see an option called ‘Nedd help with something else’ and below this, you can see two buttons asking ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ Click on yes.
  4. This will open a form, You need to fill in details like your Username, E-mail, and Mobile number on this form, After entering this in the next window you need to briefly describe your problem in detail.
  5. You need to mention the reason why your account got locked and what steps and measures have you taken yet to resolve the problem, After clicking on the ‘Sent’ button, This form will be submitted to the Snapchat support team and they will help you to solve your problem.

But remember that you need to be very polite and formal while writing the message to the support team, If they found you rude or a repeat offender then your account can be permanently locked.

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Final Words.

Snapchat follows strict policies, If you’re practicing unethical activity then the platform has all the right to lock your account, Depending on the seriousness and level of offense the punishment is decided. With the help of the solutions mentioned above, you can easily get your account unlocked but if you continue to do such practices in the future then Snapchat will permanently lock your account and you will not get it back. 

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